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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Propeller Shaft And Differential Carrier

R180 differential is slightly larger, but significantly stronger than the R160 unit used in Datsun 510/610. These are both IRS diffs, and the cases are approximately the same size so swaps are possible with some modification. The R180 case is slight wider than the R160 case. The big dog is the R200, but it is much larger.

See also: R160 Swap


The "R" series of differentials are manufactured by Hitachi and are used by a number of Japanese and European vehicle manufacturers.

Hitachi R180 デフカバー
28890.jpgAlbum 28890

Long pinion type (N14 Pulsar including RNN14 GTI-R)
24208.jpgAlbum 24208
2 rear mounting studs + 4 front mounting bolt bosses

180mm ring gear diameter
110mm inner diameter -1976
115mm inner diameter 1977- [stamped K] 

Factory fitted to Datsun 240Z/260Z/280Z, 280ZX Skyline 240K, and may Nissan models.

A Subaru R180 can be used but the axle shafts must be modified to suit the Datsun style.

See also: LSD#R180


Ring & Pinion sets

3.364 38100-E4600 -76
3.545 38100-78700 -76
      38100-U3100 8/76-
3.700 38100-78600 -76
3.900 38100-78500 -76
4.111 38100-E4100 -76
4.111 38100-U3400 8/76- 4.111; 180mm OD, 115mm ID, 10mm bolt
4.375 38100-E4105 -76
R180A truck front differential
38100-08G10 -6/86 4.875, 11mm ring gear bolt 

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