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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Front Axle And Front Suspension

H74 is the Applied Model Code for the late A12-powered Datsun B210. H74 suspension was used by the B120 Datsun 1200 truck/pickup/ute. It uses 45mm struts like the B110.


H74 front suspension was used by these models:

B120 from October 1975
VB210 from October 1975
B210 from December 1975
B310 A12-powered models (not A12A)
H10 = B110 parts
* earlier B120 used H10 components
* earlier B210 used H50 components, same as or close to H10


Transverse Link (LCA) H74/H85/W58 B120(late)/B210(late)/B310(ALL)
* can replace H10 LCA but requires supporting parts
H74 Transverse Link Support
 Tension Rod H74
 * different bolt spacing than H10
 Ball Joint H74 
 * wider bolt spacing than H10
 * for B310, used with A12 only
 * uses 08921-32010 PIN, COTTER [same as B110]
 Steering Arm H74 for 45 mm struts
 * uses tie-rod ends SAME SIZE AS B110/120Y/B120
   01227-00011 NUT [same as B110]
   08921-32010 COTTER PIN [same as B110]

Also see: Strut-Accepting Package 

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