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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Lighting System

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body Electrical System

Lamps, lights. Parking lights, running lights. Whatever you call them, Datsun 1200s have them.



Headlight Switch


Turn Signal Switch

Replacing Procedure

1972 USA Owners manual

th_00_cover.jpg   th_44_back_cover.jpg
(see pages 36-38)


front & rear

license lamp & side lamps


Interior Lamps

The room lamp, also known a dome light.

Main: Room Lamp

5036.jpg 0502924A30150921W00111.jpg


Datsun 1200 uses the standard 7-inch round sealed beam headlamp. And changed to large Square healights in 1990.

2962.jpg 7403.jpg

Side Lamps

Side lamps come in two sizes: small and large. Side lamps are larger on North American models, also the fenders come with a larger hole to match. Euro/Asia guards/wings can be used on America 1200s, if the hole is enlarged.

North America - Large running lights (markers)

Other regions - Small turn signal lights (indicators)

Front Lights

See also: Headlights

Parking lights/Running lights and turn-signal lamps (blinkers) are provided by the front combination lamp. All 1200 body style use the same Assembly (Coupe/Sedan/Van/Truck).

Global (amber + white) | Japan/USA (amber)
20749.jpg 20752.jpg

Rear Lights

Running lights, brake lamps (stop lights) and turn-signal lamps (blinkers) are provided by the rear combination lamp.

Japan/USA/ZA: red-red-white
AUS/Europe: orange-red-white

Sedan | Coupe | Truck | Van
10520.jpg 8570.jpg 2851.jpg 638.jpg

Rear License Plate Lamp

Each body style (sedan, coupe, wagon) uses a different kind of number plate lamp. Truck uses the coupe type. The type of lamp corresponds with the bumper type.

Coupe/Truck under bumper | Sedan in bumper | Van above plate
20728.jpg 16172.jpg 638.jpg

Sedan side-lit

Driving Lights

side markers, front combination lamp, rear combination lamp

Fog Lamps

Fog Lights were an Option.

Main: Fog Lamps

b1101971companybrochure1.jpg fog_lamp-a.jpg

Dash Lamps

The instrument meter cluster uses seven lamps which fit in the seven black holders (Wedge Lock lamps - twist lock)


Lamp Specifications

Main: Bulbs




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