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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Front Fender and Front End

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body

The exterior fenders bolt to the inner Hood Ledge pieces, which are welded to the chassis rails at the bottom. The rear if the ledges are welded to the Cowl and at the front to the radiator Core Support, completing the box-like structure of the front sheet metal (the Engine Bay). And as you might guess, the bonnet (hood) lies just above the top edges of the Hood Ledge.


guards, wings

Main: Fenders

3245.jpg 15977.jpg 13594.jpg

Hood Ledge

Ledge with Tower | 12 - Hood Ledge Front Body Panels Part Numbers
19189.jpgAlbum 19189 863A-01a.jpg

Original (Engine Room Side Panel Assembly)
* 64100-H1000 HOOD LEDGE ASS'Y (R.H.)
* 64101-H1000 HOOD LEDGE ASS'Y (L.H.)
From 1271 - updated to accommodate tandem brake master cylinder
* 64100-H3100 HOOD LEDGE ASS'Y (R.H.)
From 0772
* 64100-H7000 HOOD LEDGE ASS'Y (R.H.)
* 64101-H7000 HOOD LEDGE ASS'Y (L.H.)

In these photos, you can see how the hoodledge panels (which incorporate the strut towers) form the sides of the engine compartment:
8710_5275fe0d69a23.jpgPost 446905 8710_5275fd7fa0a55.jpgPost 446905 8710_5275fd738449d.jpgPost 446905 4665.jpgAlbum 4665

Strut Towers are welded to the hood ledge (but sold as one piece, not taken apart like this)
19385.jpgAlbum 19385

Hood Ledge Reinforcement

* 64118-H1000 REINF-HOODLEDGE,UPPER,RH (from '70-Sep)
  superceded 64120-H1000 REINF-HOODLEDGE,UPPER,RH
* 64121-H1000 REINF-HOODLEDGE,UPPER,LH (from '70-Sep)
  superceded 64119-H1000 REINF-HOODLEDGE,UPPER,LH

10257_4df73b9b04ed3.jpgUpload click to view 6971.jpgAlbum 6971 6973.jpgAlbum 6973 13022_4e3e72d8d856c.jpgPost 378850 13022_4e3e72e5d1af6.jpgPost 378850

Caution: rust is common in this area
13022_4e3e72f07f1d4.jpgPost 378850 

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