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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Categories: Fuel System | Hitachi 306 Carburetor

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Factory Nissan 1200 ECU controls the electronic feedback carb via input from O2 sensor. For 1990-1994 Nissan Sunny Truck (R-B122). Factory Nissan 1200 ECU controls the electronic feedback carb via input from O2 sensor. For 1990-1994 Nissan Sunny Truck (R-B122).
-52+ 22604-95W00 Control Unit Assembly, engine
-<br>{{UploadPost|174_65b6d07a70c15.jpg|174_65b6d07a70c15|498227|was=Photo\22604-95W00-1.jpg}}+ &#65402;&#65437;&#65412;&#65435;-&#65433; &#65429;&#65414;&#65410;&#65412; &#65393;&#65410;&#65406;&#65437;&#65420;&#65438;&#65432;-,&#65396;&#65437;&#65404;&#65438;&#65437;
18-pin connector (with 2 missing pins) 18-pin connector (with 2 missing pins)
-<br>{{UploadPost|174_65b6d08e07a70.jpg|174_65b6d07a70c15|498227|was=Photo\22604-95W00-2.jpg}} {{UploadPost|174_65b6d0e5afd12.jpg|174_65b6d07a70c15|498227|was=Photo\22604-95W00-3.jpg}} {{UploadPost|174_65b6d0821eb31.jpg|174_65b6d07a70c15|498227|was=Photo\22604-95W00-4.jpg}} {{UploadPost|174_65b6d0ed791d4.jpg|174_65b6d07a70c15|498227|was=Photo\22604-95W00-5.jpg}}+<br>{{UploadPost|174_65b6d08e07a70.jpg|498227|was=Photo\22604-95W00-2.jpg}}
- &#65402;&#65437;&#65412;&#65435;-&#65433; &#65429;&#65414;&#65410;&#65412; &#65393;&#65410;&#65406;&#65437;&#65420;&#65438;&#65432;-,&#65396;&#65437;&#65404;&#65438;&#65437;+{{UploadPost|174_65b6d0e5afd12.jpg|498227|was=Photo\22604-95W00-3.jpg}}
- Control Unit Assembly, engine+ 
 + 52
22604-95W00 22604-95W00
<4-digit serial number> <4-digit serial number>
[[Hitachi]], Ltd. Tokyo Japan [[Hitachi]], Ltd. Tokyo Japan
= ECU Control = = ECU Control =

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Hitachi DFC306 is an electrically controlled feedback carburetor, used on A12 engine for Sunny Truck beginning October 1989.

For the 1981 carburetor, see DCF306



Feedback carburetor DFC306 is the carburetor on 1989-1994 JDM A12 engines. It requires a special water heated Intake Manifold and #ECU control for the electronic feedback (closed-loop mixture control).

At first glance, it looks like other A-series carburetors with automatic choke (DCH306-series), but it has large electrical connectors

The most obvious feature may be this extended flange, with electric valve on one end, and water-contact area on other end
10188.jpgAlbum 10188 14001-95W00-2.jpg

ID - behind sight-glass

Connector 1

Lower Valve
4431_7_.jpg 4431_4_.jpg

Mixture Control Solenoid (MCS) Valve

Connector 2

Idle Air Control Valve - FICD
Electric Choke


Factory Nissan 1200 ECU controls the electronic feedback carb via input from O2 sensor. For 1990-1994 Nissan Sunny Truck (R-B122).

22604-95W00 Control Unit Assembly, engine
            コントロ-ル ユニツト アツセンブリ-,エンジン

174_65b6d07a70c15.jpgPost 498227

18-pin connector (with 2 missing pins)
174_65b6d08e07a70.jpgPost 498227

174_65b6d0e5afd12.jpgPost 498227

174_65b6d0821eb31.jpgPost 498227

<4-digit serial number>
Hitachi, Ltd. Tokyo Japan

174_65b6d0ed791d4.jpgPost 498227

ECU Control

ECU takes input signals from engine including water temp and O2 sensor and adjust the air/fuel mixture via the carburetor solenoid.


