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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Sunny Cab

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Nissan Vehicles | Datsun Sunny RWD

Sunny Cab was the name of the original "one-box" minivan -- the 1969 Sunny Cab C20. It was derived from the Datsun Sunny B10, sharing the A10 engine, transverse leaf spring front suspension and rear-wheel drive. Since it was a cab-over body style, it was named the Cab. It was a car-based counterpart to the more commercially-oriented Datsun Cablight/Cabstar vehicles. The C20 Sunny Cab was succeeded by the C120 Vanette.




 C20  Truck
 C20H Truck Flatbed (平床式)
VC20  Light Van
VC20V Route Van (panel van)
KC20  Coach

27182.jpgAlbum 27182

27183.jpgAlbum 27183


Sunny Cab flyer c1974 C110, PB110, KPB110, VB210, B120 (width 25.5cm)

サニーキャブ新登場!! Sunny Cab New Appearance!!

28964.jpgAlbum 28964
ニッサン サニー キャブ Nissan Sunny Cab
1000cc 56ps

Sunny Cab

G0300 (1969)
Sunny Cab with N I S S A N badging

Cherry Cab

early Cherry Cab
C20 Nissan Cherry Cab チェリーキャブ (Coach version)
Late Cherry Cab (Truck version) @ Wikipedia Japan
400px-Nissan_Cherry_Cab_Truck.jpgWIKI click for photo


  • 600kg load capacity truck
  • 500kg load capacity van
  • 8 seater coach (wagon, or minivan)

Badge-engineered versions:

  • ニッサン チェリー キャブ (Nissan Cherry Cab)
  • ダットサン・サニーキャブ (Datsun Sunny Cab)

Cherry Cab van @ Gazoo

Cherry Cab truck @ Wikipedia Japan
400px-Nissan_Cherry_Cab_Truck.jpgWIKI click for photo

1975 Sunny Cab truck
174_564ecc33d9549.jpgPost 473860 174_564fda5121e8a.jpgPost 473881

1975 brochure Sunny Cab
Sunny Commercial Car Series brochure 
* Light Van (2-place window van)
* Coach (4-place window van)
* Sunny Cab truck -- tray has fold-down sides

174_5cc955b0dffce.jpgPost 491296 174_5cc955dc08ea7.jpgPost 491296 174_5cc95691365ea.jpgPost 491296

A12 engine
174_564fda6ae5fdf.jpgUpload click to view

1200 gauge cluster
174_564fda30ba43e.jpgUpload click to view 174_564fda3c9aad9.jpgUpload click to view 174_564fda4953503.jpgUpload click to view


  • 1969 August C20 Sunny Cab debuted at Sunny Shop dealers
  • 1970 September C20 Cherry Cab debuted at Cherry Shop dealers
  • 1971 July Aichi Machine production
  • 1971 September Luxury coach added, some improvements to the flatbed truck
  • 1975 January C20Y type badge engineering. A12 engine change.
  • 1975 December truck, van meet 1975 emission regulations
  • 1977 January exhaust emission regulations coach (B-KPC21)
  • 1977 September minor change

1975 1000

S50 with A10 engine
9030365A30150803W00101.jpg 9030365A30150803W00102.jpg 9030365A30150803W00103.jpg 9030365A30150803W00104.jpg 9030365A30150803W00105.jpg 9030365A30150803W00106.jpg 9030365A30150803W00107.jpg 9030365A30150803W00108.jpg 9030365A30150803W00109.jpg 9030365A30150803W00110.jpg 9030365A30150803W00111.jpg 9030365A30150803W00112.jpg 9030365A30150803W00113.jpg 9030365A30150803W00114.jpg 9030365A30150803W00115.jpg 9030365A30150803W00116.jpg 9030365A30150803W00118.jpg 

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