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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Models and Features

Datsun 1200 came in two wagon forms: the 2-dr wagon and the 4-dr wagon. In some literature these were called 3-dr and 5-dr. In Japan both 2-dr and 4-dr wagons are called バン (van), hence the V- prefix in VB110.

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   B110  4-door sedan
   B110R (2-door sedan)
  KB110  (2-door coupe fastback)
  VB110  (van/wagon)
   B120  (truck/pickup aka ute or bakkie)



8621.jpgAlbum 8621 13932.jpgAlbum 13932

Van = Wagon. The body code is VB110 (V for Van)
23461.jpgAlbum 23461

'Van' is used in Japan, while US and Australia commonly say wagon. UK says Estate. Danish say Stationcar. Whatever you call it, it's the most versatile of the Datsun 1200 range.

5 door wagon brochure (Australia)

25026.jpgAlbum 25026 11852.jpgAlbum 11852

Wagon features:
* rear hanging straps
* rail inside rear window
* rear side glass "kick-up" from door glass
* straight Bumper with no light and no notch

wagon-rear.jpg wagon_front.jpg

Reportedly there was also a Datsun 1200 utility van (a wagon with no rear side windows aka "Sedan delivery", "delivery van" or "panel van"), but pictures of such have never appeared. There was however a B210 panel van:
More utilitarian two-door wagons were known as "sedan delivery" cars, often with solid panels where the rear side windows would be.

wikipedia:Sedan delivery

Commercial bodies seem to suffer from being knocked around more than passenger models, so finding a very good condition wagon is a bit more challenging than for a coupe or sedan.

6548.jpgAlbum 6548


VS Van Standard
VP Van Deluxe
VD Van Super-Deluxe
1970-1971 Square gauges
1972      Round gauges
1972      2-dr Van 
JDM - all 1972 features except bonnet
* Facelift grille
* non-facelift bonnet
* facelift gauges

2-door Wagon

aka 3-door wagon. These seem to have been sold mostly in Japan and New Zealand. The Japan-market version is a 2-place (2 passenger) vehicle -- it has no rear seat -- and has a higher load rating than the 4-place van. It's not shown in the 1971 JDM parts catalog (it is in the 1972 catalog).

174_5b982842338d7.pngPost 489430

V = van (wagon)
 B110 = Datsun Sunny 2nd generation
     P = Van Deluxe
      T = 4-speed transmission (3-spd base)
       R = 2-door
     D = Van Super-Deluxe (not available with 2-dr)
Load Capacity
2V 400kg
4V 200kg

p1.jpg 753.jpgAlbum 753

with Connell Nissan license plate frame
15239_51234335dd2f1.jpgPost 430546

Japan Van brochures
151.jpgAlbum 151 v2.jpg

Export 2-door wagon
5002.jpegAlbum 5002

New Zealand 2-door wagon
4910.jpgAlbum 4910 4911.jpgAlbum 4911 5090.jpgAlbum 5090 3741280650_8a4a4ff1b2_n.jpg 5351.jpgAlbum 5351

420.jpgAlbum 420 421.jpgAlbum 421 422.jpgAlbum 422 423.jpgAlbum 423 424.jpgAlbum 424

2456.jpgAlbum 2456 24632.jpgAlbum 24632 24633.jpgAlbum 24633

Stock bonnet & grille for 1972 JDM
8975.jpgAlbum 8975

Yuji van discussion: POST VIDEO: Yuji's VB110R 2-door van
27055.jpgAlbum 27055

cheater_5 New Zealand wagon has a rear seat
8456.jpgAlbum 8456 6989.jpgAlbum 6989 7243.jpgAlbum 7243 7242.jpgAlbum 7242

4-door Wagon

aka 5-door wagon


17629.jpgAlbum 17629 26215.jpgAlbum 26215 18988.jpgAlbum 18988 9964.jpgAlbum 9964 4124.jpgAlbum 4124 19867.jpgAlbum 19867

4489_49e6c3af7ec91.jpgPost 251069 4489_49e6ef4cca9d9.jpgPost 251089 4489_4a10ba4a65208.jpgPost 254824

body alignment specs
3226.jpgAlbum 3226 4671.jpgAlbum 4671

Wally's Wagon: A Supercharged Super Car

2089.jpgAlbum 2089 2271.jpgAlbum 2271 1838.jpgAlbum 1838 1379.jpgAlbum 1379 2606.jpgAlbum 2606 2867.jpgAlbum 2867 2998.jpgAlbum 2998 3072.jpgAlbum 3072

3061.jpgAlbum 3061 3062.jpgAlbum 3062 3063.jpgAlbum 3063

3369.jpgAlbum 3369 3370.jpgAlbum 3370 3371.jpgAlbum 3371 3372.jpgAlbum 3372

4124.jpgAlbum 4124 4144.jpgAlbum 4144 4572.jpgAlbum 4572 327.jpgAlbum 327

7591.jpgAlbum 7591 7592.jpgAlbum 7592 7593.jpgAlbum 7593 7594.jpgAlbum 7594 7595.jpgAlbum 7595 7596.jpgAlbum 7596


5880.jpgAlbum 5880 7842.jpgAlbum 7842 7843.jpgAlbum 7843 7844.jpgAlbum 7844 7845.jpgAlbum 7845

Trav Wag

TRX Wheels
14788.jpgAlbum 14788 14787.jpgAlbum 14787 14786.jpgAlbum 14786 14785.jpgAlbum 14785

Racing Wagons

FJ-powered wagon 'YFJ20T'

Michael Silk's tuff draggin' wagon - See User:Sticks#Wagon
4806.jpgAlbum 4806 3805.jpgAlbum 3805

GX Wagon

Wagons never came in GX trim, but look good dressed out with GX-5 features
118.jpgAlbum 118 1200wgx.jpg


Now powered by L20B engine
14151.jpgAlbum 14151

with 14x6 Bathurst rims
12769.jpgAlbum 12769 14153.jpgAlbum 14153 14152.jpgAlbum 14152


1972 Facelift wagon used the updated grille but the old bonnet, as this 1972 Super-Deluxe van shows
25997.jpgAlbum 25997 w1.jpg

1972 Van Brochures
151.jpgAlbum 151 22526.jpgAlbum 22526 22525.jpgAlbum 22525

v1.jpg v2.jpg v3.jpg

Style Exercises

6342.jpgAlbum click to view 8686.jpgAlbum click to view

The 1200 wagon has an ungainly sweep up on the rear side window. What would it look like without this?
2990.jpgAlbum 2990

Also See

* the "Classic Datsun Website"
* Instruction Manual

12658_4afe351aacb1a.jpgPost 290591 

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