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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Sports Options Catalog

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Nismo

日産自動車スポーツ相談室 Nissan Motor Co. Sports Options Department

8270.jpgAlbum 8270



NOTE: Some photos below are from the Sports Options Parts catalog which is an updated version of the Sports Options Catalog.

Datsun Sunny 1200 
(K) B110-T [4-speed] Sports Option Parts

17274.jpgAlbum 17274

Suspension Parts


* 54302-H1024 Ass'y Strut Front R.H.
* 54303-H1024 Ass'y Strut Front L.H.
* 54010-H1024 Spring Front
* 54010-H1070 SPRING, Coil FR 225
* 55029-H1023 SPRING, Leaf RR 1100
* 56200-H1024 Ass'y shock ab.Rear race SEDAN
* 56210-H1824 Ass'y shock ab.Rear race COUPE
* 55020-H1024 Spring Rear
* 55240-H1824 BUMPER-Bound RR Susp"" (coupe) 50
* 54302-H1070 Ass'y Strut Front R.H.
* 54303-H1070 Ass'y Strut Front L.H.
* 56200-H1022 Ass'y shock ab.Rear SEDAN 
* 56210-H1822 Ass'y shock ab.Rear COUPE

Brake Parts

412.jpgAlbum 412

for race, rally
41060-H1020 Ass'y pad Front Brake DS11 
41060-H1021 Ass'y pad Front Brake M59
44060-27720 Ass'y-Shoe Rear Fore (B10 op.)
44070-27720 Ass'y-Shoe Rear After AM4 (B10 op.)
44100-H2320 CYL ASSY RR Wheel 5/8"

Race Engine Tuneup Parts

413.jpgAlbum 413

Race Carburetor Parts

414.jpgAlbum 414

Exhaust System Parts

414.jpgAlbum 414

14060-H2310 Manifold Exhaust race
20010-H2000 Tube Exhaust Front
20100-H2000 Tube Exhaust Rear
20583-H2000 Clamp
20586-H2000 Bracket
20710-21001 Gasket Ex. Tube
20220-14600 Rubber Mounting
20032-C0400 "U" Bolt

Race Electric Parts

415.jpgAlbum 415

Oil Parts

416.jpgAlbum 416

Road Race Wheel Parts

416.jpgAlbum 416

* Aluminum wheels
* Wheel spacers
* Lug nuts
* Wheel studs


Clutch Parts

416.jpgAlbum 416

Transmission Parts

417.jpgAlbum 417

Limited Slip Diff.

418.jpgAlbum 418

* 38420-H1020 Ass'y Limitted Slip Diff.
  38102-22901 Bolt (S.T.D.)
* 43015-25720 Buffle R.H.
* 43016-25720 Buffle L.H.
* 38100-H1000 Set Gear (3.900)
  38100-H1100 Set Gear (4.111)
  38100-H0700 Set Gear (4.375)
  38100-G0400 Set Gear (4.635)

Speedometer Pinion Parts

418.jpgAlbum 418

Etc. Parts

419.jpgAlbum 419 

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