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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Strut Insert Part Numbers

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Front Axle And Front Suspension | Suspension Modifications

Strut Inserts (shock absorbers) for the front suspension: Datsun 1200 (B110) uses 45 mm diameter strut tubes. Most other Datsuns, including USA B210, use a larger 2.0 inch (50.8 mm) size. This article will help you choose parts for rebuild or replacement.



The 1200 front shock absorbers can be rebuilt. Or you can fit strut insert cartridges, such as NOS KYB gas-a-just or the commonly available VW inserts.

Shock Absorber Cartridges for Datsun 1200 struts
24545.jpgAlbum 24545

45 mm strut tubes are used by:
* B110 Datsun 1200 sedan/coupe/van
* B120 Datsun 1200 pickup
* 120Y (A12-powered B210)
* B310 (A12-powered only)

Direct Interchange

Datsun 1200s did not come with strut insert cartridges, instead the struts contained had rebuildable shock absorbers (wet shocks). Later, Nissan offered strut inserts specifically for the 1200, which are still available in USA as of May 2008.

Using a factory-quality Strut rebuild kit (rather than removing the factory strut parts and replacing with a new strut 'cartridge' insert) is the way to retain a smooth front-end ride. However, these kits are no longer manufactured. Using the genuined Nissan cartridge (same as early A12-powered B210s) is just as good.


Insert Cartridge Shock
  * superceded 56105-H5025, 56105-H1025
  * about $50 each from Nissan
  * buy from Bprojects

Original Parts

Wet Shocks. You can add new oil and new strut glands, such as a NOS Koni rebuild kit.

The original struts had built-in shock absorbers:

These kits included:

26306.jpgAlbum 26306

45mm OD Strut Inserts

As of 2105, 1200 inserts are readily available in Australia via Monroe.

Boge insert cartridges
24546.jpgAlbum 24546

Stock Specs

See the genuine Nissan part numbers listed above.

418 body length / 631 Extended / 462 Collapsed
* Stroke: 169mm (6.7 in)
* Diameter: 40.9 mm at top 
* Style: T2 (non-tapering body, 38.1 mm or so width)

Less than 42.30 mm (which is too big to fit into the 45 mm strut tube)


Monroe 25-3418 Gas shock inserts
* 1970-1973 B110
* 1974-1979 120Y
* 1971-1984 B120 ute
6715.jpgAlbum 6715
* Type T1
* Body length:      418  mm
* Length Extended:  612  mm
* Length Compressed:418  mm
* Rod nut 110-039-052
* Locking Ring 137-A61-017
* Centering Cap 117-071-002


* TOKICO S1041 (oil), Z1041 (gas)

Tokico inserts
8423.jpgAlbum 8423


  • KYB (Kayaba) 662002/KC1001 (oil)
  • KYB 362001 (gas)
    • Replaces B110, B120 Jan 1970-May 1973
      Nissan: 54302-H1025,54302-H1026,54302-H1050,54302-H1055,54302-H1125,54302-H1126,54303-H1055,54303-H1125
    • Replaces B210 with A12 Mar 1973-Oct 1977
      Nissan: 54302-H5025,54302-H5050,54302-H5126,54303-H5125,54303-H5150,56105-H5025,56105-H5027,56105-H1026
    • Replaces VB310 with A12 12" wheel models

KYB Gas-filled
16839.jpgAlbum 16839

KYB Rally
24540.jpgAlbum 24540


Koni 86-1714 (previously 82N-1714, S1003)
* replaces 56110-H1026
* From the 1984 Nissan Competition Catalog

Koni for Datsun 1200
7558.jpgAlbum 7558

45mm Alternatives

These will require some modifications to use, including spacers in the bottom of the strut tube.

Discussion: strut inserts

Insert Type (T1, T2 and T3 will fit Datsun 1200)
26149.jpgAlbum 26149


Very close to the 1200 units. The strut rod nut appears to be a different size.

Fit 7mm spacer in bottom of strut tube.

1980-1982 Mazda 626 RWD
Monroe 25-3417
* Type T1 (same as 1200)
* Body Length:      411 mm (7 mm shorter)
* Compressed Length:411 mm
* Extended Length:  637 mm
* Rod nut 110-039-054
* Locking Ring 137-A61-017 (same as 1200)


For 1200s lowered more than 2 inches, shortened strut tubes along with shorter inserts are needed. See Lowering Inserts.

Nissan Pulsar

1981 Pulsar inserts are the same external size as Datsun 1200 but shorter by 82 mm (3-1/4 in) so if you are after lowering with out banging on the spring mounts this is a easy way to go only 10mm (3/8) shorter in the stroke.

See main article: Lowering Inserts
1981 Pulsar vs stock 1200

VW Golf/Rabbit

1974-1984 VW Golf, 1980-1984 VW Jetta

  • About 4" shorter than stock, so use a spacer in the stock strut tube.
  • Koni and Tokico adjustables for the same VW are too big in diameter.
416 body length/ 599 Extended/ 431 Collapsed
1200 (B110), 120y (B210)
Gabriel - G44217 (diameter unknown)
Vera - 62-01015  (diameter unknown)

KONI Sport 8641-1048, 42.30 mm dia. (too big to fit inside 45 mm strut)

VW Golf (Rabbit) mark I (1974-1983) inserts will fit into the 1200's strut tube - depending on the brand. The Golf insert is nearly 4" shorter, so either a spacer is used to take up the slop, or the tube itself will need to be shortened accordingly. It uses a larger diameter strut rod, so the cap nut that holds the insert in needs to be drilled out. The strut bearing also needs to be drilled out. A VW rod nut (which contains the seal) can be ground smaller diameter and JB-welded to the bottom of a stock 1200 rod nut which has been drilled out.

