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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

B10 Badges

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Datsun B10


Japan Market

Although marketed and sold as a "Datsun", the 1000 did not come with any "Datsun" badges or emblems (for more details, see Datsun B10#Name).


Japan model sedan badges with Coupe round badge
6595_4cdf672dd169d.jpgUpload click to view

Deluxe Sedan badges with Coupe grille badge
174_5e2766cd7a045.jpgPost 493571

b10deluxe.jpg b10_badges.jpg b10_badges_.jpg

Front & Front Side badges

174_6114fdc358572.pngPost 495731

radiator grille #'S' ornament 1967
radiator grille #'S' ornament 1968-1970
fender/wing #'Sunny' badge
fender/wing #'Deluxe' badge
  • Sedan, light Van (wagon) and Truck (ute) all use the same front badges
  • Coupe badges differ
  • The grille badge changed from 1967 (vertical badge) to 1968-1970 (horizontal shield-shaped badge)

Rear Badges

28534.pngAlbum 28534

Transmission Badge

Model & Trim

Sedan & Van

  • #63843-18225 EMBLEM-"deLuxe", front fender Deluxe [also Coupe]

Truck Only

  • 96906-15401 LABEL-car name "Sunny"
  • #84235-18225 MARK-"deLuxe" Truck Deluxe [also Sedan, Van]

Coupe Only

KB10 came out in mid-1968, there was no 1967 coupe.

Export Models

Export Datsun 1000s, being sold by Datsun dealers instead of Sunny Shops, were badged "Datsun" instead of Sunny. However they still used the "S" emblems.


  • The SunnyCoupe badge does not appear to have been used on many export coupes, if any.
  • Exports coupes used 'DATSUN' instead of 'Sunny' badges

Rear Badge - Export coupes used the 'S' emblem, like this Australia coupe
22698.jpgAlbum 22698 18317.jpgAlbum 18317
Rear 'Sports' badge -- was it stock?

4585a.jpgAlbum click to view 4585.jpgAlbum click to view

  • BADGE-"D", radiator grille
    9465.jpgAlbum click to view 12313.jpgAlbum click to view 1263.jpgAlbum click to view
  • Different color badges?
    3418.jpgAlbum click to view
  • MARK-"DATSUN 1000"
    3541.jpgAlbum click to view 5833.jpgAlbum click to view 12807.jpgAlbum click to view
  • MARK-"DATSUN", front fender
    5834.jpgAlbum click to view 12313.jpgAlbum click to view 13237.jpgAlbum click to view
  • 84823-18200 Coupe Rear 'deLuxe'
    9724.jpgAlbum 9724
  • #63843-18225 EMBLEM-"deLuxe", front fender Deluxe [Same as sedan, coat-of-arms style]
    9998_4c89f162273ac.jpgUpload click to view
  • #62311-25725 'S' flag badge, radiator grille

Sedan/Van 'DATSUN 1000'
174_56c8f50cda87b.jpgUpload click to view 5833.jpgAlbum 5833

12807.jpgAlbum 12807 174_56c8f51da068a.jpgUpload click to view

Grille Badges

'D' Early Grille Badge

62311-18025 SET-EMBLEM, radiator grille

A narrow, vertically-oriented 'D' badge was used on early models -- both JDM and Export models.

  • sedan 1966-1967
  • light van (wagon) 1966-1967
  • 1968 Sunny Truck (B20) with aluminum 2-section grille
  • 1968 Australia Ute (which used the 1967 sedan grille)

Sedan/Van with the early aluminum-type 4-section grille
174_61150e80cb561.jpgPost click for topic 27295.jpgAlbum 27295


400px-1966_Datsun_Sunny_01.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

There are M4 nuts & washers fixing the emblem to the grille

quantity: 2 each
89-15434-1 WASHER-plain standard, M4
89-15134-1 WASHER-lock, M4
89-11104-1 NUT, low carbon steel (low grade strength/JIS 4T) M4 thread

174_611504c3008f9.jpgPost 495713 7266.jpgAlbum 7266


'S' Late Grille Badge

62311-27725 KIT-ORNAMENT, radiator grille 'S'
Sedan/Van 1968-1969
Truck 1968-1970

7076.jpgAlbum 7076 174_5c0a39be48c17.jpgPost 495722

about 11cm wide
174_611c313971457.jpgPost 495731 174_611c31b815883.jpgPost 495731 174_611c31c576bfb.jpgPost 495731 174_611c31d966b55.jpgPost 495731 174_611c3266586bb.jpgPost 495731 174_611c3266586bb.jpgPost 495731 174_611c3369070c0.jpgPost 495731 174_611c33757d5b9.jpgPost 495731

