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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Exhaust System | Manifold

Extractors, headers whatever you call them are a more efficient "tubular" version of an Exhaust Manifold.



Unless you are racing, we recommend -- instead of headers -- the cast-iron 4-into-2-into-1 factory header. It's quieter, never wears out, and fits any 1200 perfectly. See GX Exhaust Manifold.

23145.jpgAlbum 23145 5408.jpgAlbum 5408

  • Some header do not allow the stock intake manifold to fit. You can grind the intake to fit
  • Some head hit the stock block breather pipe. Make a custom pipe
  • Headers for 1200 fit all body styles: ute, wagon, coupe and sedan
  • Headers/extractors fit both ways (A12 fits A14 and vice versa). However because A14, A15 and early A13 are "tall" blocks the header is raised up 15mm. So A12 headers on A14 engine may hit the floor
  • Headers for A-series engines bolt to any A-series engine. Exhaust port bolt pattern is identical for all A-series engines. port shape and size is identical within 1 or 2 mm
    20540.jpgAlbum 20540
  • Headers for a particular Datsun model may not fit another. For example, Vanette or B310 headers may or may not fit B110 due to the shape of the firewall and floor
  • Like any header they may need some tweaking of the flange, not because of the engine but because of poor manufacturing of the header

For the above reasons, the GX Exhaust Manifold is recommended.

Long-tube 4-into-1 header
16287.jpgAlbum 16287 16286.jpgAlbum 16286 16288.jpgAlbum 16288


Heat-wrapping can gain a bit of HP if the engine is retuned for it, at the cost of accelerated wear from either moisture rotting the header or from poor welds.

6947.jpgAlbum 6947


  • Yourself. If you know how to weld, You can make your one out of some steel tubing and a bit of 10mm plate for the flange
    See: Manifold


  • Stewart Wilkins
    • Extractors - Datsun 1200/120Y/Sunny 4:2:1 Mandrel Bends $380.00 (August 2016)
  • Hurricane (August 2016)
    • HU075ST for A12, A14, A15
    • HU167ST (interference design) C20 Van
    • HU285STM for Datsun 1200 2-into-1
      799.jpgAlbum 799

9767.jpgAlbum 9767


South Yokohama equal length headers
23221.jpgAlbum 23221

New Zealand

  • Coby Manufacturing in Hamilton, NZ make 2 sets of different extractors to fit the A series motors
    Euclid Ave, Hamilton Phone: 0-7-849 1765
  • Autopia in Christchurch


Tri-Mil - Long Beach, California
376.jpgAlbum 376

Bill's Datsun Shoppe: Portland, Oregon
11524.jpgAlbum 11524 24108.jpgAlbum click to view 24110.jpgAlbum click to view 24109.jpgAlbum click to view

Nissan Competition

Long Headers

Nissan Competition 99996-H8000 B210/210 competition header 4 into 1 design with 1.375" primaries and 2.5" collector
24914.jpgAlbum 24914 24913.jpgAlbum 24913

Short Headers

Nissan Sports Options Department tubular headers are a direct replacement for the cast iron GX manifold. They are superior to most "shorty" headers in that these are a dual outlet type, and are collected together in the exhaust extension (effectively a long collector).

shorty-1.jpg shorty-2.jpg shorty-3.jpg

113 レース用OPT' エキジースト マニホールド
  14060-H2310 race use OPTION exhaust manifold
114 エキージト チュープ
    exhaust tube
  20711-21001 gasket ガスケット
  20686-H2000 mount bracket マウント ブラケット
  20220-14600 rubber mount ラバー マウント
  20685-H2000 u-bolt clamp Uボルト クランプ
  20400-H2000 rear tube リヤー チャーブ
  20032-C0400 u-bolt Uボツト
  20010-H2000 front tube 50.8mm diameter フロント チューブ


Sports Options Catalog
8270.jpgAlbum 8270

15269.jpgAlbum 15269 datsun72b110gx5-img599x439-1437643171c0hy6l20881.jpg datsun72b110gx5-img600x450-14376431711wvmb120881.jpg

20220-14600 rubber mount
* KB10 Booster Kit OPTION dual-outlet muffler
* SP311,SR311 resonator
Thread: M8 x 17mm
Width: 40mm
Hight: 24.5mm
Depth: 25mm
27132.jpgAlbum click to view

Shorty Headers

Shorty header is designed to replace cast manifold. Easy packaging comes at the expense of a full length collector. The performance is lacking compare to a typical header.
shorty-1.jpg shorty-2.jpg shorty-3.jpg 16289_54c4981e8fa95.jpgPost 463202 23974.jpgAlbum 23974

Photo Index

Click any picture to see it full size and read details or post a comment.

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