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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Suction Pipe

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Cooling System

Water Pump Suction Pipe connects to the front the engine block, and is the inlet for the the cooling system.



7891.jpgAlbum 7891

B110 A12 uses plain straight pipe

The pipe can be shortened for a cleaner look:
3503.jpgAlbum 3503 2874.jpgAlbum 2874 24830.jpgAlbum 24830 19820.jpgAlbum 19820

Removal & Installation

The suction pipe is a press fit into the block. Put vice-grips on it and tap the vice-grips until the pipe comes out.

Tap the new pipe into place. It is a taper fit, and needs no sealant.

Remove the suction pipe in exactly the same manner as the breather pipe:
23561.jpgAlbum 23561

Part Numbers

Regular 1200 uses a straight pipe.
15004.jpgAlbum 15004 6119.jpgAlbum 6119 13804.jpgAlbum 13804 17129.jpgAlbum 17129 24519.jpgAlbum 24519

21045-H2300 PIPE-suction, water pump GX [small outlet straight up]

The GX inlet pipe at front of block has an additional hose fitting for the manifold coolant hose.
19179.jpgAlbum 19179 25556.jpgAlbum 25556

21045-18000 B120 
21045-M0100 B120 7510-7907 [one small fitting, curved]
21045-M3000 B120 7908-8910 
21045-G5105 B120 8910- [two small fittings, inner diagonal]

Regular B210 uses a pipe with one small hose connection.
B210_suction_pipes.jpg E10_suction_pipes.jpg

21045-M0100 A12S,A14S [one small fitting, curved]
21045-M0800 A12T B210 [two small fittings, one straight up]
21045-H8400 A14T B210 [two small fittings, both curved]

A12T suction pipe
20648.jpgAlbum 20648 11267.jpgAlbum 11267 14429.jpgAlbum 14429 24551.jpgAlbum 24551 19281.jpgAlbum 19281

Left: 21045-H8400. Right: 21045-M0100

21045-H8400 B310 A12S.S,K,A14-V A13,A15 S,K.A14,K.A12S
21045-H8410 B310 A14S.S,K+AT A15S S,K.A14S
21045-M0100 B310 Van <> 21045-M0110
21045-H8400 A10 A14S.S,K
21045-H8410 A10 A14S.S,K
21045-M0100 A10 A14S.V A14S-7803
21045-M0110 A10 A14S.V

B210 standard pipe
12194.jpgAlbum 12194 18665.jpgAlbum 18665 18237.jpgAlbum 18237 1870.jpgAlbum 1870 16679.jpgAlbum 16679 13706.jpgAlbum 13706

6109.jpgAlbum 6109

2546.jpgAlbum 2546

Vanette C120

21045-G2501 C120 A12 A14.(V,T) [single small connector]
21045-G2800 C120 A15 A14.K [twin upper curved connectors]
21045-H8400 C120 A15 [two small fittings, both curved]
21045-G5105 C22/TC22 A12+A15 [Twin upper connectors]
21045-G5105 GC22 A15

Twin upper connectors
17776.jpgAlbum 17776

Vanette A15

M22 block
24817.jpgAlbum 24817

Curved suction pipe


B110 A12GX Engine

26361.jpgAlbum 26361

26362.jpgAlbum 26362

26360.jpgAlbum 26360


* one small heater hose fitting, curved
* for use with Heat Riser manifolds
* B120 7510-7907
* B210 A12S,A14S
* B310 Van
* A10 A14S.V A14S-7803

water-pipe-suction001.jpg water-pipe-suction002.jpg water-pipe-suction004.jpg water-pipe-suction004.jpg water-pipe-suction006.jpg


Two small fittings, inner one diagonally placed from intake manifold, outer one is the heater return.

B120 Sunny Truck 8910-
C22 A12+A15


21287.jpgAlbum 21287

21288.jpgAlbum 21288 

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