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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Options


Basic Options

Optional Equipment for Datsun 1200s included:

HeaterRadioClockTachometerPackage TraySafety seat belt (front and rear)4-way flasherPassing light
   14971.jpgAlbum click to view
☐ Steering lock
☐ Long Life Coolant (-35 C, -31 F)Tire 6.00-12 4PR with Tube (tubeless is standard)Anti-wind lift wiper bladesHead restraints (front and rear)
☐ Safety inside back mirror

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DEC 1979 "Datsun Pick-up 1200" owner's manual shows optional equipment for non-1200 Datsuns including 280ZX wheels and twin-carb air cleaners
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Japan Car

gso.jpgbrochure 27303.jpgbrochure

For the Japan market, Nissan offered these options part in the 1200 catalog.
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  • Vinyl Top
    • D1460-0004 LEATHER-roof top Coupe
      • D1460-0012 LEATHER-roof top Coupe
    • D1460-0005 LEATHER-roof top Coupe
    • D1460-0006 LEATHER-roof top Coupe
    • D1460-0007 LEATHER-roof top Sedan
      • D1460-0011 LEATHER-roof top Sedan
  • Mirrors
    • 96301-H1800 ASS'Y MIRROR-outside (R.H.) [GX style]
    • 96302-H1800 ASS'Y MIRROR-outside (L.H.) [GX style]
      6786.jpgAlbum click to view
  • Fog Lamps which mount on top of front bumper, have hinged bracket on bottom
    • 26150-H1010 ASS'Y-FOG LAMP
    • 26150-H1012 Rectangular
    • 26150-H1014 Round 126mm diameter
    • 26150-H1018 Round 160mm diameter
    • 26150-H1016 Round 126mm diameter
    • 26150-25710 Round 160mm diameter
    • 25160-H1010 ASS'Y-SWITCH-lighting & fog lamp GL
    • 25160-H1110 ASS'Y-SWITCH-lighting & fog lamp GL
    • 24100-H1000 CABLE-fog lamp
  • Tailpipe
    • 20321-H2000 FINISHER-exhaust GL [tapering outwards]
  • License Plate frame
    • B1070-00001 RIM-number plate, front
  • Stripes
    • K5040-00067 TAPE-masking (10 m) Coupe
  • Steering wheel
    • 48400-H1200 ASS'Y-WHEEL, steering [with finish pads]
      • 32865-78601 ASS'Y KNOB, control
    • 48400-H2300 ASS'Y-WHEEL, steering [without finish pads] GX
      • C2865-E4600 ASS'Y KNOB, control
  • Console
    • 74980-H2010 ASS'Y-CONSOLE BOX [large]
    • 74980-H2020 ASS'Y-CONSOLE BOX
    • G4980-H1025 ASS'Y-CONSOLE BOX
  • Clock
  • Round for GL, GX models
  • Rectangular for STD models
  • 73940-H1101 ASS'Y-RAIL, assistant (for rear) (2)
  • 85150-00002 ASS'Y CHIME, pilot
  • Set, floor mats
  • Tire Chains
  • Back up Horn
    • 85150-00001 ASSY HORN, back up

Japan Truck

New Zealand

Options for RoadStar and Sportstar utes circa 1982.

Options included:
* Fibreglass Canopy with sliding interior window, side and rear windows
* Mirrors (does this mean L.H. mirror or vanity mirror?)
* Halogen replacement Head Lamp unit
* Nudge bar
* Spoiler (Air dam)
* Centre Console
* Cowling scoops (Cowl-top vents?)
* Flares
  5206.jpgAlbum click to view SportStar Flares
* Weathershields - left & right hand
* Floor Mats
* Stripe kit
* Radio & Stereo equipment
* Rally Jackets (anyone got a pic?)
* Driving lamps
* Mirrors (left & right)
* Wheels: Mags
* Hubcaps
* Wheel trim rings
Rally Pak
* Front spoiler (Air dam)
* Wheel-arch Flares
* Cowling scoops

Off-Road Pak
* Front nudge bar
* Rear nudge bar
* Driving lamps
* Mudflaps
* Plate frames
Pak 1
* Stripes
* Mudflaps
* Plate frames
* Radio
* Floor Mats
* Tonneau Cover
* Weather Shield - Right hand
Pak 2
* Stripes
* Mudflaps
* Weather shield - Left and Right hand
* Plate frames
* Stereo cassette/radio
* Floor Mats
* Left hand door mirror

L.H. mirror standard on SportStar, optional on RoadStar. Also a part of the Dress Pak 2 for Roadstar.

