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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Phantom Grip

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Propeller Shaft And Differential Carrier

Phantom Grip is an inexpensive LSD, which is spring-loaded LSD instead of the conventional clutch-pack LSD.


Turn any diff to LSD!

It installs into a regular open diff, not requiring the special:

Phantom Grip manufacturer web site

As with any LSD, will this meet your needs? Or will you need a 4-way or Torsen LSD, or a Locker? For an overview of various types, see the main article: LSD.

Be sure to read these discussions of the Phantom Grip:

Limited Slip Vs Locking

LSD = limited-slip differential, NOT locking-differential. If it prevents straight-line slip but doesn't lock up around corners, then it is LSD. There are various types of LSD and most are spring-loaded. Ford diffs use a spring-loaded clutch-plate design (more complicated than the Phantom) and the biggest downside is that they wear out rather quickly.


Depending on how you drive a phantom can last for a long time, to my memory mic had it in a rally car for 2 years then I had it in a road car for bout the same and at the end it started slipping but just needed to be re shimmed. supafatto

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