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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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New Datsun Sunny 1200 - gold sedan &#38563;&#12398;&#12463;&#12523;&#12510;&#12364;&#23567;&#12373;&#12367;&#35211;&#12360;&#12427; {{Goose}} New Datsun Sunny 1200 - gold sedan &#38563;&#12398;&#12463;&#12523;&#12510;&#12364;&#23567;&#12373;&#12367;&#35211;&#12360;&#12427; {{Goose}}
-<br>{{Photo|4b36aa03a2.jpg|Datsun%201200/newspaper}} {{Photo|gold_sedan.jpg|Datsun%201200/Brochures}}+<br>{{Photo|4b36aa03a2.jpg|Datsun%201200/newspaper|replaced=Photo\gold_sedan.jpg\Datsun%201200/Brochures}} {{Album|28950}}
April 1970 back cover ''hanashi no tokushu'' ([ &#35441;&#12398;&#29305;&#38598;]&#7490;) No. 50 Vol. 5 - Sunny 1200 4 door sedan GL {{Goose}} April 1970 back cover ''hanashi no tokushu'' ([ &#35441;&#12398;&#29305;&#38598;]&#7490;) No. 50 Vol. 5 - Sunny 1200 4 door sedan GL {{Goose}}

Revision as of 08:05, 26 November 2023




1970 June 11 - The AGE page 7
"It's like a family car with a room on the back - all new Datsun 1200 5 door wagon"

1971: On the road, A la mode. The Big Little Car
* gold/orange coupe
* keys logo

1971 all-new Datsun 1200 You'll love it the moment you drive it!"
18781.jpgAlbum 18781

1971: Why pay for more truck and more power than you want. when a Datsun is just right? like the Datsun 1/2-Ton
b/w B120 drawing, All Datsun trucks can take it!

384.jpgAlbum 384

June 1972 Sports Car World - "One of the great partnerships: Datsun & Castrol"
26207.jpgAlbum 26207

October 1972 Motorman Ad - "Datsun 1200 entered the B&H 500"
2083.jpgAlbum 2083

Melbourne Datsun Centre
26859.jpgAlbum 26859

1971: Hold It! For The New Big Little Car, blue 4-dr sedan
18777.jpgAlbum 18777
Brochure feature: Nissan Keys
Three-column version
27704.jpgAlbum 27704

"The Best-selling, Two-way Van/Sedan" A4 2pp VB110 2-door van
5002.jpegAlbum 5002

1971 Datsun 1/2-ton - All Datsun trucks can take it! 28x21cm



Rij als een wervelwind! Gloednieuw De DATSUN 1200 Coup

Aérodynamique par excellence, ç'est le nouveau coupé DATSUN 1200! Brochure feature: Nissan Keys
27533.jpgAlbum 27533

Toute Nouvelle! LA PLUS GRANDE... des petites...VOITURES All New! Brochure tagline: Big Little Car Brochure feature: Nissan Keys 137 x 185 mm
27532.jpgAlbum 27532

Est-il vrai que la DATSUN ait été conçue spécialement pour la Belgique? Brochure tagline: Big Little Car Brochure feature: Nissan Keys
27531.jpgAlbum 27531


the all new DATSUN 1200 from $1925*, the more for your money car [b/w Coupe, 2-dr sedan, unusual interior trim]
14728.jpgAlbum 14728


Suomi is famous in the Datsun world for the Datsun 1200 Finn 2-door sedan.

Datsun 1200 Finn
28031.jpgAlbum 28031
Moottorilehtien vertailutestit kertovat: hintaluokkansa nopein, tehokkain ja — vähiten kuluttava

Datsun 1200 Finn ovh 11390, --

Datsun 1200 Finn DeLuxe "loistomalli" ovh 11790, --

Datsun 1200 Finn Coupe ovh 13990, --
Comparative tests of engine magazines show: the fastest, most efficient and — the least consuming in their price range.

Datsun 1200 Finn Coupe RRP 11390, -

Datsun 1200 Finn DeLuxe "great model" RRP 11790, -

Datsun 1200 Finn Coupe RRP 13990, -

RRP is "Recommended Retail Price". In 1972, 11790 markka was about $2844 USD.

ARO-YHTYMÄ OY AUTOKESKUS ja Datsun-myyjät kautta maan. Turvaa Datsuniin — Datsun kestää
ARO-YHTYMÄ OY AUTOKESKUS and Datsun sellers across the country. Secure Datsun — Datsun Lasts

AUTOKESKUS is the Nissan distributor in Finland.

