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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Pertronix Electronic Ignition

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Engine Electrical System

The Pertronix Electronic Ignition Retrofit Kit model 1741 fits a stock Datsun 1200 distributor. Easy installation. Moderate cost. It is is points replacment unit, but not a high-energy system.



  • Easy 2-wire hookup, replace points & condensor
  • RPM range: 0 - 15000 RPM (with high performance coil)
  • Sold both in USA and Australia
  • Fits in stock distributor

Pertronix is a popular retrofit (fits into your existing points distributor and is a "points replacement" type of unit very similar to the Hot-Spark Ignition). It is more reliable than points, which for top performance requires regapping every 3 months and replacement every year -- See Periodical Maintenance and Lubrication Schedule.

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Retail prices

  • $112.52 USD
  • About $63-78 USD online
  • About 65 + s/h on eBAy
  • Also sold in Australia

More information:

IGNITOR installed in stock distributor
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Be aware that the Pertronix Ignitor is a low-energy system (for use with the stock Datsun points-type coil or equivalent replacement coil such as Bosch GT40R). Many use it with a high-energy coil (like the Nissan Bluebird/Pulsar coils or Bosch HEC), but it is not recommended nor warrantied by Pertronix for use with high-energy coil. Pertronix makes Ignitor II high energy unit, but as of 2013 they don't have an Ignitor II kit for the A-series distributors.

* Stock Datsun 1200 12V coil + resistor
* Bosch GT40R + stock resistor
* Bosch GT40RT + stock resistor

Bosch high energy coil HEC715 NOT OK
Bosch medium energy coil = OK
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Since Pertronix is a low-energy unit (points replacement), you may wish to consider a high-energy system. See Electronic Ignition.



Ignitor Wiring

  • Red wire: 12V side of ballast resistor
  • Black wire: Coil - terminal
  • Keep the stock ballast resistor & factory wiring



Pertronix requires 3.0 ohm coil. Datsun 1200 points coil is 1.3 ohms, stock ballast resistor is 1.5 ohms, so the Pertronix requires the ballast resistor. Some run without it, but it is not recommended.


if you leave the ignition switch on when the engine is not running ... this can cause permanent damage to the coil and ignitor
Factory Datsun electronic ignition units have a duty-cycle circuit to prevent overheating if the ignition switch is left on. Apparently the Ignitor doesn't have this protection.

Distributor Timing

If you removed the distributor to install the Pertronix kit, see How to Install a Distributor on A-series Engine: Installing Distributor

Finally, when you are ready to start the engine you will want to immediate check the timing. See Ignition Timing for the procedure.

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