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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body

The front window is a known as a windshield or windscreen.



  • Sedan, truck and van use same front window
  • 2-dr notchback uses the sedan window
  • 2-dr fastback uses a shorter window

Safety glass doesn't completely break when shattered
15660.jpgAlbum 15660

  • Laminated safety glass: shards stick to plastic center layer
  • Toughened safety glass: shatters into small pieces


  • Sedan/Truck/Van windshields differ from Coupe windshield
  • Sedan & Van are the same by part number (per Nissan catalog)
  • Coupe differs from all others (20.5 inches ~52.1 cm top to bottom)
  • Truck reportedly same as sedan (53cm top to bottom)

Trix fitted a B140 windscreen to his 1200 coupe, he used filler to make up the gaps:
15662.jpgAlbum 15662 15663.jpgAlbum 15663

Jeff fitted [coupe?] glass to his ute after sanding the corners down:
24354.jpgAlbum 24354

And spacing the glass to fill the gap
24353.jpgAlbum 24353

Works as a temporary
24355.jpgAlbum 24355

Removal and Installation

See Main Article: Windshield Replacement

Part Numbers


  • 72613-H1902, 72613-H1901 GLASS-WINDSHIELD PL (clear) T=6.6 2-dr SEDAN USA
  • 72613-H1903, 72613-H1900 GLASS-WINDSHIELD PLT (tinted) T=6.6 OP 2-dr SEDAN USA
  • 72613-H1003 GLASS-windshield from '70 Aug S-Std JDM replaces 72613-H1002
  • 72613-H1103 GLASS-windshield from '70 Aug S-DX, S-GL, 4GX JDM replaces 72613-H1102
  • 76210-H1001 WEATHERSTRIP-windshield from '70 Aug Sedan, Van replaces 76210-H1000


  • 72613-H1910,72613-H1913 GLASS-WINDSHIELD (tinted) T=6.6 Coupe USA
  • 72613-H1802 GLASS-windshield Coupe from '70 Aug JDM replaces 72613-H1801
  • 76210-H1801 WEATHERSTRIP-windshield from '70 Aug Coupe replaces 76210-H1800


  • 72613-H1002 GLASS-windshield, front ALL (exc. B-T,GB-T) -7509
  • 72613-H1102 GLASS-windshield, front B-T,GB-T -7509
  • 72613-H1102 GLASS-WINDSHIELD all 7510-8611
  • 72613-G1900 GLASS-WINDSHIELD all 8611-


  • 72613-H1003 GLASS-windshield, front from '70 Aug V-Std replaces 72613-H1002 VS, VP
  • 72613-H1103 GLASS-windshield, front from '70 Aug V-Dx, V-P replaces 72613-H1102
  • 76210-H1001 WEATHERSTRIP-windshield Sedan, Van

2-dr Sedan & Pickup

  • 80238-H1001 BRACKET-PIVOT TOP LOW $10.50 USD
    • 80234-H1000 WASHER-BRACKET PIVOT $5.83 USD
    • 80284-H1000 WASHER-RUBBER A $0.62 USD
    • 80285-H1000 WASHER-RUBBER B $0.62 USD
    • 08330-41020 SCREW-MACHINE M4 $0.80 USD

Rubber Seals


1200 front windscreen seals come in three types:

  1. Sedan/Van/Truck.early
  2. Truck.late (accepts different chrome trim)
  3. Coupe (is shorter height than sedan/van/truck)
72610-H1800/72610-H1801 WEATHERSTRIP-WINDSHIELD Coupe $107 USD

Moulding Trim Sedan & Van

Chrome trim was used for S-DX, S-GL, 4-GX, Van-Dx. However, STD used plain rubber with no chrome pieces (ditto for Semi-DX van).

Early style: single upper piece
* 72810-H1100 SET-MOULDING, windshield
  * 72812-H1100 MOULDING-windshield, upper
  * 72814-H1100 MOULDING-windshield, side (R.H.)
  * 72815-H1100 MOULDING-windshield, side (L.H.)
  * 72813-H1100 MOULDING-windshield, lower
From '70 June: tree-piece upper
The SET replaces the earlier SET, but not vice-versa
* 72810-H1101 SET-MOULDING, windshield S-DX, S-GL, 4-GX, V-DX, V-P
  * 72811-H1101 MOULDING-windshield, upper (R.H.)
  * 72812-H1101 MOULDING-windshield, upper (L.H.)
  * 72814-13600 CLIP-moulding
  * 72814-H1101 MOULDING-windshield, side (R.H.)
  * 72815-H1101 MOULDING-windshield, side (L.H.)
  * 72813-H1100 MOULDING-windshield, lower
7437.jpgAlbum 7437

Moulding Trim Coupe

174_57932ae16b3ff.jpgPost 480061

Early style: single upper piece
* 72810-H1800 SET-MOULDING, windshield
  * 72812-H1800 MOULDING-windshield, upper
  * 72814-H1800 MOULDING-windshield, side (R.H.)
  * 72815-H1800 MOULDING-windshield, side (L.H.)
  * 72813-H1800 MOULDING-windshield, lower
15660.jpgAlbum 15660
From '70 June: three-piece upper
The SET replaces the earlier SET, but not vice-versa
* 72810-H1801 SET-MOULDING, windshield S-DX, S-GL, 4-GX
  * 72811-H1801 MOULDING-windshield, upper (R.H.)
  * 72812-H1801 MOULDING-windshield, upper (L.H.)
  * 72814-13600 CLIP-moulding
  * 72814-H1801 MOULDING-windshield, side (R.H.)
  * 72815-H1801 MOULDING-windshield, side (L.H.)
  * 72813-H1800 MOULDING-windshield, lower
17475.jpgAlbum 17475

Moulding Trim Truck

  1. Truck STD - no chrome before 1975 October
  2. Truck DX - chrome trim

Early truck DX used the sedan trim.

74-up Truck uses 8-piece molding set. Has L-shaped pieces in the corners.

  B120 7510- ALL
  B120 -7509 DX
  * 72812-G1000 MOULDING-windshield, upper
  * 72813-G1000 MOULDING-windshield, lower
  * 72814-G1000 MOULDING-windshield, side (R.H.)
  * 72815-G1000 MOULDING-windshield, side (L.H.)
  * 72816-G1000 CORNER-windshield, upper (R.H.)
  * 72817-G1000 CORNER-windshield, upper (L.H.)
  * 72818-G1000 CORNER-windshield, lower (R.H.)
  * 72819-G1000 CORNER-windshield, lower (L.H.)

13022_4da1c5bb985b4.jpgUpload click to view 3198.jpgAlbum 3198 

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