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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

The Coupe of Coupes

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Documentation | Datsun B210

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27620.jpg#1973 27621.jpg#1975

#1973.05 The Coupe of Coupes (bright GREEN)
#1975.07 The Coupe of Coupes (bluish GREEN)



Title: The Coupe of Coupes [Green cover with plexiglas letters]
1973.5 B210 1200 coupe KB210
Format:16 page booklet Size:30cm x 25.5cm Publication Number:3051T

27620.jpg#1 174_5cb123fc85edc.jpg#2-3 1200 174_5cb124220c731.jpg#4-5 174_5cb1242ce6a4f.jpg#6-7 27625.jpg#8-9 174_5cb1246cabc26.jpg#10-11 27626.jpg#12-13 174_5cb124977b0f2.jpg#14-15 1400 27623.jpg#16

page 1 Cover

クーペといえはサニーです。 The coupe is sunny.
The Coupe of Coupes
27620.jpgAlbum 27620 174_5cb123d0e2043.jpgPost click for topic

page 2-3 1200 Coupe

174_5cb123fc85edc.jpgPost 491164

page 4-5 Coupes

174_5cb124220c731.jpgPost 491164 174_5cb1384b56735.jpgPost 491167

page 6-7 GX

174_5cb1242ce6a4f.jpgPost 491164

page 8-9 Seating

174_5cb12461119d8.jpgPost 491164

page 10-11 Mechanism

27712.jpgAlbum 27712 174_5cb1246cabc26.jpgPost click for topic

page 12-13 1200 Grades

27626.jpgAlbum 27626 174_5cb12489424f4.jpgPost click for topic

page 14-15 Excellent 1400

Excellent 1400 Coupe (showing pic of "For People Who Know" brochure)
174_5cb124977b0f2.jpgPost 491164

page 16 Back Cover

rear cover without Sales stamp, Showing trunk opening and other features
174_5cb1385dd35a8.jpgPost 491167 174_5cb124be67e7c.jpgPost click for topic

Variation Back Covers 3102T & 4104T shows integrated aircon instead of trunk opening
174_5cb125d8cec4e.jpgPost 491164

3102T Back Cover: two aircon photos
27622.jpgAlbum 27622

4104T Back Cover: two aircon photos
27623.jpgAlbum 27623


1975 July update adds new colors + clarifying 1200/1400 data

Title: The Coupe of Coupes [Blue-Green cover with plexiglas letters]
1975.7 B210 1200/1400 coupe KPB210
Format:16 page booklet Size:30cm x 25.5cm Publication Number:5071T

page 1 Cover

Cover changes:

  • bluish-green cloth-pattern
  • Top photo added of man standing by coupe's roof overlooking seaside village
  • Small photo changed from KB210 profile to KPB210 taillights
  • "1400" appears on cover

DATSUN Sunny 1200/1400 COUPE
27621.jpgAlbum 27621 174_5cb131c553af2.jpgPost click for topic

early side-view WHITE coupe | late side-view GREEN coupe + "1200"
174_5cb124220c731.jpgPost 491164 174_5cb131cf6c59a.jpgPost click for topic

page 8-9 Seating

Seating: left-facing man changed to right-facing. "1200" added
27625.jpgAlbum 27625

page 12-13 1200 Grades

with additional colors
27627.jpgAlbum 27627

original: white   green  blue
          GX      GL     DX
          no auto        no auto
          no 4spd
3102T:    white   red    yellow
          GX      GL     DX
          auto           auto
          -- +yellow ----------
          -- +brown ---
          -- +dark blue -------

page 16 Back Cover

Back Cover 5071T has no photos
27624.jpgAlbum 27624 

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