Tuulitunnelin muotoilema!
Uusi Datsun 1200 Coupe!
Shaped by a wind tunnel!
New Datsun 1200 Coupe

28039.jpgAlbum 28039
Brochure feature: Nissan Keys
Brochure tagline: Big Little Car

Onko totta että Datsun 1200 Finn tehtiin erityisesti Suomea varten?
Tervetuloa itse testaamaan!
Is it true that the Datsun 1200 Finn was made especially for Finland?
Welcome to try it for yourself!

28040.jpgAlbum 28040
Brochure feature: Nissan Keys




Es gibt viele Gründe, einen DATSUN zu kaufen. Einer der wichtigsten: Die Ölkrise.
26219.jpgAlbum 26219


Tarchini S.V.A.I. S.p.A.
MILANO- Via Durini 14, Tel. 701240
MILANO - Via Cerva 9 - Tel. 792549

ad blog

Che cosa disse Augusto della DATSUN?
27528.jpgAlbum 27528

cos'è datsun? il futuro nel presente
27529.jpgAlbum 27529

Chi avrebbe pensado...

Dall'altro capo del mondo

Un sole nuovo

1973: l'arte di construire automobili DATSUN ITALIA
27530.jpgAlbum 27530


新聞広告ダットサンサニーB110 [Datsun Sunny B110] 広告 アド アドバタイズメント 新聞広告

Boy in tree
28856.jpgAlbum 28856

Advertising Feature: Goose
27775.jpgAlbum 27775 28855.jpgAlbum 28855

1972 Post Office stamp bag
174_5d6c7972afea5.jpgPost 492432

1972 New Sunny 新型サニー(心がはずむ)新発売
174_58b14546d2338.jpgPost 484110

New Datsun Sunny 1200 - gold sedan 隣のクルマが小さく見える Advertising Feature: Goose
4b36aa03a2.jpg 28950.jpgAlbum 28950

April 1970 back cover hanashi no tokushu (話の特集ᵂ) No. 50 Vol. 5 - Sunny 1200 4 door sedan GL Advertising Feature: Goose
27541.jpgAlbum 27541

New Datsun Sunny 1200 - boy lying on bonnet of gold sedan

Price 440000 Yen (newspaper ad?) - サニーサナ四車 Sunny truth 4 car ?

back cover Motor Fan October 1972 - B110 beach scene with Sunny-chan 「いいないいなサニー」 nice Sunny
bbs_1627323_41C0E4E5F9A3A5CF95C4EF8A1F7B96AC.jpg bbs_1626528_906D1C0BF5F04F17D7AE721E9A5E8774.jpg

Yes! Sunny 
"やっぱり 味があるなあ" After all, it is tasteful
"なかなか お目が高い" You have a very discerning eye
"いいものは どこか違うよ" Something good is different
"持ちものに 八柄がでますな" Your belongings will have the sign of blessing
28449.jpgAlbum 28449
自信かろわくクルマ≡≡イエス!サニー Confident car--Yes! Sunny!
44.0万円 440,000 yen
ダットサンサニー1200 DATSUN Sunny 1200
日産サニ共立販売(株) Nissan Sunny Kyoritsu Sales (Limited) 
Other Sales


Yes! Sunny

Yes! Sunny GX Coupe size:A3
27542.jpgAlbum 27542

Oh! GX

"New Model"

Oh! GX - two-page
174_5c5402b642cdd.jpgPost click for topic

Oh! GX - coupe
174_5c5404534d44d.jpgPost click for topic 174_5d35600084138.jpgPost click for topic

Oh! GX - Dash Furiously
174_5c5404ded92e6.jpgPost click for topic

Oh! GX - This is the car you wanted. この鮮烈な印象、この手ごたえ一これこそ、あなたの欲しかったクルマです
174_5c5402f7b7449.jpgPost click for topic


DATSUN 1200 coupé: Een sportieve verschijning... 2-page spread 22x30cm
27534.jpgAlbum 27534

New Zealand

Datsun 1200. Miles Better.
28043.jpgAlbum 28043
Advertising tagline: DATSUN from Nissan with Pride

1972 How to keep your husband quiet red sedan, DATSUN With Pride From NISSAN

28745.jpgOpen your mind

October 1972 'Motorman' Advert Datsun 1200 entered the B&H 500 to prove a few points' drawing of racing 1200, Miles better
2083.jpgAlbum 2083


27522.jpgAlbum 27522

South Africa

circa 1979. South Africa, perhaps? Nissan/Datsun Commercial Vehicles
The Complete Lineup For Every Need.

