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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Brake master cylinder

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Brake System

Datsun 1200 used either a single or tandem (safety) master cylinder with bore of 11/16" (17.5mm).


Daily Care

1972 USA Owners manual (Page 25 ... ):

29357.jpg   29362.jpg
Before driving or whenever you call at a gas-station, be sure to check ...
  • Leakage and amount of fluid in brake and clutch master cylinders
  • Clutch and brake operation

Observe the level of fluid visible through the plastic reservoir of the master cylinder (no need to remove the cap).


Datsun 1200 used three basic brake master cylinders:

  • 11/16" safety split circuit (tandem), used with disc-brake models
  • 11/16" safety split circuit (tandem), used with deluxe drum-brake models
  • 11/16" single reservoir, used with economy drum-brake models

11/16 inch 17.5 miilimeter

Single & Tandem cylinders | Single setup uses 4-way splitter
22926.jpgAlbum 22926 6458.jpgAlbum click to view

In Japan, STD trim 1200s used the single, DX used tandem drum, and GL,GX used tandem disc.

All North American 1200s used tandem master and came with disc brakes.

Drum-brake models use Residual Valve
17535.jpgAlbum 17535 23167.jpgAlbum 23167


Bulletin Number: TS72-58
Date: August 3, 1972
Classification Number: BR72-001
Section: Brake
Models: (K)LB110

A modified tandem brake master cylinder is now being installed on the B110 series vehicles. The specifications are diagrammed in Figures 1 and 2. Because of these changes, the fuel strainer has been moved, the fuel piping has been rerouted, and the engine room side panel redesigned.

Beginning Serial Numbers: LB110-303102, KLB110-779948, 918277

Parts Information
New No.     Former No.  Part Name
46010-H3300 46010-H1006 Brake Master Cylinder Assembly
16400-E3000 16400-A0600 Fuel Strainer Assembly        
64100-H3100 64100-H1000 Engine Room Side Panel Assembly RH Side
46223-H3900 46223-H1901 Tube Brake Master Cylinder Assembly Front
46224-H3900 46224-H1901 Tube Brake Master Cylinder Assembly Rear
17501-H3500 17501-H1100 Tube Fuel Sedan Manual Transmission
17501-H3510 17501-H1120 Tube Fuel Sedan Automatic Transmission
17501-H3900 17501-H1700 Tube Fuel Coupe Manual Transmission
17501-H3910 17501-Hl720 Tube Fuel Coupe Automatic Transmission

Interchangeability: The new panel hood ledge assembly fuel strainer and fuel piping are interchangeable with the corresponding older parts as an assembly only. The brake master cylinder and brake tubes are not interchangeable with older models


Datsun 1200 with drums uses same cylinders as Datsun 1000
Datsun 120Y w/o booster uses same as Datsun 1200
B10 11/16" single 46010-18001 <> 46010-H1010
B10 11/16" tandem 46010-H0100 <> 46010-H1000 Deluxe
B110 11/16" single
B110 11/16" tandem drum
B110 11/16" tandem disc/drum 46010-H1005 <> 46010-H1006
B120 11/16" (until Oct 1989)
B210 11/16" tandem drum 46010-B5000 < 46010-B5003
B210 11/16" tandem drum 46010-H7400 < 46010-H7401
B210 11/16" tandem disc/drum 46010-H5100 < 46010-H5101
B210 11/16" tandem disc/drum 46010-H7500 < 46010-H7501
B210 3/4" 46010-U0601 < 46010-U0602 without push rod (use with booster)
120Y 3/4" AUSTRALIA-assembled 1977-1979 WITH PBR BRAKES - PBR P7217/K7627X
* uses VH126 booster
120Y 3/4" AUSTRALIA 1974-1979 WITH JAPAN BRAKES K7606X/K7860X
B310 13/16" without push rod (use with booster) JAP,USA,AUS
B120 1990-1994 mounts horizontally see Sunny Truck Disc Brakes

11/16" (B110) disc/drum type
th_13042001_B110.jpg th_18M1072.jpg th_111655_B110.jpg

3/4" (B210) power brake type
th_13042102_B210.jpg th_111834_B210.jpg

13/16" (B310) disc/drum power type
th_1342303_B310.jpg th_111839_B310.jpg

Larger Master Cylinder

Some club members are using a 13/16" master cylinder from the B310. This increases pedal effort, but reduces pedal travel for a "tighter" feel.

