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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Tech Section

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Tech Section

When first started, there was the Tech Section. It was very limited.
  • Tech Section: Only four special users can create or edit an article
  • Wiki: Any club member can create or edit an article

With 2.0 (25 March 2009), the Tech Section will be removed.

Old Tech Section articles have been copied to the new wiki and are listed below.

Here are links to all the old Tech Section articles, now in the club Wiki. The old Tech Section looked like this:

Welcome to the Special Sections at Datsun 1200 Club,

Here you can find some cool articles not presents in the Home.

Section 1. Datsun 1200 Club
Articles about this club. Newbies go here first.
* Technical TODO and CHANGELOG
* Club Project
* From Yahoo clubs
* A club introduction
* Terms of Use
* Privacy Policy
* Club History
* Software acceleration meter
* Down Under-to-American Word Conversion
* Help Support the Club
* Photos - Frequently Asked Questions

Section 2. Featured Cars
* Whats the Featured Cars Section all about?
  Get your 1200 featured!
* Davo's Datsun 1200
  My 1200 ...
* B110 Racing History in Japan
  Datsun 1200 racing by ddgonzal
* Wally's Wagon: A Supercharged Super Car
  One way to build a supercharged A14
* The Datsun 1200s of John Wayland
  Amazing Trio of 2-dr Sedans
* Rotary-Powered Datsun 1200s
  Nissan Rotary Power!
  The article has moved to the Club Wikie: 
  Rotary Engine.
* Datsun 1200s in Movies
  [New article at Movies]
* Los Datsun 1200s de Puerto Rico, USA
  Land of the Drag Racing 1200
  [New article at Puerto Rico]
* Bob Cooper - New Zealand Rally Car Driver

Section 3. Engine
Anything to do with engines suitable for use
in your Datsun 1200.
* Datsun A10 Engine
  Engine Specs
* Datsun A12 Engine
  Engine Specs
* Datsun A12A Engine
  Engine Specs
* How to fit Datsun A14 Engine
  Walk through and Engine Specs
* How to fit L16, L18 and L20b engines - tbc
  L Series Swap Info
* What's the best engine to put into a 1200?
  Engine swaps, weight and specs
* Datsun A12GX Engine
  good stuff
* Carb adjustment, troubleshooting,
  rebuild and inspection
  Fix that carb!
* Supercharging and Turbo-supercharging
  By various contributors
* Weber 32/36 Carburetor
  How, what, where and why
* Fuel Injection
  buy or build, injection is better
* Which Carburetor?  ddgonzal  
  Mar-22-2003 43124 Reads
  The article has moved to the Wiki.
  Click here to go to the article
* A-type Cylinder Heads ddgonzal 
  Apr-08-2003 8555 Reads
  The article has moved to:
  A-series Cylinder Heads
* Changing Head Gasket ddgonzal
  Apr-12-2003 3433 Reads
* Nissan QR25DE 2.5 liter Engine
  Nissan's best stock 4-cylinder engine?
* B310 Electronic Distributor Swap
  never change points again
* Ignition Timing & Distributor Installation
* etc

Section 4. Drive Train
Anything to do with clutch, gear box, axle,
diff mods and wheels.
* How do I install a 5 speed Sunny box?

Section 5. Magazine Articles
Vintage and newer articles, documenting
the Datsun 1200.
* B140 Review
* CHW Electric 1200
* Consumer Reports 1971 September Road Test
* Datsun 1200SSS Road Test
* Datsun's Escort Answer
* Driving School
* Driving the Datsun Rotary
* New Groovy Wheels
* Road & Track Road Test
* Supertune
* We Test America's Most Economical Car

Section 6. Brakes & Suspension
Anything to do with suspension and
brake upgrades
* 120y Swaybar upgrade
* Fitting disc brakes on a sedan or wagon

29311.pngAlbum 29311
Section 7. Bodies & Interiors
Anything to do with bodywork or interior
* Dash Changes for Sedan, Ute and Station Wagon

Section 8. FAQs on 1200 topics
Find here answers to common questions about
Newbies should read this before asking
questions in the main forum.
* Mods Needed for Datsun 1200 race car

Tech Section Feb 18, 2009ᴬᴿᶜᴴᴵⱽᴱ 

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