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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Nissan Vehicles | Datsun Sunny RWD

Sunny is Nissan's B-class (subcompact) car family, and includes the legendary Datsun 1200. The Sunny name was chosen by a contest in 1966. 8 million entries were received and the name was announced 19 February 1966 at the Sendagaya Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.
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  • B10 1966-1970 Datsun Sunny 1000/Datsun 1000
  • B20 1968-1970 Datsun Sunny 1000 Truck/Datsun 1000 "ute"
  • B110 1970-1973 (South Africa until 1975)
    • Japan: ダットサン サニー 1200 (Datsun Sunny 1200)
    • Australia/USA: Datsun 1200
    • UK: Datsun Sunny 1200
  • PB110 1971-1973 ダットサン サニー エクセレント (Datsun Sunny Excellent) 1400. However, the Sunny name was emphasized and the Datsun name de-emphasized, usually not appearing in advertisments. Catalogs etc. do say "ダットサン サニー" (Datsun Sunny).
    • nickname: サニー ロングノーズ (Sunny long-nose)
  • B120 1971-1994 Datsun Sunny Truck
    • nickname: サニトラ (sanitora, shortened form of "Sunny Truck")
    • Japan 1971~1980: ダットサン サニー トラック (Datsun Sunny Truck)
    • Japan ~1980-1984: サニー トラック (Sunny Truck)
    • Japan 1989-1994: ニッサン サニー トラック (Nissan Sunny Truck)
    • Australia Datsun 1200 "ute" (1971-1985)
    • New Zealand: Roadstar, Sportstar (1980-1985)
  • B140 1985-2007 B140/Nissan LDV 1400 "bakkie" (Nissan South Africa)
  • B210 1973-1978 Datsun Sunny/Datsun 120Y,140Y/Datsun B-210
  • B310 1978-1982 Datsun Sunny/Datsun 210/Datsun 120Y,130Y,140Y,150Y

The Move to FWD

  • B11-B17 1983- Nissan Sunny/Nissan-Datsun Sentra/Nissan Tsuru models FWD

Some later FWD Sunnys were marketed as a Pulsar in some markets. The Sunny family was dropped in Japan after 2004, but continued on in USA as B15U Sentra, and Sunny is still used as a regional market name for various models such as the Almera Sunny.


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