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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

LHD Sidedrafts

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Fuel System

Space for twin sidedrafts on LHD 1200s is limited because the brake master cylinder is on the carburetor side of the engine. There is space for the carburetors, but no space for air cleaners.



Some LHD 1200 owners choose a single sidedraft to "make it easy", but that is a performance loss. Twin carbs can easily be fitted.

* Weber DCOE carburetor
* Dellorto DHLA
* Mikuni PHH (Solex)

NOTE: Dual sidedrafts of the Weber/Mikuni-Solex/Dellorto type hit the brake master cylinder. So use special techniques:

* Move engine over
* Go filter-less
* Angled manifold
* Move the Brake Master Cylinder

No Filter

At the expense of increased engine wear, using no filter or air horn allows LHD fitment.

See main article: No Filter

Engine Moved Slightly

tens_and_twenties: In my old B110 with side drafts we just moved the whole engine over 1". Worked a treat and no one ever seemed to notice.

had a 77 [B210] 210 with an a15. moved the motor one inch to the right so i could mount dual mikunis. no problems up to 125 mph. Ratsun

Angle Manifolds

angled manifolds, good for fitting in LHD cars

Angled Up

Move the Master Cylinder

* Moved Over
* Moved Forward
* Moved under dash

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