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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Strut Tops

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Front Axle And Front Suspension

The Datsun 1200 strut top (top hat) is a rubber insulator for the the strut, and utilizes a bearing for easy rotation for the steering system. Most aftermarket adjustable strut tops do not include an insulator, so are not recommended for a street or off-road vehicle.


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Stock 1200 strut tops protrude above the tower:
24195.jpgAlbum 24195

The stock tops are non-adjustable regarding Wheel alignment.

The strut top consists of the Insulator, Bearing and Oil Seal
24010.jpgAlbum 24010

120Y - note Strut Tops differ from 1200
9745.jpgAlbum 9745


Bolt circle PCD      123 mm (4.84 inch)
stud to stud center  107 mm (4.21 inch)
stud nuts            08911-10810 NUT-HEX M8 x 1.25
tower hole           94 mm 1200 (80 mm B210)
strut rod nut        08912-34210 NUT-HEX SELF LOCK M12
strut rod hole       about 12 mm???

123 mm Circle (107 mm stud to stud) is the same as Datsun 510(1600), A10 (Stanza/510), Nissan Silvia, R31, etc.

26195.jpgAlbum 26195

26196.jpgAlbum 26196

10017.jpgAlbum 10017

8925.jpgAlbum 8925


The B110 strut tops are different from B210 tops. They latter have a higher profile and raise the car up, so use the B110 tops. If there is nothing poking up through the hole in the strut tower,then it's "wrong" for a 1200.

Strut tops: B210 (left) vs B110 (right)
10021.jpgAlbum 10021

Fitting 1200 tops into 120Y lowers the car 30mm
25205.jpgAlbum 25205 10022.jpgAlbum 10022

Fitting B210 strut tops to a 1200 raises the car about 30 mm
1204.jpgAlbum 1204

B310 tops are same as 1200, except they have larger M10 studs instead of M8 studs. They will fit the 1200 if the strut tower bolt holes are filed out just a touch.


B210 Tops - small 80 mm, fit B210 & B310

64815-H5000 CAP-support, front suspension spring

TIP: You can use rubber covers from an early 90's Mazda 323 w/ electric adjustable suspension. These covers sits perfectly over a 1200 strut tower, even with large 1200 strut tops or camber-adjustable strut tops.

Part Numbers

Strut Rod Nut 
M12  B110,B210,B310,N10
     08912-34210 > 54324-21000
 08915-53810 WASHER-PLAIN M8 (6)
 08915-13810 WASHER-SPRING M8 (6)
 08911-10810 NUT-HEX M8X1.25 (6)
08912-34210 HEX NUT SELF LOCK M12 [for strut rod] < 54324-21000
54308-H1025 GLAND PACKING KIT [45 mm] 
08911-10810 M8x1.25 [for strut top]
HB210 USA (2.0" strut tube)
54308-W5025 GLAND PACKING KIT 1976-1978
54308-U0127 GLAND PACKING KIT 1974-1975 <> 54308-U0125
08912-34210 LOCK NUT M12 [for strut rod]
08911-64010 NUT-HEX M10 (6)
56105-M7027 N10 FRONT SHOCK ABSORBER KIT [insert]
08911-14210 M12 nut [for strut rod]
08911-64010 HEX NUT M10 [for strut top]
08912-44210 NUT M12 [for strut rod]
54210-N8200 STRUT MOUNTING INSULATOR <> 54320-W5000
54308-H1025 GLAND PACKING KIT [45 mm]
54308-W5025 GLAND PACKING KIT [2 inch?]
08912-8421A NUT [for strut rod] M12
48366-DA00A NUT-HUB BOLT [for strut top]
* B310 7902-
* S110 1979-1983
i3.jpg i2.jpg i1.jpg

Camber Tops

Aftermarket strut tops (camber plates) are adjustable in one or two dimensions. Unfortunately, most do not include an insulator and so will transmit shock and vibration to the body.

Adjustable in one dimension (camber only):
1249.jpgAlbum 1249 1255.jpgAlbum 1255 9599.jpgAlbum 9599

Two dimension adjustable (camber + caster):
2471.jpgAlbum 2471

Bolt circle: 123mm

POST dattodude: people are saying to get adjustable strut tops. These only helps to get a little bit more camber and/or castor. To get any REAL camber, you need to run smaller diameter springs, as well as the adjustable strut tops.

NOTE: The standard springs diameter restrict how much camber/castor you can get by moving the top of the strut around -- if you just buy the adjustable tops, you'll find you can maybe get 1 degree more camber before the spring hits the inside of the strut tower. This is why when most people get adjustable strut tops, they also go for smaller diameter springs, which one you've done that, you may as well pay the extra coupla hundred for adjustable height threaded sleeves. See Coilover Kits.

