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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Suspension Modifications

Checking camber is part of Alignment for proper tyre wear or to change handling characteristics.



The stock 1200 suspension is non-adjustable for Camber. If the camber is out-of-specification, the factory recommends replacing parts. A good suspension man can sometimes bend the strut housing to correct for bad camber.

For upgrading to modern camber settings, there is no provision in the stock parts. Fitting custom adjustable parts is needed.

-VE Camber (Negative camber)

1.5 degrees negative camber can work well for racing or spirited driving. Large amounts of -VE are mainly for looks -- for performance you want the tread parallel to the pavement. But since the car leans in corners, having some negative camber keeps the tire tread parallel to the pavement even when leaning.


Datsun 1200 is designed with non-adjustable front suspension, so a simple Wheel alignment will not change the camber angle.

-VE can be achieved in the front suspension with either method:

  • Move the top of the strut. Slot the strut-top mounting points per the Nissan Competition suspension manual
  • Use adjustable Camber Tops

Alternatively, following methods increase the track, which may interfere with wide tyres and/or require flares

  • Move the LCA mounting point in the crossmember
  • Use a lengthened LCA, like the Nissan Competition units
  • use a longer Ball Joint

As always after modifying the front suspension, the Toe-in must be re-adjusted to retain correct wheel alignment.

Move the Strut Top

Slot the strut-top mounting points per the Nissan Competition suspension manual
22690.jpg 22691.jpg

N13/N14 strut tops

Camber Tops

Install Aftermarket adjustable strut tops, which are adustable in the camber direction.

See main article: Camber Tops

adjustable strut tops ... only helps to get a little bit more camber and/or castor. To get [a large amount of] camber, you need to run smaller diameter springs, as well as the adjustable strut tops. With the standard springs, the available adjustment will be restricted inside the strut tower by the large original spring diameter.

Small coilover type springs and adjustable strut tops are good for about 4.5 degree negative camber.

Move the LCA

Redrill or slot the crossmember mounting points for the LCA -- moving it outwards gain negative camber.

8427_4b0f59ceb8ec5.jpgUpload click to view

K-MAC camber kit
22825.jpgAlbum 22825 5387.jpgAlbum 5387

17917.jpgAlbum 17917 17918.jpgAlbum 17918

Lengthened LCA

To increase Track and Camber at the same time, use a longer bottom arm.

8030.jpgAlbum 8030

NOTE: B310/Stanza LCA is same length as 1200/120Y/Ute/B310/A10. All the same length.

retorally added 20mm
21875.jpgAlbum click to view 21876.jpgAlbum click to view 21877.jpgAlbum click to view

BigV added 20mm
14525.jpgAlbum 14525

Longer Ball Joint

Another way to push the bottom of the tyres out is to use a longer Ball Joint. The A10 and some B310 models use a longer ball joint which fixes the bottom of the strut further outboard (more neg. camber).

See main article: W50 Ball Joint


Rear Axle

Negative camber can be achieved with the straight axles by cutting and welding.

This axle has 2.5 degrees negative camber with reportedly no problem over three years of driving.
POST 2.5 degree camber rear axle
174_5493d0b1c8da7.jpgPost 461926

174_5493cff52ab33.jpgPost 461926

174_5493cfd9d2325.jpgPost 461926

174_5493d019f0a75.jpgPost 461926

174_5493d00a67169.jpgPost 461926

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