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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Steering wheel

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Categories: Body | Steering System

Datsun 1200 and Truck variants were fitted with a variety of steering wheels. They are 15 inch diameter wheels (overall diameter 15.75"/40cm). They have a 5/8" (16mm) thick rim section.


Connects To


GL, DX and GX comparo

#DX (1-spoke) used on Standard and Deluxe trims. Also used by 1971-1978 Truck.
3700.jpgAlbum 3700

#GL (3-spoke)
6467.jpgAlbum 6467

#GX (3-spoke metal)
3158.jpgAlbum 3158

6595.jpgAlbum 6595 6787.jpgAlbum 6787

PB110 used the same steering wheels as B110
460.jpgAlbum 460

#B120 Sunny Truck 1980s | 1990s
21323.jpgAlbum 21323 21324.jpgAlbum 21324


The Datsun 1000 (B10) wheels were different from B110 items.

14227.jpgAlbum 14227 3626.jpgAlbum 3626 20578.jpgAlbum 20578


NOTE B210 handle will bolt to the 1200 steering column.


GL (available in plastic or wood-like)
10874.jpgAlbum 10874

GX Type (available in leather or wood-like)
3656.jpgAlbum 3656


B310 steering wheels reportedly use a different spline and so apparently do not fit B110 or B210 steering column.

29557.jpg 29561.jpg 29562.jpg

B310 GX in B110
25884.jpgAlbum 25884


Nismo 10th Anniversary

20652.jpgAlbum 20652

240Z OPTION looks similar - and does not fit 1200
12579.jpgAlbum 12579

Appears to have Horn Pad 48410-E4600 (S30)

The Colin handle looks very similar but comes with different horn buttons. コーリン ダットサン ハンドル

Removal and Installation

First, remove the horn pad. To remove the horn button, remove the two screws from behind the wheel (B110 normal) or push in and twist for GX type.

STD/DX: screws on back side

GX type - push in and twist anti-clockwise to remove
26420.jpgAlbum click to view 26421.jpgAlbum click to view

Next, unbolt the steering shaft large nut. Do not remove it all the way, keep it on so the wheel won't fly off while popping the wheel from the shaft.

Be sure to use a wheel puller:
5106.jpgAlbum 5106

Occasionally you can remove the nut and "pop" it off by hitting it from behind with your fists, but you risk the chance of having it hit you in the face when it pops loose. Discussion

Be safe, don't worry. Only about $15 new for a simple type.
24703.jpgAlbum 24703


Only the Sunny Truck wheel is a direct interchange with the B110 wheel.

Ute wheel in Coupe
2689.jpgAlbum 2689

B210 GX in B110
9848.jpgAlbum 9848

B210 GL in Datsun 1200
13914_4df4b7a34787b.jpgPost 371646 25886.jpgAlbum 25886

Other wheels fit the hub but may not match the trim. The B110 steering wheel hub uses the same bolt pattern as:

45mm between bolts (1-15/16 inch)
* 1970-1976 B110 (Sunny/1200)
* 1974-1978 B210 (Sunny/120Y)
* 1977-1979 S10 (Silvia/SX200)
* 1976-1977 F10 (Cherry)
* 1979-1982 N10 (Pulsar/210)

Datsun 1200 wheel bolts straight to the Datsun 1000 shaft without problems, but the 1200's blinker canceling pins are wider apart than the 1000 models pins & these strike the original switch mechanism, which either prevents wheel rotation, making it hard to steer, or destroying the switch.

Only three Datsun models used the small diameter steering column shaft, those models being the B10, B110 & B210. The B10 used blinker canceling pins that were reasonanly close together & this made it unique, The B110 & B210 share the same specs so the hub/boss is interchangeable between these two models.

B310 GX in B110 (with B110 GX horn button)
2129.jpgAlbum 2129

26308.jpgAlbum 26308

All other Datsun models [at least those from the mid 60's], including the B310, used a larger diameter shaft & the boss for any of these will be too big in the hole.

Part Numbers


Including PB110

48498-H1000 EMBLEM 'S' MARK DX
48498-H1100 EMBLEM 'D' MARK DX
#DX Two-spoke 48400-H1000,48400-H1001 ASS'Y-WHEEL-steering Std, Dx 
#GL Three-spoke 48400-H2000,48400-H2001 ASS'Y-WHEEL-steering GL
#GX metal three-spoke 48400-H2300,48400-H2301 ASS'Y-WHEEL-steering GX

OPTIONAL - There were two Optional Steering Wheels

  • 48400-H1200 ASS'Y-WHEEL-steering (wood) OPTION ALL (per JDM catalog)
    metal three-spoke, one-slot spokes covered with plastic trim
  • 48400-H2310 ASS'Y-WHEEL-steering (foam skin) OPTION ALL (per JDM catalog)
    metal three-spoke (at 2, 10, and 6 o'clock), one-slot spokes uncovered
    14654.jpgAlbum click to view

5298.jpgAlbum click to view

These wheels were derived directly from the B10 option wheel. They made a new hub (boss) to suit the 1200 column & a new horn button to 'update' them but are otherwise the same.

