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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Engine Removal And Installation

The engine-mounting cross-member is what Datsun calls the "front suspension member", also known as x-member (X for cross).

Also See: Engine Mounts (for rubber insulators and engine brackets)


Front Crossmember

1970-1973 1200 Crossmember (two high towers)

1973-1994 1200 Crossmember (short + high towers)
20196.jpgAlbum 20196 20197.jpgAlbum 20197

Rear: Late 1200 crossmember (one short tower, one high tower)
Front: Early 1200 crossmember
13676.jpgAlbum 13676

The engine crossmember for the Datsun 1200 fits the 1971-1973 A12 engine. The A10 engine from the earlier Datsun 1000 will also bolt in. To fit a newer engine -- a 1974-up A12 or A13, A14 or A15 -- a newer crossmember may be used, or an modified motor mount brackets may be fabricated (see A-series Engine Swaps). The newer crossmember is from the 1974-up Datsun 1200 truck. Note that B210 or other crossmembers do not fit the 1200.

For engine types other than A-series, see: Engine Swaps

Early A12 vs. Late A12 ute (suitable for 1974-up A12, A13, A14 or A15)
8487.jpgAlbum 8487

Modified -- newer engine mounts sit further back on right side
14316.jpgAlbum 14316

B110 holes are 656 mm apart, and 60mm from each other
22877.jpgAlbum 22877

PB110 Crossmember

L14-powered B210 uses L-series towers and mid-sump design.

See L/Z/KA/SR_Crossmember

B210 Comparison

120Y vs B110
12432.jpgAlbum 12432
120Y (A12-powered B210) is slighty wider, and of course has late style mounts suitable for late A12 + A14/A15.

North American A13/A14-powered B210 has a mid-sump crossmember, almost exactly identical to the 510 crossmember. See L/Z/KA/SR_Crossmember.

Crossmember Bolting Dimensions
B110  656   mm X 60mm
B210  760.6 mm X 62mm(?) or 80mm(?)

26089.jpgAlbum 26089 26088.jpgAlbum 26088

Installation & Removal

See main article: Changing Crossmember

Engine Swaps

Remove the crossmember uprights/horn (engine mount brackets), then you can weld different horns suitable for your engine choice.

See Engine Swaps

1200 crossmember with horns removed, suitable for swapping most engine types with front-sump oil pan.
7749.jpgAlbum 7749

7750.jpgAlbum 7750

Part Numbers

フロント サスペンシヨン メンバー

B110 & early B120
* 54401-H3900 MEMBER ASS'Y-front suspension 
  08194-06510 BOLT (4)
  32886-22000 WASHER-body bolt (8)
  08915-14010 WASHER-lock (4)
  08911-54010 NUT (4)
* 54401-H1000 [early part, interchangable with -H3900]
  81-94065-1 BOLT (4)
  32886-22000 WASHER-body bolt (8)
  89-15140-1 WASHER-lock (4)
  89-11540-1 NUT (4)
Late B120
  replaced 54401-G1600 MEMBER ASSY-FRONT SUSPENSION 7510-8503

Front Suspension Part Numbers
4921.jpgAlbum 4921

21274.jpgAlbum 21274 25584.jpgAlbum 25584


Front engine crossmember bolts
* 11 mm holes
* 8 mm forward of strut centerline
* 60 mm front-to-rear spacing
* 656 mm left-to-right
* 405 mm from rear bolt to Front core support mounting hole
Strut Tower to Strut Tower centers
* 936 mm width

22877.jpgAlbum 22877 23748.jpgAlbum 23748

Rear Crossmember

The transmission crossmember (gearbox crossmember) is called by Datsun the rear engine mounting member.


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