POST Is anyone running a 13/16 master cyl w/out a booster?

  • A larger master cylinder will require more leg pressure, but will require less pedal travel. However, even though you press harder on the pedal, it will not create more pressure at the wheels.
  • The size of the master cylinder does not affect front-to-rear brake proportion. Instead, the relative size of the front brakes to the rear brakes sets the proportion.
  • A larger master cylinder will generate LESS pressure but the pedal will be STIFFER. Because there is less pressure, you have to push harder on the pedal to make it stop the same. You get more volume (firmer pedal), but less pressure.

Alternatively, to get easier pedal application with a large master cylinder, use a booster.

The reason Datsun chose 11/16" had to do with how much leg pressure is required. At 11/16" (given the size of the brakes at the wheels), even a small driver can generate enough force to panic-stop the car. The downside is a bit of pedal travel. When they started offering power brakes in the B210, they went to a larger diameter master for decreased pedal travel. That's why when the power booster fails, it is difficult (requires much leg pressure) to stop the car.

Vehicles with a brake booster can have larger master cylinders, so that you get a firmer brake pedal with less travel required. But with the booster even a small driver can operate the brakes to maximum force.


B110 has a non-adjustable master cylinder; instead the pedal linkage may be adjusted. When re-installing or after fluid has drained, do the following:

  1. Perform Brake Bleeding, including "bench bleeding" of the master cylinder
  2. Tighten the master cylinder retaining bolts to 1.5-1.8 kg-m (10.8 to 13.0 ft-lb) torque
  3. Adjust brake pedal height

Also See

Brake Upgrades
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Part Numbers


PBR - See 1977-1979 Australian Rectangle Reservoir Brake Master
SINGLE Nissan 46010-18001 ASS'Y-CYLINDER, brake master <> 46010-H1010 
 < 46010-H1010 < 46010-H3600
 JB1116 Tokico Single Bore: 11/16 inch (17.46 mm) $92 AUD (with pushrod)
 * Repair Kit K7364X Tokico or 210J0238
 JB1196 Tokico Dual Bore: 11/16 inch (17.46 mm) $85 AUD (with pushrod)
 * Repair Kit K7638X Tokico
 JB1117 Dual Bore: 11/16 inch (17.46 mm) $154 AUD (with pushrod)
 * Repair Kit K7857X Tokico or 210J0256
 * Repair Kit K7608X Nabco
 JB1181 Dual Master Bore: 3/4 inch (19.05 mm) $89 AUD  (no pushrod)
 * Repair Kit K7860X (Tokico)
 JB1172 Dual Master Bore: 3/4 inch (19.05 mm) $194 AUD (no pushrod) 
 * Repair Kit K7860X (Tokico)
 * Repair Kit K7606X (Nabco)


A-1 CARDONE 111655 Remanufactured $26.79
ACDELCO 18M1072, 19106858
* Bore Size=11/16" Number of Ports=2 Primary Outlet Size=M10x1 Secondary Outlet Size=M10x1
Master Cylinder (disc brakes)
WAGNER F96862 $51.79
A1 CARDONE 111655 (remanufactured) $32.79
TOKICO Master Cylinder PN 46010-H1006 
TOKICO Master Brake Cylinder (rebuild kit) PN 46010-H1027
46020-U0512 Newer CAP


46020-10611 -7109 single & dual (TOKICO) including B10
46020-28600 NABCO B10 single > 46020-18000
46020-E0300 -7109 single & dual (NABCO) including B10
46020-U0512 TOKICO single & dual
46020-U0201 7110- NABCO 2
46020-K2401 7110- 2
46020-U5200 7510-7606 NABCO 2 required
46020-U6701 7607-8910 NABCO 2
46020-J1800 8910-     NABCO 1

46020-K2401 Tandem NABCO
46020-K2401-1.jpg 46020-K2401-2.jpg 46020-K2401-3.jpg

46020-U6701 sensor caps (also see Brake Wiring)
26477.jpgAlbum 26477

Rebuild Kits

Note that Tokico and Nabco internals are different. So while you can interchange the whole Master, a rebuild kit needs the specific kind.

* PBR K7859X [for 11/16 cylinders]
** This is a major overhaul kit and supercedes all 11/16 kits. 
* ?

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