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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Steering System

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Steering System

The Datsun 1200 uses a traditional recirculating-ball Steering Gearbox with parallelogram behind-the axle Steering Linkage. USA models used a Collapsible Steering Column to meet FMVSS standards, while most other countries got a rigid Steering Column. The steering action in a stock vehicle should be very light with a fast action. Wide tires will increase the amount of effort needed to turn the wheels. The steering linkage needs lubrication on a regular basis.

Also see: Steering Lock


Steering Column

4580.jpg Steering Gearbox and rigid Steering Column.

10824.jpg Collapsible Steering Column (under-dash view)

gearbox (not bolted down in this pic) on driver's side, Idler arm on passenger side subframe rail. The Cross Rod is very visible here just behind the Engine Crossmember.


The Factory Service Manual advised checking the gearbox oil every 10,000km or six months and topping up as needed. However unless the gearbox is visibly leaking, checking every 15,000 miles twelve months should be sufficient.

The Steering Linkage needs to be "lubed" at regular intervals. Nissan recommends every 50,000km (30,000 miles). I recommend doing it annually. If you take it to a service shop, ask for a "lube and oil change".

The bushing at the Steering wheel end of the column is the part most likely to go bad. It causes a squeak, squeak sound when you move teh steering wheel slightly.

  • 1971-1973: 48910-H1021 BUSH-Column
  • Newer utes use a totally different bush

For minor play in the steering wheel, you can perform a Steering Gearbox Adjustment. For major play in the wheel or wandering, check out the linkage. See Steering Gearbox Adjustment for details.

Finally, after many miles the gearbox may need replacement. See Steering System Diagnoses.

The gearbox bolts to the subframe rail on driver's side of the car


See main article: Steering Specifications


See Rack And Pinion Steering

Gearbox Brace

retorally steering box brace

Maddat Steering Holder

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