Carburetor electrical connector includes the automatic choke wire and Feedback Solenoid wires


Model: DFC306-26
Air horn entrance (inside diameter - outside diameter) 54-59 mm
Primary nozzle system (primary) secondary side (secondary)
Zenith Stromberg protruding type
Throttle Bore (mm) 26/30
Venturi (mm) 23/27
Venturi in diameter (inner - outer diameter) (mm) - 13-16
Venturi small diameter (inner - outer diameter) (mm) 8-16 7-10
Nozzle diameter (inner diameter - outside diameter) (mm) 2.1-3.0 2.8-4.0
92 main jet size 120 (# engraved)
Diameter 43 80 slow jet (# engraved)
Economizer diameter bleed 95 140 (# engraved)
90 main jet diameter correction (# engraved) -
Slow diameter air bleed correction for 230 (# engraved) -
Main air bleed size 70 60 (# engraved)
155 slow air bleed size 80 (# engraved)
All 閉角 degree throttle valve 9 20 (degrees)
Float chamber fuel pressure (kg/cm2) 0.24
Float level standard (from the top of the float chamber) (mm) 21
Idle port (mm) 1.6
Opening fast idle (dimension G) 1.35 (0.84) (degrees)
Auto choke choke system
Two-stage diaphragm complete explosion
爆開 complete degree automatic choke at low temperatures 
* (dimension R) 25 (1.66) (degrees)
At high temperatures 33 (2.48) (degrees)
Choke set temperature (℃) 16


Water-heated carburetor requires a special manifold.

1989-up Datsun 1200 manifold with extended-length carb flange
7887.jpgAlbum 7887


DFC306-3  16010-11M07 Nissan B11 Sunny E15S.MT-(GL,LT).F5 8410-8412
DFC306-3A 16010-11M08 Nissan B11 Sunny E15S.MT-(GL,LT).F5 8412-
DFC306-4  16010-12M07 Nissan N12 Pulsar E15S.AT 8403-8412, B11 E15S.AT 8410-8412
DFC306-4A 16010-12M08 Nissan N12 Pulsar E15S.AT 8412-8604, B11 E15S.AT 8412-
DFC306-4B 16010-12M09 Nissan N12 Pulsar E15S.AT 8604-
DFC306-5  16010-52A00 B12 Sunny E15S.2WD.MT 8509-8601
DFC306-5A 16010-52A01 B12 Sunny E15S.4WD.MT 8509-8601, E15S.MT 8601-8604
DFC306-5B 16010-52A02 B12 Sunny E15S.MT 8604-8709
DFC306-6  16010-52A10 B12 Sunny E15S.2WD.AT 8509-8601
DFC306-6A 16010-52A11 B12 Sunny E15S.4WD.AT 8509-8601, E15S.AT 8601-8604
DFC306-6B 16010-52A12 B12 Sunny E15S.AT 8604-8709
DFZ306-31 16010-47A05 VB11 AD Van E15S.MT 8805-
DFC306-46 16010-19B00 K10 {{wiki|Nissan Micra)) with Nissan_MA_engine#MA12S (MT.F5)
DFC306-46 16010-19B10 Nissan K10 Micra (K10) MA12S (AT.F3) 
DFC306-54 K10 Nissan Be-1 with MA10S engine AT


K10 Micra carburetor


4431_1.jpg 4431_2.jpg 4431_3.jpg 4431_4.jpg 4431_5.jpg 4431_6.jpg 4431_7.jpg 4431_8.jpg 4431_9.jpg

DFC306-46a.jpg DFC306-46b.jpg DFC306-46c.jpg DFC306-46d.jpg DFC306-46e.jpg DFC306-46f.jpg


C22 Vanette used a similar feedback carburetor, which may be a DFC306 or a DCZ306.

10187.jpgAlbum 10187 10186.jpgAlbum 10186 10188.jpgAlbum 10188

a15_C22-a.jpg a15_c22-b.jpg a15_C22-c.jpg