Top Nut

All Datsun struts use a strut rod thread at the end for an M12 nut. Some camber tops use a regular nut, while others used a shanked nut.

standard lock nut

Shanked nut, in various Outside Diameter to fit various bearing hole sizes

Collar, so that small-diameter Strut Rods can fit large-hole Bearing

Retainer for alloy spring cup
10116.jpgAlbum 10116 10117.jpgAlbum 10117 10118.jpgAlbum 10118

Datsun Competition

The Datsun Competition suspension manual recommends slotting the tower bolt holes for camber adjustability.

See main article: Camber

352.jpg 355.jpg


TS racing part

11243.jpgAlbum 11243


For about $20, you can make camber tops. Buy a 5mm (1/4") circle 6" in diameter. Fit into strut tower, and mark the holes. Drill the three holes. Drill the center hole off-center for extra negative camber. Mount using the stock strut top bearing.

1259.jpgAlbum 1259

These won't have the stock rubber anti-shock mounting.

You can also drill the center hole a little rearward of center for extra castor, but with large-diameter tires it runs the risk of pulling the tyre in to the footwell. See Castor.

10279.jpgAlbum 10279 6743.jpgAlbum 6743 2289.jpgAlbum 2289 2290.jpgAlbum 2290 2291.jpgAlbum 2291

3268.jpgAlbum 3268

Strut tower hole opened up (to allow maximum adjustment), and custom camber tops fitted:
1903.jpgAlbum click to view


NOLTEC makes camber tops for Datsun B110, B120, 120Y & B310.

N44071  polyester bushed for street use (bell above)
N44071s Solid mounted for track use (bell above)
NOLTEC N44016  polyester (for street) bell below
NOLTEC N44016S solid (for clubsport) bell below
2471.jpgAlbum 2471

Trim the sections of the centre plate that are hanging out.....then you will get plenty of adjustment.

"Bell above" vs "bell below" styles


2467.jpgAlbum 2467 2468.jpgAlbum 2468 2469.jpgAlbum 2469 2470.jpgAlbum 2470


Cusco 204 410 A is a pillowball top hat for Datsun 1200.

10085.jpgAlbum 10085 10084.jpgAlbum 10084

* Camber Adjustable Type
* Can be used with OE spring
* +30mm Vehicle Ride Height raised
* Comes with Pillow Nut: H (M12x1.25mm, Depth 5mm)
* Comes with Collar: Type 10

11853.jpgAlbum 11853 11181.jpgAlbum 11181 9202.jpgAlbum 9202 3042.jpgAlbum 3042 3043.jpgAlbum 3043

Ground Control

mounts on top of strut tower for extra travel

3050.jpgAlbum 3050


S13 camber tops fit straight into the 3 holes of the Datsun 1200 strut towers.

The only downside is that as the 1200 strut top reaches up through the strut tower 2 inches, you would be then mounting the shocker end 2 inches lower using adjustable tops. This means you have lost two inches of shocker travel in the bump direction. So it is preferable to get "bell above" style tops to mitigate this.

Camber tops may raise the car say 30 mm (such as the Cusco tops), and if so after fitting you can lower the car back down by lowering the spring perch. This is OK with otherwise stock suspension, but if your car is already lowered it may be necessary to use a shorter strut insert but which still has a full range of travel.

Generic Nissan tops mount 180 degrees the wrong way so when set for negative camber in a 1200 that would be the setting for positive camber in an s13.
10035.jpgAlbum 10035

8427_4b0f59be0a461.jpgPost 391719

Alternatively, you may rotate them 180 deg although some brands will need grinding on one side to fit this way.

You might have to do this to get the top studs come through.
slot1.jpgPost click for topic

They also need a rose joint spacer between bearing and tophat to allow spherical bearing in tophat to allow movement!

The strut rod may not go through the top hat far enough to get the nut on. So use a shanked nut (as come with aftermarket kits).
9599.jpgAlbum 9599
This shanked nut also fits the large hole, and centers the small strut rod.

POST discussion

If using non-stock strut inserts such as the VW Golf inserts, the strut rod is a different diameter. In this case you may need a different shank nut, or a different pillow joint spacer.

POST discussion
10076_4fc89e282263e.jpg 10076_4fc89e34bfccd.jpg 10076_4fc89ed7a03bb.jpg

Adjustable strut tops are often available on eBay, or some buy them from TRD. Most Datsun/Nissan use the same bolt circle, but some use larger diameter bolts or larger strut shaft diameter (modify as necessary):

* eBay
* Cusco
* as part of a Coilover Kit

8482.jpgAlbum 8482 12114.jpgAlbum 12114

20792.jpgAlbum 20792

17408.jpgAlbum 17408

12883.jpgAlbum 12883 12882.jpgAlbum 12882


Lowering tops
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19833.jpgAlbum 19833 19834.jpgAlbum 19834

20263.jpgAlbum 20263 19832.jpgAlbum 19832

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