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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Rear Brakes

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Category: Brake System

Rear brakes are traditional twin-shoe type, with manual adjusters of the wedge-and-tappet kind.



The same rear brake drum was used 1967-1994. It is an 8" diameter cast iron drum, that fits 1-3/8 wide brake shoes.

Starting from Oct 1989, Sunny Trucks started using a different brake shoe -- while still using the same drum as early 1200s. These late model 1200s use a self-adjusting rear brake system. Aside from the drum, all the parts differ from earlier rear brakes.


Don't let this happen to you!
16075.jpgAlbum click to view


B110 rear brake parts
6726.jpgAlbum click to view 25049.jpgAlbum click to view

Order of Wheel Cylinder shims:
25050.jpgAlbum click to view 25051.jpgAlbum click to view

21648.jpgAlbum click to view 21649.jpgAlbum click to view 21650.jpgAlbum click to view 21651.jpgAlbum click to view 21652.jpgAlbum click to view 21653.jpgAlbum click to view 21654.jpgAlbum click to view 21655.jpgAlbum click to view


  • Linings (shoes)
    • 35 x 4.8 x 195 mm (width x height x thickness)
    • 1.378 x 0.189 x 7.68 inch (W x H x T)
    • 1-3/8 x ~3/16 x ~7-11/16 inch (W x H x T)
  • Total breaking area: 273 cm² (42.3 sq. in.)
  • B110: (manual adjusting)
    • Cylinder: 11/16" with front discs
    • Cylinder: 13/16" with front drums
  • B310: Drum LT-20 (auto adjusting)
    • Cylinder: 13/16" (20.64 mm)

1978-1989 B120 ute used rear type Drum-LT20 with front type Drum2L20.

Finned Alloy Brake Drums

Works Racing

Finned drums like these were offered by Datsun Competition in Japan.

Datsun Competition Dept supplied it's favoured teams with many experimental parts that were never sold over the counter. 1200s had alloy drums and calipers fitted as wellas the alloy diff heads from the wagons.

Also see: Brakes, Nissan Competition 

Isuzu Bellett

1969-1971 Isuzu Bellet 1600 GT (model G161) featured ALFIN rear brake drums.

25518.jpg th_Drums02.jpg th_alfin-1.jpg th_alfin-2.jpg

* 3 outer holes on face
* keyhole-shaped slot for adjusting brakes on face
* 8" diameter
* marked "Izumi Al-Fin"
* about 2.22 kg each



Datsun Z-car

Larger 9" alloy drum are used on all S30 models (1971-1978 Fairlady/240Z/260Z/280Z). All 1200 brakes are 8", so the backing plate with brake shoes needs to be switched.

h165 drum brake set up

NOTE: Photos shows ex-race brakes so have extra holes drilled

  • Fit under 13" wheels (as with original 240Z/260Z)
  • The fins look like structural type, not cooling type.
  • There are cast iron inserts where the brake shoes touch.
  • The rest is aluminum
* 3 outer holes on face
* round slot for adjusting brakes on face
* 230 mm (9") diameter

Nissan 43206-E4100 DRUM-BRAKE REAR
* approximately 6.45 lbs. 
Cast Iron version
* approximately 12.5 lbs
* Centric 123.42002 Standard Finish
* Centric 122.42002 Premium Finish

Fitted Sunny Truck H165
th_alfin-H165-1.jpg th_alfin-H165-2.jpg th_alfin-H165-3.jpg

Datsun Roadster

1968-1970 Datsun roadster 1600/2000 used a finned alloy brake drum similar to the 240Z unit. 1965-1967 used cast iron version.

Nissan 43206-25500
* 9" diameter
* lug holes for 7/16" studs (240Z uses metric studs)
* center hole 70mm? (240Z is 68mm)
* no brake adjuster hole (which 240Z requires)
* squared-off fins (240Z fins are tapering)
* height is about .090" different vs 240Z drums

Roadster axles do not have a centering flange, so the size of the lug holes is critical for correct drum centering. The 240Z drums have slightly larger holes and so will not center positively on roadster axles. An adapter can be fabricated for use in fitting 240Z drums on a roadster, which will also correct the drum height. It is close enough that some have used no adapter with varying success.

Roadster drums lack the adjuster hole which 240Z drums have


* B110 iron drums: 8 lbs
* 240Z iron drums: 12.5 lbs
* 240Z alloy drum: 6.45 lbs
* Roadster alloy:  7.9 lbs
* Bellet alloys:   8.9 lbs

Rear Brake Shoe

set (8 x 1-3/8, fits B110, B210 and B310)
  • RAYBESTOS 371PG $15.36
  • WAGNER PAB371 $16.52
  • ACDELCO 17371B $19.02
  • WAGNER BD60368 $39.89

B110 rear brake parts

Rear Drum Brake

  • 44060-G0300 SHOE ASSY-REAR BRAKE SHOE 7510-7611
  • 44060-G0325 7612-8910
  • 43206-18000 DRUM BRAKE-REAR
  • 44060-G1225 8910-

1989 October and newer Sunny Truck feature auto-adjust rear brakes:
19112.jpg 24998.jpg 24999.jpg


44200-18000 B110 adjusters (manual, square adjustment nut)
24997.jpgAlbum click to view 21654.jpgAlbum click to view 21655.jpgAlbum click to view

44204-18000 WEDGE-adjustor
44205-18000 TAPPET-adjustor
27292.jpgAlbum click to view

1200 late star aduster (self-adjusting with star wheel)
Same as B310 A14/A15 type
19112.jpgAlbum click to view


B310 small H83 (automatic with star wheel, A12-powered models)
44200-H8300 ADJUST. ASS'Y RH
44201-H8300 ADJUST. ASS'Y LH
20899.jpgAlbum click to view 6726.jpgAlbum click to view H83_adjustor.jpg

B310 A14/A15 adjuster assembly (automatic with star wheel)
* superseded 44200-W5210/44200-W5210
24996.jpgAlbum click to view

B310 star adjuster SCREW (A14/A15 models)
44202-W5210 SCREW RH
44203-W5210 SCREW LH

Part Numbers

To 7302

13/16" diameter
* 44100-18000 ASS'Y-CYLINDER-rear wheel (13/16") B10, B110 to 7302 
* Fits early B110 with front drum brakes
RockAuto $13
11/16" diameter
* 44100-H0500 CYLINDER ASS'Y-rear wheel (11/16")
* Fits early B110 with front disc brakes
RockAuto $30

From 7303

44100-H3100 CYLINDER ASS'Y-rear wheel (13/16")
* for late B110 with front drum brakes
44100-H3300 CYLINDER ASS'Y-rear wheel (11/16") 
* for late B110 with front disc brakes

Rear Disc Brakes

For customizing the rear suspension, see Rear Disc Brakes.

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