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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Oil pan

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Category: Engine Lubrication System

See also: Dry Sump

Datsun 1200 uses a tradition wet-sump oil pan, holding about 2.5 quarts of oil. It is a sheet metal part that plays no structural function. It is a front-sump design.


Oil Capacity

Datsun 1200 1971-1973
* Oil pan: 2-7/8 U.S. qts., 2-3/8 Imper. qts. (2.7 L)
* Oil filter: 1-1/8 U.S. pints, 1 Imper. pint. (0.54 L)
* A12/A14/A15 oil pan: 2.8 liter
* A14 mid-sump oil pan: 3.2 liter?

The exact amount depends on the specfic oil filter used. Nissan oil filters come in several different sizes.


* Early A-engine 1966-1973 (A10 & A12) oil pans interchange
* Late A-engine (A12/A12A/A13/A14) use the same oil pan
* B210 North America uses a unique mid-sump pan
* A15 uses a unique oil pan with bulges on the side

Late pans may be used on early engines, but not vice-versa due to a slight change in the pan rail shape.


Main: Dipstick

Drain Plug

Thread Size: M16.4 x 1.33
Under-Head Length: 12.00mm
Head Size: 21mm
Head Style: Flanged Hex
11128-69200 PLUG-DRAIN $3.57 USD
* Beck/Arnly 016-0058
* Dorman 90039
* 090039, 0900391, 1112869200, 11128U8000, 365235, 65235
* Datsun Roadster 1600 R16 engine
* Datsun Roadster 2000 U20 engine
* L-series/Z-series/CA18ET/SD25 engine
* 1986-1989 Nissan D21 KA24 engine

Splash Shield

The splash pan seals the underneath of the chassis at the front of the car.


Part Numbers

See Block & Pan Part Numbers
11110-H1001 ASSY-PAN OIL 1 A12 - NLA 
11119-61000 SEAT-DRAIN PLUG 1 A12 - $1.67 
11128-69200 PLUG-DRAIN 1 A12 - $3.57 
11026-61000 GASKET-DRAIN PLUG 1 A12 - $1.60 
11130-18002 SEAL-OIL OIL PAN FRONT 1 A12 - $1.29 
11131-18002 SEAL-OIL OIL PAN REAR 1 A12 - NLA 
11132-18001 GASKET-OIL PAN RH 1 A12 - $4.42 
11133-18001 GASKET-OIL PAN LH 1 A12 - $4.08 
08110-61410 BOLT M6 FIXING OIL PAN 1 12 A12 - $0.32 
11025-18000 STUD-LOCATING OIL PAN GASKET 4 A12 - $0.58 
08915-13610 WASHER-LOCK FIXING OIL PAN 1 16 A12 - $0.72 
08911-1062A NUT M6 FIXING OIL PAN 4 A12 08911-10610 $0.10 
11140-H1002 GAUGE-OIL LEVEL $7.82


NISSAN gaskets are in 4 pieces:
* 11130-18002 SEAL-OIL OIL PAN FRONT B110 - $1.29 
* 11131-18002 SEAL-OIL OIL PAN REAR B110 - NLA 
* 11132-18001 GASKET-OIL PAN RH B110 - $4.42 replaced by 11132-H1000
* 11133-18001 GASKET-OIL PAN LH B110 - $4.08 replaced by 11133-H1000
Later they went to a SET:
* 11132-H5025 GASKET SET-OIL PAN 
  B210/B310/B120 A12,A12A,A13,A14,A15 1973 to 1994
  * 11130-18002 front
  * 11131-18002 rear
  * 11132-H5000 right 
  * 11133-H1000 left <> 11133-18001 (change 0674)
Beck/Arnley 0340380 1971-1982 A-series engines A12/A12A/A14/A15
Victor/Reinz OS30055 
* replaces 11121-H5025, 11121-H5220, 11132-H5025
Fel-Pro OS20074C-1

The Datsun Factory Service Manual says to use sealer on both sides of the oil pan gasket, "especially on the front and rear portions of the pan". I believe the original was a cork gasket.