174_614e592c38bb7.jpgPost 495896
Introducing the full selection of Nissan/Datsun Commercial Vehicles. Because different people have different needs.

174_614e5852b7789.jpgPost 495896
Datsun 620 light truck, B120 Datsun 1200, Nissan truck

174_614e595425d5a.jpgPost 495896
THE DATSUN WAY [highway across Africa]

NISSAN The Name of Quality

United Kingdom

1970: Drive a wind tunnel! New DATSUN 1200 Coupe! Gold coupe Brochure feature: Nissan Keys Brochure tagline: Big Little Car
27521.jpgAlbum 27521

1970: The Datsun 1200s were all at sea The International Car [b/w sedan]
25695.jpgAlbum 25695 27526.jpgAlbum 27526

27527.jpgAlbum 27527

1973: For exciting adventures on four wheels gold Coupe
18785.jpgAlbum 18785

United States

Li'l Something 2-Door Sedan
27523.jpgAlbum 27523

1970: The new Datsun 1200's. We took the ugly out, and put performance in.
Blue 2-dr Li'l Something Sedan, Red Something Special Coupe. 2nd page: text and specification tables
14730.jpgAlbum 14730 14727.jpgAlbum 14727

The new Datsun 1200's are really something.
Blue 2-dr Li'l Something Sedan, Red Something Special Coupe. Overleaf: text (no tables)
27.jpgAlbum 27

1971 Coupe:
Now that's my kind of car. Especially with all those accessories. But how easy is it to park?
Just my style & just my price. But How act on a Hill?
13198.jpgAlbum 13198 27525.jpgAlbum 27525
references booklet "Things no man ever told a lady about buying a car"

1971: The Li'l Something 2-Door Sedan
red 2-dr
1971: The Something Special 2-Door Coupe
gold Coupe
1971, 1972: It's sort of a miniature musclecar.
red coupe, Datsun From Nissan With Pride
28.jpgAlbum 28
* Photo taken at during Datsun_1200_Series photoshoot
"Pick a Perfect Datsun" Sweepstakes [1200 2-door & 1200 Coupe]
18778.jpgAlbum 18778

1971: Introducing the Li'l Something our least expensive 2-Door Sedan $1736* (2pp)
Red 2-dr sedan, blue P510, Drive a Datsun...then decide
14730.jpgAlbum 14730 27524.jpgAlbum 27524 24.jpgAlbum click to view

1971: We took the ugly out of economy and put performance in
gold coupe, Datsun PRODUCT OF NISSAN, Drive a Datsun...then decide
18.jpgAlbum 18 26.jpgAlbum 26
1971: There's a lot of Z in every Datsun 1200.'
drawing of coupe
13665.jpgAlbum 13665
1972: Escape kit.
orange coupe with bike rack, DATSUN FROM NISSAN WITH PRIDE
18780.jpgAlbum 18780
1972: This economy car doesn't wear its price on its sleeve
b/w 2-dr sedan, Drive a Datsun...then decide, DATSUN, FROM NISSAN WITH PRIDE
20.jpgAlbum 20

1973: L.A. to N.Y. $29.85 b/w coupe
Government report proves Datsun saves
23.jpgAlbum 23 26291.jpgAlbum 26291 14729.jpgAlbum 14729 18784.jpgAlbum 18784 3920.jpgAlbum 3920

1973: New Datsun 1200 Sport Coupe. An original portrait by Peter Max. red coupe, Own a Datsun Original.
19.jpgAlbum 19 22.jpgAlbum 22 26759.jpgAlbum 26759


c. 2002-2007: FOREVER IN A NISSAN!

Unknown Market

The Big Little Car, Sign of "The Seventies" [white 4door]28066.jpgAlbum 28066
Billboard with blue sedan says: Yourself Inside the Big Little Car ... DATSUN 1200

Brochure feature: Nissan Keys
Brochure tagline: Big Little Car

Misc. Advertisements

DAS: Datsun Sunroof. Designed Exclusively for Datsun