Fitted to B110 sedan
1231.jpgAlbum 1231

Flag Grille Badge

Radiator grille emblem ('S' flag badge in Datsun colors) — left side

62311-25725 KIT-ORNAMENT, radiator grille COUPE, SEDAN GL

174_5d37d9a0da06c.jpgPost 491962 174_5d37d9bc070f6.jpgPost 491962

174_5d00319f231f8.jpgbrochure 174_5d37d993ef2fe.jpgPost 491962

Export Coupe
s-COUPE.jpg 6644.jpgAlbum 6644

Grille badge

Option Badges

KB10 Sports Options

Car Badges (Sunny motorsport mark)
6579.jpg 174_613532187506f.jpg

Safari Badge

Sunny * The 17th East African Safari Rally [1969]
174_611c206e9e17c.jpgPost 495729

Studs: M5 x 40mm
Bolt pattern: 2 on 36mm PCD

174_611c207dcdf8a.jpgPost click for topic 174_611c208915846.jpgPost click for topic


63843-18225 EMBLEM-"deLuxe", front fender Deluxe [Same as sedan, coat-of-arms style]
9998_4c89f162273ac.jpgUpload click to view 174_5e276923d0144.jpgPost click for topic

Sedan | Coupe
6635.jpgAlbum 6635 7781.jpgAlbum 7781

9986.jpgAlbum 9986 6643.jpgAlbum 6643 7073.jpgAlbum 7073

COUPE: 'deLuxe' and 'Sunny Coupe' front fender badges
2013ityou0461.jpg 28554.jpgAlbum 28554


63841-18025 EMBLEM-"Sunny", front fender
21314.jpgAlbum 21314 21313.jpgAlbum 21313 174_5e276954c3f1d.jpgPost 70243

4248.jpgAlbum 4248 8739.jpgAlbum 8739


63841-25700 BADGE-"Sunny coupe", front fender (red, white & blue Datsun Colors)
6985.jpgAlbum 6985 7781.jpgAlbum 7781 9116.jpgAlbum 9116

Coupe deLuxe
28554.jpgAlbum 28554


76831-H0225 KIT-ORNAMENT, rear quarter pillar (from C/# B10-350001) (2) 4-door Deluxe
76831-H0225 'S' ornament [round]
* with smooth edge
* with fluted interior ring
compare to #84812-25725
* with reeded edge
* with 3-section interior ring
2090.jpgAlbum 2090

1969 4-door sedan Deluxe rear quarter pillar ornament
174_6137d99e01b7e.jpgPost 495819

174_613bdc3ad84e0.jpgPost 495830 174_613bdc1bb288e.jpgPost 495830 174_613bdc4632821.jpgPost 495830 174_613bdc5736f07.jpgPost 495830

174_613bdc67010a3.jpgPost 495830 174_613bdc7741980.jpgPost 495830


84812-25725 KIT-ORNAMENT, trunk lid Coupe [Round]
* with reeded edge
* with 3-section interior ring
2090.jpgAlbum 2090
Compare to #76831-H0225 Sedan Pillar 'S' ornament [round]
* with smooth edge
* with fluted interior ring
174_613bdc67010a3.jpgPost 495830

2090.jpgAlbum 2090 6575.jpgAlbum 6575

4993.jpgAlbum click to view

20120607095211b09.jpg 20120607095212101.jpg


84821-18025 EMBLEM-"Sunny 1000" [boot, right side]
84821-18025.jpg 84821-18025_.jpg 84821-18025-.jpg

9987.jpgAlbum 9987

15080.jpgAlbum 15080 16503.jpgAlbum 16503


84823-18225 MARK-"deLuxe" [sedan boot, right side]

4238.jpgAlbum 4238 9998_4c89f1748c25f.jpgUpload click to view

coupe or sedan?
174_5e27693fcf1f5.jpgPost 70243


84823-18200 MARK-"deLuxe" [coupe boot, right side]

25906.jpgAlbum 25906 4322.jpgAlbum 4322 9724.jpgAlbum 9724


84823-H0125 SET-MARK "GL"
* Coupe GL
* Sedan GL

27968.jpgAlbum 27968 B1016ppcover.jpgKB10 brochure


84824-27725 KIT-MARK-"SPORTS" Sedan 4-speed
* Sedan boot lid, left side
* 3-speed models carried no badge
COMPARE to Datsun 1200 'Sports' badge
20865.jpgAlbum 20865

21315.jpgAlbum 21315 174_5d0c810c54f69.jpgPost 491752 4237.jpgAlbum 4237


MARK 'NISSAN Full Automatic'
27850.jpgAlbum 27850

Sedan | Coupe
21974.jpgAlbum 21974 27851.jpgAlbum 27851

27851.jpgAlbum 27851 

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