Oil pan side rails, cork or otherwise, needs no extra sealer. What it needs is:

  1. ensure the pan flange is flat. Many have been overtightened and won't seal correctly until straightened
  2. a dab of RTV sealer on the ends where the half-round gaskets meet the rail-sides. Do not put very much on.
  3. Do not overtighten. Factory torque is really low (they are only 6mm bolts). Tighten them to spec, then go round again and retighten.
Torque spec
0.4 to 0.6 kg-m
2.9 to 4.3 ft-lb
35 to 52 inch-lb

Early Blocks

1967-1973 - front distributor engine blocks
* Front Sump (B10 and B110 may interchange)
* B10 pan is shallower
* B110 pan is deeper

A12 VS A10
174_57a000cf5cbb0.jpgPost 480296 174_57a000efe74f3.jpgPost 480296

Newer pans from Datsun 120Y and B310 will fit the older A12. When the distributor was moved back for 1974 there was a change in the pan rail shape under the oil pump area which may prevent interchangeability between older oil pans and newer engines.

B110 pan has stiffening ribs (shown). B10 pan is smooth
174_6186e8b76c665.jpgPost 496134

11110-H1001 B110 pan
6119.jpgAlbum 6119
pan-1200.jpg pan-1200_.jpg

11110-18001 B10 pan (2.5l) - note lack of ribs + seam down the middle
B10_oil_pan-1.jpg B10_oil_pan-2.jpg B10_oil_pan-3.jpg

1974 up Blocks

1974-up (mid-distributor) engine blocks. All the A-series pans bolt to all A-series engines, but be sure to get the matching dipstick, dipstick tube and oil pump strainer to go with the pan.

Front sump A12, A12A, A14
* 11110-H5000 OIL PAN [same as JDM B210] 
Mid-sump (North American B210)
* 11110-H7201 ASSY-PAN OIL
** Replaces 11110-H7201, 11110-H6200
A15 front sump pan with bulges, will retro fit into other A-series mid-dizzy engines.
* 11110-H9700 OIL PAN [unique to A15] 

Beware of using an early A-series pan on late engine.
174_5c935c122978f.jpgPost 490969

Late pan -> all engine
Early pan -> early engines only

HB210 Pan

North American B210 engines (A13 & A14) used a mid-sump (center sump) design. The oil pickup tube has a unique part number.
9373.jpgAlbum 9373 DSCF4081.jpg

A15 Pan

11110-H9700 A15 pan with side bulges + stiffening ridges on bottom surface (for quieter operation)
25715.jpgAlbum 25715

The lack of clearances bulges on the B10/B110/B210 type pans prevents use on the A15, however the presence of bulges on the A15 pan does not interfere with its use on other rear distributor engines (engines made after 1973).

174_5e0e31d103b47.jpgPost 493397 174_5e0e31e4a1814.jpgPost 493397 174_5e0e32137513d.jpgPost 493397

Pickup Tube

The oil pump pickup tube has an integrated strainer/baffle.

174_5adcfe166ccf7.jpgPost 488153

15053-18000 GASKET-OIL STRAINER (ALL) <> 15053-18010
08110-82062 BOLT (2) [M8 thread]
08915-13810 WASHER-LOCK (2)

All A12/A12A/A13/A14 except late A14 (1981 November)
25111.jpgAlbum 25111 25105.jpgAlbum 25105

B10 strainer (A10 Engine) has a stay that is bolted to the A10 block. The block has an angle mount, so this strainer is unique and won't fit A12 -- has a supporting stay
15050-18001.jpg 26673.jpgAlbum 26673 26672.jpgAlbum 26672 26671.jpgAlbum 26671

B10 (strainer with bolt-down stay)
15050-18001 Oil Strainer
15050-18002 Oil Strainer (from '70-July)
15050-H1000 ASSY-STRAINER OIL A12/A13/A12A -8503 + A14 -8010
15010-H1001 STRAINER ASSY-OIL A14 8011- [angle mount for G34 block]
15050-H6200 HB210 for mid-sump oil pan
15010-H9701 STRAINER ASSY-OIL A15 [angle mount + stay]
15010-H9702 STRAINER ASSY-OIL A12 8504-[strait mount + stay]

H97 Late model pickup has reinforcing brace braised to tube
Smaller strainer reaches 5mm deeper into sump
H9701 A15 angle mount
H9702 A12 strait mount (8504-) compatible with early A12
26210.jpgAlbum 26210
24785.jpgAlbum click to view

For custom sumps, strainer tube can be fitted with smaller screen
7044.jpgAlbum 7044


FWD Models

FWD A-series (Cherry & Pulsar E10, F10, N10)

  • 1970-1974 Nissan E10 (Cherry)
  • 1974-1978 Nissan F10 (Cherry, Datsun F10)
  • 1978-1981 Datsun N10 (Cherry/Pulsar/310)

