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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Models and Features

The Datsun 1200 GX5 went one better than the GX model — it added a 5-speed transmission. The GX-5 was a new package added in August 1972 right at the end of B110 production. It was a GX model fitted with a direct-fifth 5-speed Transmission and special GX-5 badges.
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The GX5 package was available for any Datsun 1200 GX model, which means Coupe or 4-door Sedan.

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As this was offered in 1972, all Facelift features are included.

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GX5 on cover photo - Nostalgic Hero, June 2016
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22549.jpg 22550.jpg


Unique Items:
☑ 'GX 5 Speed' grille Badge
☑ 'GX 5 Speed' boot BadgeTape Stripe on sides (differs coupe to sedan)
☑ F5C56 transmission (non-overdrive)
☑ 5-speed dogleg shifter knob (wood)
☑ Highback front bucket seats with cloth inserts
☐ Wood steering wheel (OPTION GX-style two-slot type)

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Driver Magazine

Driver magazine 1972.10.20 - GX5 new model & test drive report
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GX5 used the same grille as other 1972 GX models, but the trim badge was changed to 'GX 5speed'.

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POST Coupe GX5
IMG_3237.JPG IMG_3238.JPG

Grille Badge

Sedan | Coupe
26083.jpg 865.jpg

Boot Badge


Sedan - left side trunk lid | Coupe - right side
26084.jpg J5875_2.jpg

Tape Stripe

Tape stripe looks similar but differs for Sedan & Coupe.

J5875_8.jpg 19277.jpg



GX-5 is fitted with all the interior bits of the plain GX, but with an additional jewel: a 5-speed dogleg real-wood shifter knob.

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32865-H7200 KNOB-control lever 5 speed
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The GX-5 package includes unique seats. Fronts are black highback seats with black cloth inserts. Rear seat has matching cloth inserts.

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High Back Seats with integral head rest:
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FRONT SEAT (4 GX 5speed)
87000-H7200 SEAT COMP.-driver (Black)(ハイバック)
87050-H7200 SEAT COMP.-assist (Black)(ハイバック)
 87300-H3300 CUSHION ASS'Y-driver seat (Black)
 87350-H3300 CUSHION ASS'Y-assist seat (Black)
  87320-H2010 TRIM ASS'Y-driver seat cushion (Black)
  87370-H2010 TRIM ASS'Y-assist seat cushion (Black)
REAR SEAT (4 GX 5speed)
88300-H2011 CUSHION ASS'Y-rear seat
 88320-H2010 TRIM ASS'Y-rear seat cushion
88600-H2010 BACK ASS'Y-rear seat
 88620-H2010 TRIM ASS'Y-rear seat back
SEAT (COUPE GX 5speed)
87000-H7205 SEAT COMP.-driver recling (Black)(ハイバック)
87050-H7205 SEAT COMP.-assist recling (Black)(ハイバック)
 87300-H4100 CUSHION ASS'Y-driver seat (Black)
 87350-H4100 CUSHION ASS'Y-assistant seat (Black)
  87320-H2210 TRIM ASS'Y-driver seat (Black)
  87370-H2210 TRIM ASS'Y-assistant seat (Black)
88300-H2210 CUSHION ASS'Y-rear seat
88600-H2210 BACK ASS'Y-rear seat

0570589A30151217W00405.jpg 0570589A30151217W00406.jpg



GX-5 1200s had standards GX mechanicals, down to the 12" wheels. But it was the only factory 1200 fitted with a 5-speed transmission. This is the 56-Series 5-Speed FS5C56 transmission wide-ratio transmission, which is just about perfectly matched to the A12GX Engine for street and highway use. It is a dogleg design for quick 2-3 shifts. It is a direct fifth design for superior acceleration instead of overdrive for fuel economy.

1675.jpg 3157.jpg

Photo Features

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GX5 Coupe for sale 2016 in Tokyo with only 36000 km! Stock except for Watanabe rims
70005705893015121700400.jpg 0570589A30151217W00401.jpg 0570589A30151217W00402.jpg 0570589A30151217W00403.jpg 0570589A30151217W00404.jpg 0570589A30151217W00405.jpg 0570589A30151217W00406.jpg 0570589A30151217W00407.jpg 0570589A30151217W00408.jpg 0570589A30151217W00409.jpg 0570589A30151217W00410.jpg 0570589A30151217W00411.jpg 0570589A30151217W00412.jpg 0570589A30151217W00413.jpg 0570589A30151217W00414.jpg 0570589A30151217W00415.jpg 0570589A30151217W00416.jpg 0570589A30151217W00417.jpg 0570589A30151217W00418.jpg 0570589A30151217W00419.jpg

This Coupe was for sale 2015 in Kawaguchi. It looks fairly stock except for Hiyashi Street rims and newer "flattop" carburetors.
J5875_1.jpg J5875_2.jpg J5875_3.jpgJ5875_4.jpg J5875_5.jpg J5875_6.jpg J5875_7.jpg J5875_8.jpg J5875_9.jpgJ5875_10.jpg

GX-5 clone (no tape, no rear emblem, incorrect wheels & carburetors)
01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg 07.jpg 174_5adfa9dbe5e8a.jpgPost click for topic 09.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg16.jpg 17.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg 20.jpg 21.jpg 22.jpg


No GX5 truck was offered by the factory. Still, the appearance package looks good when fitted to the Sunny Truck.

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