South Africa


reference: parts catalog pp 4-6

reference: parts catalog pg 4-5

  • Fuel Evaporative Emission Control (n/a Canada)
  • Dual horns (differs from Coupe to Sedan)

  • Leather Top (Vinyl Top) [USA parts catalog, page 175]
    2476.jpgAlbum click to view
  • Touch-Up Paint [USA parts catalog, page 171]
    Main: Colors
    • White #821
    • Light Green #554
    • Green #703
    • Green #930
    • Blue #567
    • Blue #645
    • Yellow #665
    • Gold #931
    • Red #820
    • Red #932
    • Dark Green #003
    • Sunbird Orange #006
  • 3-point rear safety Seat belts [USA parts catalog page 134]
  • Coupe Tonneau Cover (appears to be same as KB10 unit)
  • Coupe Optional Yellow Interior Trim and Seats
  • Tinted front, rear and side windows (optional Sedan, standard on Coupe in USA)
  • Tinted, heated rear window (Coupe)
  • Tinted, heated rear window (Sedan)
  • Coupe Accent Stripe
  • Console (short or full)
  • Passenger-side Mirror
  • Sedan rear set Headrests 88700-H1000
  • Reclining Seats (sedan)
  • Rear Rubber Bumper Overrider (sedan)
  • Carpet (3-piece front, 1 piece rear. Tunnel carpet is standard)
  • Sedan spare tire cover (standard in 1973)
  • Package Tray (under glove box)
  • Steering wheel slip ring
  • Collapsible Steering Column (standard in USA)
  • Disc brakes (standard in USA)
  • Tire Chains (optional for coupe)
  • GL Wheel Cover (Hubcaps) optional for Coupe
  • Deluxe Wheel Cover (Made in Mexico) from 0872
  • Tires, Snow, 6.00-12
  • Tires, Radial 155SR12
  • Tires, with tube

Standard Trunk Kit [USA parts catalog, page 173]

  • Tool Bag
  • Wheel Nut Wrench
  • Jack Set (scissor jack with handle)
  • Jack Hold down (Sedan only)

Coupe Interior:

  • 1972-1971: Black, Beige or (optional) Yellow
  • 1973: Blue, Beige. Black from 0173

North America

1971 Accessories

2209.jpgAlbum click to view 27480.jpgAlbum click to view 27479.jpgAlbum click to view

Air conditioner $295 + installation
Tachometer $56
Clock $20
Luggage Rack $32.95
Radio AM push-button type $59.95
Center Console/Arm Rest $34.95
Radial Tires
Deluxe Hub Cap [GL type]
Wood Shift Knob 'DATSUN' $3.75
Vinyl Shift Knob 'DATSUN' $4.95
27480.jpgAlbum click to view
Front bumper guard
Rear bumper guard
DATSUN side stripe
3/4" side stripe kit
Floor mat set
27479.jpgAlbum click to view
28037.jpgAlbum click to view
FRONT GUARD, Part Number 99990-00025 [24.95]
Heavy duty tubular guards add beauty as it gives extra protection to the DATSUN 1200. This guard is specifically engineered for easy installation and all mounting hardware is included.

28038.jpgAlbum click to view
REAR GUARD, Part Number 99990-00026 [24.95]
Full wrap around protection is provided by this heavy tubular guard. Custom designed to fit the DATSUN 1200 and heavily chromed for lasting beauty. Comes complete with all mounting hardware.

28036.jpgAlbum click to view

DATSUN side stripe made of 3M Scotchcal vinyl.
174_6150f3478980d.jpgPost click for topic
"DATSUN" SIDE STRIPE, Part Number 99990-00107(white). * 9990-00108 (black) [16.75]
Bold "DATSUN" side stripe adds sportscar flare to the 1200. Makes the car look lower and longer. Stripe is top quality "Scotchcal" vinyl. Each letter is formed with individual pieces of tape to let the original car paint show through for a clean, neat, perfectly colored letter! 71" long, available in black or white.

3/4-inch side stripe
174_6150f331f1e03.jpgPost click for topic
3/4" SIDE STRIPE KIT, Part Number 99990-00109 (white) * 99990-00110 (black) [$14.00 USD]
Thin line side striping to add a subtle touch to the 1200's beautifully sculptured lines. Side striping consists of a 1/4" stripe between two 1/8" stripes for a total slim-line 3/4" stripe. 25 ft. of striping provided, all in high quality "Scotchcal" vinyl. Available in black or white.

FLOOR MAT SET, Part Number 99990-00010 (not shown)
Rugged rubber floor mats custom made for DATSUN automobiles. Adds utility as it protects the beauty of your 1200. DATSUN logo on each mat.


1971 Options

26154.jpgbrochure 174_56da19535f43b.jpgUpload click to view

1972 Accessories

DATSUN 1972 Accessories
3233.jpgAlbum click to view

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