Cast aluminum front sump
867.jpgAlbum 867

  • 11110-M0100 JPN E10 PAN ASS'Y-oil (to '74-6)
  • 11110-M0101 JPN E10 PAN ASS'Y-oil (from '74-7)
  • 11110-M4965 F10 USA ASSY-PAN OIL 1176-
  • superceded 11110-M3000 F10 USA -1076
  • 11110-M6660 N10 USA PAN ASSY-OIL 0880-0781 A15S
  • 11110-M6660 N10 USA PAN ASSY-OIL 0881-0780 A14S
  • superseded 11110-M7000 N10 USA 0878-0780 A14S

868.jpgAlbum 868

22918.jpgAlbum 22918 22917.jpgAlbum 22917 22920.jpgAlbum 22920

オイル パン

Transmission fits under the engine:

Alloy Pans

Deep Pan

FWD A12 part, see #FWD Models
868.jpgAlbum 868


695.JPGAlbum 695 699.jpgAlbum 699 5038.jpgAlbum 5038 Tomei01.jpgAlbum click to view

Unbranded Tomei
xOilpan01.jpg xOilPan.jpg Pan08.jpg Pan05.jpg Pan15.jpg 7974.jpgAlbum click to view

Nismo arumi

appears to be slightly modified at sump
174_6147cfc945c61.jpgPost 70830 174_6147cfd43c4b5.jpgPost 70830 174_6147cfe2a5abe.jpgPost 70830

smaller winged portions than the Nissan Competition #Alloy_Pan
174_6141c87876485.jpgPost 495857 174_6141c8987544d.jpgPost 495857 174_6141c8bcef68c.jpgPost 495857 174_6141c8e778ec9.jpgPost 495857 174_6141c901adeac.jpgPost 495857 174_6141c91a3d4cb.jpgPost 495857 174_6141c92f53ffb.jpgPost 495857 174_6141c9437a833.jpgPost 495857

This unit has been drilled and tapped for a turbo oil-return line
174_6141c9571df0d.jpgPost 495857

Turbo Pan

Modified pan for turbo (note oil return fitting)
turbo_pan-1.jpg turbo_pan-2.jpg turbo_pan-3.jpg


Custom chromed pan
1868.jpgAlbum 1868

Nissan Competition Parts

1984 Catalog

1984 Nissan Competition Catalog
  • 99996-H1050 B210 COMPETITION OIL PAN Completely baffled with special one-way pick-up tube designed to keep competition Oil pump primed
  • 99996-H1052 1200/210 COMPETITION OIL PAN Specifications same as 99996-H1050
  • 99996-H1135 SPECIAL OIL PAN GASKET Seals better than the stock gasket and can be reused when properly installed
  • 11128-H2375 ADAPTER/OIL TEMP SENDING UNIT Will adapt a Stewart/ Warner manual oil temperature sending unit to any stock oil pan

Steel pan 99996-H1052 Front Sump
15363.jpgAlbum 15363 1141.jpgAlbum 1141 174_5c2c7d8f8850d.jpgPost 490302 174_5c2c7d958017f.jpgPost 490302 174_5c2c7d9c3fdbf.jpgPost 490302 174_5c2c7da4abdb8.jpgPost 490302 174_5c2c7daa23e80.jpgPost 490302

99996-H1050 mid-sump USA HB210
99996-H1050-1.jpg 99996-H1050-2.jpg 99996-H1050-3.jpg 99996-H1050-4.jpg 99996-H1050-5.jpg 99996-H1050-6.jpg 99996-H1050-7.jpg

Alloy Pan

1200 Cast Aluminum Racing Oil Pan

11110-H2310 PAN ASSY-Oil [for B110, 5 quart capacity]
19891.jpgAlbum 19891

99996-H1050 B210 Oil Pan, 5 quart capacity

Nissan Sports Graph (Sports Options Supplement)
17278.jpgAlbum 17278

Sports Options Catalog
412.jpgAlbum 412
12 11110-H2310 PAN ASSY-Oil
13 11112-H2310   PLATE-Baffle
14 11113-H2310   VALVE ASS'Y-One Way

7999.jpgAlbum 7999 8000.jpgAlbum 8000 8001.jpgAlbum 8001 8002.jpgAlbum 8002

1200Pan.jpg x1200Pan01.jpg

From Factory Competition Manual comment
174_5c31691a52828.jpgPost 490315

Winged Sump

8085.jpgAlbum 8085 8084.jpgAlbum 8084 

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