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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Big Valves

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Valvetrain

Stock valves for A12 engine are 35 mm intake, 29 mm exhaust. You can fit the A14-size 37mm inlet/30mm exhaust. And valves up to 42mm have been fitted for ultra high-RPM use.



The stock A12 valves (35/29) are good for small-bore (1200cc) use below for up to 6000 RPM. For larger bore engines -- or higher RPM -- the 37/30 valves from an A14 are better.

For racing at high RPMs, more power can be made with larger valves, but care must be taken for proper valve flow.

9546_4a6f7b83239a7.jpgPost 266302 9546_4a6f7bde8c31e.jpgPost 266302 9546_4a6f7c3f1cc0e.jpgPost 266302

The 40s may require relief/flow notch in the side of the cylinder wall?

20353.jpgAlbum 20353 20747.jpgAlbum 20747 700.jpgAlbum 700 6691.jpgAlbum 6691 9027.jpgAlbum 9027 12142.jpgAlbum 12142 15324.jpgAlbum 15324 20264.jpgAlbum 20264

POST COUP1200: My A14 makes 140hp & its not EFI or turbo. I have twin 40mm webers, good extractors the head flowes 141hp. All your power gain is in the head big valves extencive amounts of porting good spark ... I dont run roller rockers & have not had a dont need to go to big with the cam mine about 74deg ... Mine makes power to 7500rpm.

feral: COOPS 1200 SEDAN AFTER RUNNING A 2:11 AT PHILLIP ISLAND CIRCUIT ... The car sounded awesome and handled very well. In typical 1200 fashion showed alot of more exotic machinery including a Porsche 924 turbo and a lotus elite a clean pair of tailights :-)
7240.jpgAlbum 7240


Feral used 40mm steel Inlet valves, tuliped and swirl polished, with 35mm Exhausts steel polished.

1501.jpgAlbum 1501 1245.gifAlbum click to view 1498.jpgAlbum 1498 1499.jpgAlbum 1499 1500.jpgAlbum 1500 1502.jpgAlbum 1502

And don't forget to dial in the camshaft timing
3639.jpgAlbum 3639


GX head with 41 mm intake valves & 32 mm exhaust valves
IN41EX32-1.jpg IN41EX32-2.jpg

42mm Valves

42 mm intakes are perhaps the limit for A-series cylinder heads.

20264.jpgAlbum 20264 12142.jpgAlbum 12142

Dual & Triple Valve Springs

Large valves work best at high RPM. When revving over 6000 RPM, dual valve springs are called for. The stock A12GX springs are good for 6600 RPM (and some report higher RPMs).

Tomei Valves

40 mm inlet
33 mm exhaust
7 mm stem (fits stock guides)
thin heads (not cut-down valves)

Tomei valves Fitted to A12 GX head. Tomei valves with 7mm stems. Intake valves 40mm, exhaust valves 33mm. The stems have a thinner design for maximizing air flow rate within the port with the reduced air flow resistance. The cylinders need extra notching at the top of the bore to accommodate these large valves.

23472.jpgAlbum 23472 23473.jpgAlbum 23473 25142.jpgAlbum 25142 25143.jpgAlbum 25143 25144.jpgAlbum 25144 25145.jpgAlbum 25145 25146.jpgAlbum 25146 25147.jpgAlbum 25147 25148.jpgAlbum 25148


"POST this is what you want for an a15 - 42mm inlets and 33mm exhaust valves this head allows 81kw at the wheels"
12143.jpgAlbum 12143 12142.jpgAlbum 12142

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