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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

B310 Strut Swap

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Brake Modifications | Suspension Modifications | Datsun B310

The B310 strut swap into a B110 is popular because it is a true bolt-in swap -- no cutting or machining needed. You get better brakes, and better availability of strut inserts. We are talking about B310s with 13" wheels, not those with 12" wheels which have small brakes. All USA models have the large brakes, and all Canada models except A12A Canada models. In Australia, any A14 or A15 powered B310 should have the good parts.



In Australia, there are multiple B310 Sunny strut/brake systems. Get the one with 245mm rotor.

In Canada, there is large and small brakes. Be sure to get the setup with 245 mm rotor.

In USA, there is a single Datsun 210 strut/brake system (245mm). Just be sure it's not a Canadian model, which are sometimes found in the USA.

B310 LCAs are same as 1976-up 1200 LCAs

5070.jpgAlbum click to view 5069.jpgAlbum click to view 5068.jpgAlbum click to view


Parts Needed

Grab the whole front strut/brake assembly as well as the brake hoses. The bias controller (proportioning valve) is not needed.

Grab the B310 balljoints and steering arms.

Also obtain a 1200 disc-brake master cylinder.

If fitting to 1970-1975 1200, also grab the B310 LCAs and Tension Rods. 1976-up 1200s and 120Ys already have the same parts as B310.

Make sure to get the good struts, the ones with 245mm rotors. Two smaller sizes exist but are not worth swapping as they won't gain you much over the B110 parts.

Exception: If you wish to retain 12" brakes, you could use the 220mm Strut & Brakes setup from an A12 powered B310 (Or the A12A Canada version).


Use at your own risk. There is no guarantee these steps are complete.

  1. Remove strut
  2. swap the springs and strut top from the B110 onto the B310 strut
  3. Fit 1976-up 1200/120Y/B310 LCAs
  4. Fit B310 balljoints to the LCAs
  5. Fit the B310 steering arms to the balljoints
  6. Put B310 strut on
  7. Connect the brakes lines, bleed the brakes
  8. Check wheel alignment. Especially set the toe-in, it will have changed

Optional: Fit quick-ratio B310 Steering Arms from Pitroad. Otherwise, B310 arms are longer than 1200, so the steering will slow down a bit.


B310: 1979-1982 Sunny, 140Y/150Y, Datsun 210
!not to be confused with B210 (1974-1978)

For more information on strut swaps, including other choices, see main article: Strut swaps.

This is very similar to the A10 Strut Swap, main differences:

  • No machining needed for B310 strut. With A10, you need to cut the strut shorter. Otherwise there will only be 2" of suspension travel
  • Aussie A10 has bigger, better brakes. Same rotor, but 4-pot Girlock calipers with large pads. Advantage for A10 in Australia
  • USA A10 has nearly same pad size as large B310 (2.5 inch wide pad for both, of slightly different style). No advantage for A10 in USA.
USA A10: pad type D103 - 2.5" wide backing plate
USA B310: pad type D117 - 2.5" wide backing plate
A10: 1978-1982 Stanza 1600, 510, Violet/Auster

B310s have a larger brake than B110, The B310s are the same size as the largest B210 brakes:
B310 on left, B110 on right

This is the easiest strut upgrade, but are still light in performance compared to modern cars. discussion: brake upgrade

Rotor Sizes

Dia. (mm)Part NumberSource
212.540206-H1006B110, B210 with A12 1974, 1975
220 (AN18)40206-H7500B210 A12 1976-1978,B310 with 12" wheels
23240206-A1155B210 A13, PB110?, PB210 early?
245 (AN20)40206-U6700B210 A14, B310 A14/A15, PB210 late?

The B310 struts are larger diameter than B110 strut housing which is 45 mm diameter. The larger B310 unit is 2.0" (50.89 mm). There are more strut inserts (shock absorbers) available for the larger type.

Counterpoint: For a mild street car, large strut & brake upgrades are probably overkill, while the track increase may mean that flares & guard/fender modifications are required. The increase in unsprung mass helps to kill the ride quality, neither of which is good.

The B310 uses the same-diameter springs as 1200 (100mm I.D. with 110mm O.D.) but they are a little longer to suit the heavier car.

Strut Comparo

Strut Inserts
The damping force of the B310 strut is very similar to the B110 strut, so no worries there

* will clear 13" wheels
* significant increase of track width
* Virtually same spring rates as B110

Can't you just put the big brakes on the B110 strut? Yes, with some simple machining and caliper adapter bracket. See Big Disc Upgrade.

