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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Oil cap

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Category: Engine Lubrication System

The stock Datsun 1200 Rocker cover uses a push-and-twist oil cap. It is a classic all-chrome cap and seals with a simple round gasket. Some other Datsuns use a threaded cap that will not work in a 1200. By the way, this is where you add oil to the engine.



All A-series engine rocker covers uses a cam-twist (push-and-turn) oil filler cap.

Datsun 1000 vented cap
Datsun 1200 sealed cap
  • All A-series engines from 1970-on use a sealed cap including all A12/A13/A14 and A15
  • Other Datsun engine types use a threaded cap that will not work in a 1200
  • Alloy rocker covers invariably use a different type of oil cap

25532.jpgAlbum 25532


The original 1200 cap Part Number is Nissan 15255-15953. However if you order this part number you are likely to get one of the superseded styles instead of the plain silver version.

15092.jpgAlbum 15092
1204.jpgAlbum 1204

The timeless style of the original B110 cap looks good with customized engines
8125.jpgAlbum 8125 14133.jpgAlbum 14133

1200 from intro to 1978 March (Japan) or to circa 1973 (USA)
* superseded by #B34 'NISSAN MOTOR OIL' cap
15255-15953 CAP-OIL FILLER
2-3/4" Oil Filler Cap (1-13/32" x 1-19/64" Cam Twist)
* STANT Part # 10102
* GATES Part # 31088 
174_5cf3469266ecf.jpgPost 491533
* NOT BECK/ARNLEY Part # 0160048 screw-in cap (fits L-series)

Aluminum Version

Machined aluminum version of original 1200 style oil cap

VENDOR: Bprojects Product: Billet Hollow Oil Filler Cap RAW☁
Aluminum A6063
Hollow structure, very lightweight 100g

25534.jpgAlbum 25534 25535.jpgAlbum 25535 20469.jpgAlbum 20469

May be finished with Elephant applique from Bprojects
13080.jpgAlbum 13080 12859.jpgAlbum 12859

Or a Nissan applique
12988.jpgAlbum 12988 12989.jpgAlbum 12989

Color varieties from Bprojects
20471.jpgAlbum 20471 20470.jpgAlbum 20470

174_5cf34cb9a791d.jpgPost 491535 174_5cf34ccbc5e9f.jpgPost 491535 174_5cf34ce0e4836.jpgPost 491535

Datsun 1000

The earliest A-series engine, the B10 Datsun 1000 A10 engine, uses a vented oil cap, so it doesn't work with the 1200 (Datsun 1200 caps are sealed). Vented cap is also known as a "blowby cap" because fumes will come out of it -- visibly so when the engine is worn. 1200 uses a sealed cap for happy motoring.
15099.jpgAlbum 15099

* R16 engine (Datsun Roadster)
* J13 engine (Bluebird 411, Datsun Trucks 521, 620)
* H engine (Datsun Roadster?)

Datsun 1000 used one of three varieties of oil cap

* plain blue
* plain blue with Nissan text overlay applied
* Elephant cap

The regular 1000 oil cap is plain blue with a little arrow sticker.
174_5ba6f07d12724.jpgPost 489511 174_5ba6f06f28581.jpgPost 489511 174_5ba6f06551b23.jpgPost 489511 174_5ba6f075a3d87.jpgPost 489511 174_5ba6f084c3fa6.jpgPost 489511

Datsun B10 Elephant Cap was used in some markets. Apparently the elephant oil cap is a JDM OPTION cap

15255-10651 CAP-oil filler (op.) ALL

174_5ba6f17d08d7f.jpgPost 489511 174_5ba6f184c304a.jpgPost 489511

174_5ba6f15f5cc45.jpgPost 489511 174_5ba6f16977a8c.jpgPost 489511 174_5ba6f172103f4.jpgPost 489511

Subtle difference between original and repro caps. The cap on the right has no arrow:
174_5ba6f18d71c34.jpgPost 489511

The following is reportedly from 1000 coupe brochure, but looks very much like an A12. Did they make an updated A10, or is this a prototype Elephant Oil cap for an A12?
6547.jpgAlbum 6547 12872.jpgAlbum 12872

B10 Japan
15255-15852 CAP-oil filler <> 15255-15853
15255-15853 CAP-oil filler (from E/E A10-1550971)
15255-10651 CAP-oil filler (??地仕様) (op.) ALL
15270-11200 PACKING-oil filler cap


Later Nissan replacement caps differ stylistically from the original but work on all 1200 engines.
20649.jpgAlbum 20649


Circa 1973 they updated the cap by putting writing on it, and used it for the USA market. Japan did not switch over until April 1978. This replaced the #original plain silver cap.

15255-B3430 CAP-OIL FILLER $12.12
* supersedes 15255-15853/15255-15903/5255-15952/15255-15953
* A-series engine, R16, J13, E-series Engine
15270-B3400 PACKING-OIL FILLER CAP $1.40

16410.jpgAlbum 16410 16411.jpgAlbum 16411

ニッサン モーター オイルを
For Nissan Motor Oil

Fill Occasionally

24442.jpgAlbum 24442 24443.jpgAlbum 24443 174_5cf328cf27ebb.jpgPost 491531 174_5cf328d775a01.jpgPost 491531 174_5cf328e0ec053.jpgPost 491531


1980s Nissan stamped-steel cap
25773.jpgAlbum 25773 12966.jpgAlbum 12966


The 80s cap was eventually replaced with a stylish sculpted version
15091.jpgAlbum 15091
15694.jpgAlbum 15694


I bought a brand new oil cap last year from Nissan Parts Business (Japan) for about $15 USD. It was the gold finish kind. The original plain silver type has been replaced by the gold type.

15255-G8250 - latest version drops the text in favor of an international oil symbol
15090.jpgAlbum 15090 16713.jpgAlbum 16713 

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