  • Get Bilstein (1.507 in) or KYB brand at about 1.5 inch outside diameter. Tokico and KONI are too big around to fit 45mm strut housings.
  • Golf Mk I insert is nearly 4 inches shorter than stock and will need a simple spacer made to make up the difference in length in the bottom of the tube.
  • Strut piston diameter is much much larger than B110, so drill out the strut-nut and the strut top hole.

discussion: VW Rabbit inserts

318 body length / 511 Extended / 352 Collapsed 
 324 / 511 / 359
* Stroke: 158mm (6.25 in) 
* Bilstein part number W0133-1604944

Jetta inserts -- information on inserts and adapting inserts for VW Jetta so that they fit a 1200.

KYB 361005 Excel-G strut cartridges for a VW Jetta 1979-1984
* diameter 38.30 mm (will fit inside 45 mm tube)
* Compressed Length (in) 13.82 (351 mm)
* Extended Length (in) 19.84 
* Stroke (in) 12.36 
* Upper Mount 14x1.50 
  • In Australia the part number for kyb shown above wont work at part store computers. This is the correct part number in australia.

Part number: 363001 is for australia specs are exactly same as 361005.

Four different Rabbit Bilsteins available:

* OE style "Touring 
  F4PNE3033BE / 171412031J USA Made With Internal Threads
* stiff "Sport"
  F4P300032M0 / 171412031J USA Made With Internal Threads
* softer "heavy duty" 
* race: 270/100 for rebound/compression
Bilstein Race & Rallye (gas)
* Strut Part Number V36-0059 (but just buy the inserts)
* 270/100 damping
* Fits:
  * 1974-1984 Golf/Rabbit
  * 1977-1981 Volkswagen Scirocco I 4 cyl 8v
  * 1980-1984 Volkswagen Jetta I 4 cyl 8v
  * 1982-1988 Volkswagen Scirocco II 1.8L 8v
  * 1986-1988 Volkswagen Scirocco II 1.8L 16v
Bilstein F4-P30-0137-H2 (F4P300137H2)
* 34-001370 new part number
* B6 (HD)
* 318 mm body length
* 30mm monotube strut insert (38.5 mm outside diameter)
* extra-large diameter piston (includes new lock rings)

Bilstein for VW Golf - the shaft rod is monstrous, so strut nut & strut bearing need to be drilled out to suit
24043.jpgAlbum click to view 24044.jpgAlbum click to view 24045.jpgAlbum click to view 24046.jpgAlbum click to view

Bilstein dimensions
24047.jpgAlbum click to view

Bilstein dust seal (aluminum) welded to stock nut
13504.jpgAlbum click to view 13505.jpgAlbum click to view

Monroe Sensa-Trac (gas) 72878 / P832
* Models w/ Internal Threads on Original Strut Housing (U. S. A.)
* Diameter: 1.5"
* Stroke: 152mm (6.000 in)
* Ext len: 511mm (20.125 in)
* Comp len: 359mm (14.125 in)
* Body len: 324mm (12.750 in)
Monroe Sensa-Trac (gas) 72826 / 17090011
* Models w/ External Threads on Original Strut Housing (German)
* Diameter: 1.5"
* Stroke: 6.250"
* Ext len: 20.125"
* Comp len: 13.875" 
* Body len: 12.500"
* Piston diameter: 0.75"
Monroe Reflex
19970.jpgAlbum 19970

Toyota TRD

Get them from TRD

Yotato Starlet 1978-1984 (RWD)
Toyota MR2 MK1 1985-1986 Rear Insert, 65 mm shorter than (120y) B210, KONI 8641 1072sport
Toyota TRD 48511-AE941
477 mm extended
342 mm compressed
Stroke: 135 mm [compared to 169 mm stock Datsun 1200]
damping: 2313/1098N

Toyota Corolla $40

1979-1986 Toyota Corolla Sedan/Coupe E70/E71
1981-1985 Corolla Wagon/Van E70/E71
Monroe 25-3434
* Type T1 (same as 1200)
* Body Length:      388 mm (30 mm shorter)
* Compressed Length:390 mm
* Extended Length:  603 mm
* Rod nut 110-039-058
* Locking Ring 137-A61-017 (same as 1200)

2" Strut Inserts

See main article: 2-inch Strut Inserts


Strut Housing
* Outside Diameter: 45mm (1.77 in)
* Inside Diameter: about 38mm (~1.5 inch)
Nissan 56105-H5025 for Datsun B110
* Body length: 418mm (16-3/8 inch). The seal protrudes 1/8 past this.
* diameter: main housing - 37.6mm (1.48 in)
* diameter: upper collar at top of housing - 40.9mm (1.61 in)
* shaft dia. 17.8mm (1.7 in)
* thread height - 24mm
* thread diameter - M10 (10mm hole, 11 mm threads)
* Overall collapsed - 462mm (18-3/16 in.)
* Overall extended - 631mm (24-13/16 in.)
* Stroke: 169mm (6.7 in)


Original B110 Strut valving Damping Force @ 0.3m/sec:

  • Expansion kg(lb): 48 (106)
  • Compression kg(lb): 22 (48.5)


  • B310 strut valve: 164 mm (6.46 in)
  • B310 cartridge: 161.5
  • B310 cartridge: 160.5 A12A Canada (12" wheels)

Damping rates are same for B310 valve or insert, but stroke differs slightly.

Damping Force

model B110 1970-1973 disc B210 1974-1977 A13/A14 B210 1978 A14 B310 1979 B310 80-82 B310 12"
expansion: kg 48 32-48 28-42 30-40 28-42 38-58
compression: kg 22 20-30 16-24 17-23 16-24 15.5-24.5

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