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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Lucas alternator

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Charging System | Engine Electrical System

Locally assembled Datsun 1200 have used various alternators. Lucas is popular in Commonwealth countries.

27151.jpgAlbum 27151

Lucas 15AC

Late 120Y Australian assembled have a Lucas single wire internally regulated alternator. Earlier 120Y have had an externally regulated alternator.

Lucas 15-A.C. have one IND terminal and two + terminals.

NOTE: Externally regulated A15AC also has IND + F terminal

It will plug into an externally-regulated harness BUT IT IS WIRED DIFFERENTLY.

+    goes to battery via Fusible Link
AUX+ leave disconnected
IND  indicator lamp (charge)
F    missing*
NOTE: If it has an 'F' terminal the 15AC needs external regulator

Lucas 15AC missing F terminal (indicating internally regulated)

Lucas AS123

Big-flange alternators are used in South Africa on the B140 Nissan LDV 1400.

Lucas AS123 55A 
65A available $86 USD new aftermarket
Internal Regulator
3 hole adjusting tension ear.
Bracket angle: -30 / 0 / 30
Threaded B+ terminal post and optional B+ spade connection
Threaded D+ terminal post
Single wire or three terminal plugs

26024.jpgAlbum 26024

ALT110497_1.jpg AS123.jpg AS123de.jpg 12750tech.jpg 

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