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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Suspension Modifications

The late 1200 lower control arm (LCA) bolts into and is compatible with older 1200s. Yet makes it easy to fit either small (45mm) or large (2.0 inch) struts. The late 1200 LCA is the same as B310 LCA (210/Sunny).

Also see: Strut swaps



What you will need to make non-1200/120Y struts bolt straight in:

  • Strut Top and Upper Spring Perch for your car
    • (do not use the ones that came from the strut donor car)
  • Compatible Lower Control Arms (Late 1200 ute/Late 120Y/B310/A10: 1976-1994)
  • Compatible Castor rods (Late 1200 Ute or Late 120Y)
  • Ball joints, Steering arms, Outer Tie rod Ends, Tie rods

24636.jpgAlbum click to view

Applied Model Code
H10 is B110 parts
H72 is B210 parts
H74 is late B210/late B120 ute parts
H85 is Late B210/late B120 ute parts (some used by B310)
W50 is A10 parts (also used by B310)

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Also see: Strut Swaps

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45mm Strut

To fit Datsun 45mm struts, use a 45mm strut-accepting package. Datsun B110, 120Y, and B310 12" wheel models already have this.

early 45mm strut support:
* H10 LCA with H10 Tension Rod
* H10 Balljoint 
* H10 Knuckle Arm
* 45mm strut (B110, B120 or 120Y)
late 45mm strut support (will retrofit)
* H85 LCA with H72 Tension Rod
* H74 Balljoint 
* H74 Knuckle Arm
* 45mm strut (B110, B120 or 120Y)
This LCA allows use of 2.0" struts

Fits these struts, which bolt straight in to any 1200

  • 1200
  • early 120Y

The 120Y units have a slightly different hub offset than the 1200.

2-inch Strut

To fit Datsun 2" struts with the common 80mm bolt spacing, use 2" strut-accepting package (what you will need to make them bolt straight in)

23761.jpgAlbum click to view

2" strut support:
* H85 LCA with H72 Tension Rod
* W50 Balljoint 
* W50 Knuckle Arm
* 2" Datsun Strut (280ZX, S13, 810, etc, but NOT S30 240Z/260Z/280Z)
* Strut Top and Upper Spring Perch (use standard ones for your Car)

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Alternatively you can use LCA/Rod, balljoints and knuckle arms from other datsuns -- with or perhaps w/o modifications -- but it is more straightforward to use the factory Sunny parts. W50 is Datsun A10/B310 parts.

All except B310 and A10 will require moving the lower spring seat.

2.0" struts which will bolt in with the above SAP include any with the same 80mm bolt spacing:

  • B310 (Sunny/210, except A12-powered models)
  • Early A10 (Stanza/510)
  • Early Datsun 240K
  • Datsun 180B
  • Datsun 810/910
  • Datsun 280ZX
  • Australian assembled R31
  • Skyline R30
  • 910 Bluebird/Maxima/810
  • S12 Silvia/200SX
  • Z31 300ZX
Caliper Bolt Spacing
810/A10/B310: 3.5" (88.9 mm)
1200/120Y: 84 mm
R31: 78 mm (3.07")
S13: 100-103mm

These following not recommended because the camber angle is more positive than stock. Yes you can use camber-adjustment parts, but why start off on the wrong foot?

  • 510/610/710 including 180B and 160J
  • S30 (240Z/260Z/280Z)
    • S30 knuckle arms also requires extra wide bolt pattern

For S12/R31/910 type struts, you will also need a shear-load spacer ring (available from Datsport) which fits between the strut and the knuckle arm. Or if lowering, get a RCA with 44 mm bottom ring and 54 mm top nub.

54 mm VS 44 mm strut-bottoms (S12 vs 280ZX pictured)

S13 struts use a totally different mounting method, so the above Strut-Acceptance Package doesn't work for them.

Also note that many of these struts have hubs with different offsets, resulting in a wider track, increased scrub radius, and may require wheels with more offset. See Strut swaps for information on swapping specific struts.

Ball Joints

The W50 balljoints for 2.0" struts are about 15mm wider. They reduce camber (negative camber) for better handling. But they also increase the track, which may bring the car out of regulation.

See Main Article: Ball Joint Comparison


Later 120Y and B120 utes used the H85 LCA, *same as B310*. This started in 1975 October. This H85 LCA will accept either the H10 balljoint for 45mm struts, or the W50 balljoint for 2.0" struts.

See Main Article: Transverse Link

Tie Rod Ends

To fit the B310 knuckle arm, some swap the B310 outer tie rod end onto their 1200. However, the stock 1200 tie rod end fits into the B310 knuckle arm. If you need extra adjustment threads, you can fit the B310/A10 outers. While the 1200/120Y LCAs are the same length as B310/A10 LCAs, the longer knuckle arm may require a longer tierod or tierod-end.

  • Stock H10 (B110) outer tie rod ends
  • OR, get tie-rods (threaded bars) a little longer than stock
  • OR, use longer outer tierod ends

21803.jpgAlbum click to view

RODS (threaded bar) M14 x 1.50
167mm MOOG ES458S      B110/HB210/510/610/S10
179mm Rare Parts 27303 B310/A10
195mm Datsport DTR160L
which tie-rod ends?:

that's a massive accident waiting to happen, with only a few threads either end after the 'wheel alignment guy' sets your toe-in
  • 79mm B110 outer tierod ends
  • 95mm W50 (B310/A10) outer tierod ends
  • 95mm 180B rod ends (not the same as JPN/USA 810)
  • 110mm 510/610/LHB210 rod-ends

Ends: B110 vs 180B. Same taper but different lengths
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