The optional wheels are different from the B10 mainly in the horn button and the hub part (the wheels themselves appear to be the same, but were only sold as an assembly).

  • The 1200 horn button is wider at the top, and narrower where it bolts to the wheel
  • The 1000 horn button is the opposite (narrower at the top)

Also, the 1200 hub part where it meet the steering column is bigger diameter. So the 1200 hub flares out slightly to this larger diameter. The 1000 hub is completely cylindrical.
Note that the 1000 hub on the right is cylindrical & has closely spaced blinker pins, while the 1200 hub on the left is conical, or bell shaped & has pins more widely spaced.

The wheel & the complete horn switch assembly are identical between the B10 OPTION wheel and the B110 OPTION wheel.


Two-spoke 48400-H1000,48400-H1001 ASS'Y-WHEEL-steering Std, Dx
3700.jpgAlbum 3700


Three-spoke 48400-H2000,48400-H2001 ASS'Y-WHEEL-steering GL
457.jpgAlbum 457 GL_handle-1.jpg GL_handle-2.jpg 48400-H20_a.jpg 48400-H20_b.jpg



48400-H2300,48400-H2301 ASS'Y-WHEEL-steering GX
48420-H2325 ASS'Y-PAD, horn GX
48498-H2300 EMBLEM-'GX'

metal three-spoke, each spoke has a divided slot
21781.jpgAlbum 21781 460.jpgbrochure 21782.jpgAlbum 21782

48420-H2325 ASS'Y-PAD, horn GX
20500.jpgAlbum 20500 6420_5c245d42bc651.jpgPost click for topic 6420_5c245d4844684.jpgPost click for topic

174_5d6c1978354fa.jpgPost 492427 174_5d6c19806668d.jpgPost 492427 174_5d6c1a99ad5dc.jpgPost 492427 174_5d6c1aa2026a7.jpgPost 492427

B120 Sunny Truck

#Early Black | #Mid Brown | #Late Gray
21325.jpgAlbum 21325 21323.jpgAlbum 21323 21324.jpg

Center Emblem
* 48498-H1000 -7803 NLA
* 48409-H5002 7804-7907
* 48409-G1660 'S' 7908-
  27043.jpgAlbum 27043

Early Black

Early 1971-1978 B120 used the B110 STD/#DX wheel, same as coupe, sedan and wagon
21325.jpgAlbum 21325

48400-G1000 -7803
18259.jpgAlbum 18259 11149.jpgAlbum 11149

Mid Brown

1978-1989, same as B210 steering wheel#STD, DX (brown only)

48400-G1060 7804-7907 Dark Brown
48400-G1660 7908-8910 Brown

21323.jpgAlbum 21323

Late Gray

1989-1994, same as before except Gray
48400-95W00 8910- [Gray]

2689.jpgAlbum 2689 17269.jpgAlbum 17269 0706654A30140606W00214.jpg


South Africa 1200 & B140 bakkie

1979-1989 brown

1990-2008 brown or gray
handle.jpg 8985.jpgAlbum 8985

13025.jpgAlbum 13025 19330.jpgAlbum 19330



1977-1979 Datsun 200SX (Silvia) used a steering wheel that looks like the B210 GX wheel.

  • Black 48400-N5810/48400-N5815
  • Brown 48400-N5811/48400-N5816
  • Brown, light 48400-N7800 1979
  • Green 48400-N5812/48400-N5817
  • Blue 48400-N7801 1979 only

Does this fit small shaft (B110/B210) or large shaft (B310)?

DSC04886_zpsb28b764d.jpg 676_zpsd5f64fff.jpeg

Aftermarket Wheels & Hubs

Aftermarket steering wheels look great and have better shapes and sizes than factory wheels.

Aftermarket steering wheels generally require an adapter hub.



See also: X-1R

E10 Nissan Cherry wheel in B110
13131.jpgAlbum 13131 32.jpg


Nissan Pulsar EXA steering wheel in B110
1327.jpgAlbum 1327


Unknown Datsun
33704364422_9f3314ff22_z.jpgflicker click to view

Datsun B10 OPTiON wheel with aftermarket (Nismo?) 'GT' horn button
12703_4b51d0e0898c6.jpgPost 300158

aftermarket horn button (fits GX wheel?)
horn_button.jpg horn_button-2.jpg horn_button-1.jpg

Left: 240Z wheel modded for 1200 | Right: B10 wheel with Nismo horn button
5372.jpgAlbum 5372

ステアリング ホイール ハンドル 

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