The B310 strut tubes are longer than the B110's strut tube, but only by 10 mm. In overall length they are the same as the B110 from the ball joint to the top of the strut hat.

See who_your_datty_1200's Strut Swap Photos: My winter project...

Coil Springs & Strut Top

Use the B110 coil spring, spring cup and strut top hat, and fit it to the B310 strut. The B310 hat looks very similar and might work as well although it has large studs (M10 instead of M8). B310 strut tops use larger diameter bolts, so use the B110 strut tops.

Now the spring of the B310 strut is too long for the B110. So cut the spring to the appropriate length (same as the B110 spring). Or better yet, use the B110 spring. If you use the B310 spring stock length, the 1200 will set up too high, causing camber issues.

Shortening Strut Tube

Optional: Cut strut tube for lowering purposes:
If you don't plan on lowering the car, there is no need to cut the tube shorter. B310 strut is same length as 1200 strut, so just use the 1200 spring on the B310 strut. If you plan on lowering the car more than 2 inches, you can shorten the strut tube. See Shortening struts.

After shortening, a short insert must be fitted. There are many, many choices in the 2" insert category, but the 280ZX insert is a favorite as it is 2.125" shorter than the B310 insert and uses the same size rod & nut. If your B310 strut is not cut down that far, you may use a spacer (e.g. a stack of washers) in the tube before fitting the insert.

Optional, for racing or lowering, remove the spring perch and fit small-diameter Coilover Springs. You can lower the car more by getting the tires in closer to these small-diameter coils (using different offset wheels)

Remember that that the stock 1200 spring rate is 90 lb/in, and spring rate for a dedicated race 1200 is typically 175-250 lb/in.

Balljoints and Lower Suspension

The spacing where the strut bolts to the steering arm is different from the 1200. So, use the B310 Steering Arm (knuckle arm).

See main article: SAP

Use 1976-up 1200/120Y/B310/A10 LCA and B310 balljoints, which mate to the B310 steering arm at top.

A10: 1978-1982 "Datsun 510" aka "Stanza"
120Y: A12-powered B210

B310 Ball-joint Offset 15-mmm difference.

The Ball-joint bolts on top of the Lower Control Arm. The steering arm (steering knuckle) fits on top of the ball joint via the taper post.

  • The longer B310 ball-joint will gain negative camber. The downside is it pushes the tire to the outside, and widest tires will foul on the outer fenders. If you lower the car more than an inch or two you will need to flare the fenders.
  • 195-width tires are the widest that will fit with the B310 setup, but require wheels with appropriate backspacing.

The B310/A10 ball joint uses a larger diameter taper. It will not fit into the B110 steering arm. But you need the B310 steering arm anyways to bolt to the strut. So use a matched set: ball-joint, steering arm and strut tube.

NOTE: B310 and A10 lower control arms are the same part number. They are the identical to later 1200 ute control arms. Identical to 1976-1978 120Y arms. Same as early 1200 control arm except for balljoint bolt pattern.

All Datsun/Nissan struts starting from the late 1970s -- up to and including R31 Skyline and 280ZX -- will bolt to an A10 or B310 steering arm (knuckle arm). The B310 ball joint fits this knuckle, and bolts to the B110 control arm.

These two parts (steering arm and ball-joint) allow the use of any B310/A10/910/280ZX etc. struts to be fitted to the B110.

Tension Rods

When using the 1976-up lower control arm, use the H74 caster rod. Alternatively, the H10 (early B110) (aka tc, radius, tension rods) can be used. The length is correct, but bolt spacing needs to be wider and tapped to M10. This means drilling one new hole in the tension rod, and grinding a notch in the bar.

For more details, see Caster Rods.

Sway Bar

Optional: While you have the suspension disassembled, it is a perfect time to upgrade to the B210 anti-sway bar. It is 20mm compared to the 1200's 17mm. See B210 Sway Bar Upgrade.

Even Bigger Brake Possibilities

  • Volvo 4 piston calipers from a 240DL wagon bolt to the B310 strut fine, but have different style flare fittings. Have the B310 outer hubs turned down to 140mm diameter. Use (possibly) Subaru leone vented discs
  • GM Commodore caliper
  • Nissan S13 rotor & caliper
  • MK63 4-pot calipers
  • Toyoda 4-pot calipers may bolt on to B310 struts. See Hilux Calipers They do NOT bolt on to 79 Australian delivered 51mm struts. See below photo for comparison



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