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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Rear Disc Brakes

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Brake System | Brake Modifications

The stock rear brakes are fairly good, using large (for such a light car) 8" x 1.75 brake shoes. Make sure the brakes are clean and adjusted correctly every 3 months. Using a performance pad will improve it. But for coolness sake... read on.



There are two main steps to adding disc brakes to a rear axle:

  1. Fitting the brake rotor to the axles
  2. Fitting a caliper bracket to the axle housing

Example: Bracket for Nissan S30 rear for R32 calipers
(similar to Nissan 44155-N3202 but made out of aluminum)
11230.jpgAlbum 11230

R31 Australia

You can fit the Australian-built R31 Pintara/Skyline disc brakes onto H145/H150 or H165 axle assemblies.

See Main Article: R31 Rear Disc Brake Swap


Pigdog adapted R32 calipers
13476.jpgAlbum 13476

300ZX rotors turned down to 290mm, 4-lug pattern drilled
13269.jpgAlbum 13269

Z31 300ZX 5-lug
* 280 x 26 mm height 54 DBA 907
* 282 x 20 mm height 57.5
* -8509  290 x 10mm height 47 DBA 605
* 8510-  280 x 18mm height  DBA 927
* Turbo: all years use 927 part
Z32 300ZX
* 280 x 30 mm height 54 DBA 909
* 292 x 18 mm height 64 DBA 908


Pitroad Kit


Pitroad rear disc adapters for B110

  • Uses late model S130 (280ZX) caliper and rotor (I think it says it uses Skyline HR30 adapters)
44155-N3202 machined with:
* 4 new holes for the H145 pattern
* an insert for the smaller diameter axle tube interface



Andy: The Pitroad rear disk brake kit only includes the brackets, E-brake cables, axle sleeve thingys, clips, rubber brake hoses, and axle bolts. You supply the calipers, pads, and rotors from an 82-83 280ZX, as well as new oil seals for the axles, wheel bearings, etc. It's pretty straight forward, you have to pull off the old drum brake assemblies and put on their new bracket just before you put the new wheel bearings in. You do have to drill two really small holes on the E brake cable holder, but other than that it's really easy.

In general, 1982 280ZX and 300ZX has a smaller rear caliper with larger pads than the early (1979-1981) 280ZX. The offset of the early vs. late caliper is quite different.


To fit AE86 calipers on B110 rear axle housing, create an adapter.

21441.jpgAlbum 21441


Skyline disc rotor
18773.jpgAlbum 18773 19195.jpgAlbum 19195

Civic rear caliper with integrated handbrake
19193.jpgAlbum 19193 19194.jpgAlbum 19194 19192.jpgAlbum 19192


Australia U12 Pintara 1989-1992 rear discs
Same as 280ZX Brake Upgrade discs, but 45 mm height instead of 47 mm
DBA 614
* Vent Solid 
* Diameter 258 
* Height 45 
* Thickness 10 
* Centre Hole Dia 68 

quik1000's rear caliper mounts are a bolt on for either H145 or H165 axles. Uses R31 Skyline Girlock calipers.
25921.jpgAlbum 25921 25922.jpgAlbum 25922

S13 AUS/USA 43206-35F00 rear rotors may also fit

* 1 mm thinner
* 1.5 mm higher


Sentra Rotor Adaption

3rotor designed bracket for box-shape Sentra (Nissan Sunny B12) calipers, to fit 240mm rotor. The same bracket can also fit Maxima 250mm rotor.

The rotors slip over the hub (floating type). The pattern must be re-drilled to 4 x 4.5" (4 x 114.3 mm) before it will slip on. Center hole also needs enlarging.
Nissan 40206-61A11
BREMBO 08493210
Centric 121.42031
Solid floating type
Diameter 240.3 mm
Height 45.1 mm
Nom. Thick 12 mm
Hub Reg 11 61 mm
Bolt circle: 4 x 100 mm
Weight 9.5 lbs

Moar Piccies! See 3rotor's gallery

18038.jpgAlbum 18038 18050.jpgAlbum 18050 16087.jpgAlbum 16087 16450.jpgAlbum 16450 16144.jpgAlbum 16144 16448.jpgAlbum 16448 16465.jpgAlbum 16465 16440.jpgAlbum 16440

Factory Disc Adapters

Fits H165 and H190 rear axle assemblies, like the 1200 Ute axle assembly.

Disc Over Drum

"Disc Over Drum" -- easy conversion for H165 or H190 diffs! Fits over 14" wheels. Rotor approximately 280mm. Find an Australia-built Bluebird with rear discs and swap the brakes over to the H165.

See Main Article: Disc Over Drum

2320.jpg 3294.jpg 16590.jpg


910 Sedan (810/Maxima/Bluebird) use a conversion plate to bolt a rotor to drum-brake-spec hub.

Narrow Pattern

44155-N3202 ADAPTER-CALIPER 44165 $72 USD
* yoke type/double piston (wide bolt pattern)
* USA 910 1981 (0780-0681) sedan Datsun 810/Maxima IRS
* JPN F30 8009-8208 L28E Leopard/TR-X
          8009-8107 L20E#
Stock Use:
  44151-U7800 0780-0681
  44001-F5490 0780-0681 <2> 44001-W1390
240Z use: use early 280ZX caliper & rotor
1200 use: same as 240Z?


Wide Pattern

Use the same install method as the Pitroad adapters (above). The Pitroad units appear to be 44155-N3202 machined with 4 new holes for the H145 pattern, and an insert for the smaller diameter axle tube interface.


44155-04S10 ADAPTER-CALIPER 44165
* single piston type (narrow bolt pattern)
* USA 910 1982-1984 (0781-) sedan 810/Maxima
* JPN C31 8111- GX#+K.L20.MD Laurel
* JPN F30 8108- L20E#
* JPN R30 8108-8108 L20ET Skyline
Stock Use:
  44151-04S10 0781-0683 <> 44151-04S70
  44151-04S60 0783- 
  44001-04S90 0781- <2> D4001-04S90

240Z use: use late 280ZX caliper & rotor
Mbracket.jpg Lside-caliper.jpg

1200 use: 1982-1983 280ZX (Late ZX) caliper & Rotor

Compare various methods of use: Z Home

1985-88 Maxima (Bluebird) FWD bracket, the ID of the opening is different, and the offset is different. Machining needed, see HybridZ

Rear Axle Swaps

See Rear Axle Swaps

These include rear disc brakes:

  • Complete rear end off a Toyoda with disk brakes (Corolla AE86)
  • Complete rear end from a Mazda RX7 GSL-SE
  • Complete rear end from a 1980 to 1981 S110 (Silvia, 200SX) H165
  • Complete rear end from a 1982 to 1983 S110 H190

200SX either narrow the housing or use fender flares.

Toyoda...cheaper LSD from TRD.

Mad Dat Kit

Mad Dat sells a narrowed Nissan rear axle assembly with disc brakes. Shortened R31 28 spline unit (looks like an Aussie R31 BW78 unit).

See Main Article: Mad Dat Diff

6407.jpgAlbum 6407 6393.jpgAlbum 6393

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