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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

R32 Brakes

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Brake Modifications

Nissan R32 used light alloy 4-piston brake calipers, but the really big R32 OPTION brakes used huge cast iron calipers. 4-lug R32 used the same rotors as S13 Brakes while R32 turbo models used 5-lug rotors.



R32 is 1989-1994 Nissan Skyline (8905-9411).

Disc-over-hub brakes
4-lug: CA18I, RB20E/RB20DE and RB25DE
5-lug: RB20DET, RB26DETT

R32 GT-R with 15"/16" wheel Sumitomo light alloy calipers
737_4f9e1df395f39.jpgPost click for topic

R32 GT-R WITH 17" WHEEL (cast iron, non-ribbed)
11688_4cf64ea678528.jpgPost click for topic 11688_4cf64eae3e170.jpgPost click for topic

R33 4 piston calipers
16796.jpgAlbum click to view

R32 disk and calipers on 1200 strut
17418.jpgAlbum click to view

200B/Stanza/240K strut R33 disc R32 caliper
16906.jpgAlbum click to view


R32  4-lug rotor (also used by S13)
280 mm 40206-55F01 9108- RB25 including GTS 2.5
257 mm 40206-71E06 8905- RB20 including GTS, GTE
251 mm 40206-40F01 8905- CA18I GXi 40206-40F02
For usage, see S13 Brakes
R32 5-lug rotor
280x30 mm 40206-40P02 RB20DET > 40206-04U01,40206-04U03
 * also USA Z32
 * DBA 909 GTE, GTS, GTS-T/GTS-4, 
280x22 mm 40206-88E01 <> 40206-88E04
 * also J30 (USA+JAPAN)
296x32 40206-05U00 8908- RB26DETT GTR 40206-05U01/40206-05U06/40206-05U07
 * 40206-05U10/40206-05U11/40206-05U12/40206-05U13
 * DBA 4926 GT-R
324x30 40206-12U00 9302 GT-R.17.MT.FT 40206-12U01
 * also R33.RB26DETT + AWC34.RB326DETT
 * DBA 4928 GT-R 17" wheel
40206-40P02 280 x 30
Height: 53.6 mm
Diameter: 280.2 mm
Centering Diameter: 68.1 mm
Pitch Circle Diameter: 114.3 mm
Brake Disc Thickness: 30 mm
40206-88E01 280 x 22 mm
Height: 49 mm
Diameter: 280 mm
Centering Diameter: 68 mm
Pitch Circle Diameter: 114.3 mm
Brake Disc Thickness: 22 mm
296 x 32 mm
40206-05U12 RH, 40206-05U13 LH cross-drilled


R32 Single-piston
* 41001-40F01 CA18I
* 41001-73L01 RB20DT.GTS-T, RB25DE
* 41001-44F01 RB20E, RB20D
R32 4-piston ribbed
* 41001-04U00 RB20DT.TYPE-M,RB20DT.HI.4WD 41001-04U01
* 41001-05U00 GT-R & RB26DETT 41001-05U01
* 41001-45P00 RB20DT.HI.4WD 41001-40P00 40mm bore
  also Z32 USA
R32 4-piston non-ribbed (iron)
* 41001-12U00 GTR.17 41001-24U00


R33 disc-over-hub (floating)
* 4-lug 2WD.(RB20E+RB25DE)
* 5-lug
R33 Brembo race disc adapter-to-hub
280x26 40206-17U00 RB25DE <> 40206-17U01
* also C34, W10
257 mm 40206-71E06 RB20E, *4S.GTS.G <9> 40206-4M402
* also S13
296x30 40206-21U00 RB25DET
324x30 40206-12U01 RB26DETT
* also R32.RB26DETT
40204-59U60 & 40205-59U60


* 41001-AA000 RB20DE
Twin-piston sliding
* 41001-AA100 OPTION RB20DE F/DWHL6
* 41001-0V100 IRS.4WD.RB25DE
Four-piston ribbed
* 41001-AA510 
Four-piston non-ribbed
* 41001-AA300 RB26DETT
R34 disc-over-hub
280x22 40206-2Y003 RB20DE <> 40206-5L300
280x26 40206-2Y502 RB25DE *RB20DE <> 40206-2Y503 40206-2Y505
 * 40206-5L800 <5> 40206-2Y502
 * infiniti
 * laurel
310x30 40206-AA510 HI.2WD *RB25DE
318x30 40206-AA300 HI.4WD (RB26DETT)
41000-RP802 RB26DETT N1 race nismo レースヨウ ニスモアツカイ
* steel piston caliper
41000-RP803 チタピストンキヤバ
* titanium piston caliper


S14 4-lug
* 251 mm 40206-40F03
* 257 mm 40206-71E07
S14 5-lug
* 280x30 40206-04U02
* 252x20 40206-67F00
* 257x22 40206-80F00
Height: 53.6 mm
Diameter: 280.2 mm
Centering Diameter: 68.1 mm
Pitch Circle Diameter: 114.3 mm
Brake Disc Thickness: 30 mm
Height: 49.2 mm
Diameter: 251.6 mm
Centering Diameter: 68.1 mm
Pitch Circle Diameter: 114.3 mm
Brake Disc Thickness: 19.9 mm
Height: 49.2 mm
Diameter: 257 mm
Centering Diameter: 68 mm
Pitch Circle Diameter: 114.3 mm
Brake Disc Thickness: 22 mm


5-lug ALL
* 40206-85F00 SR20DE -0002
* 40206-2Y002 SR20DE 0002- <> 40206-2Y003
* 280x30 40206-91F00 SR20DET *AUTC2 SR20DE.S.MT.F5


Z31 is Nissan 300ZX 1983-1988

Z31 bolt-behind-hub 5-lug


Z32 is Nissan 300ZX 1989-1996

  • Japan: 1989-1990
  • USA: 1990-1996 (0289-0896)
280 x 30 mm 40206-40P02 <> 40206-04U00
* VG30DTT -0491
* VG30E 0790-0491
40206-04U03 <> 40206-69F00
* 0491-VG30DTT + VG30D
* VG30D -0390
40206-30P03 <> 40206-30P05
* VG30D 0390-0790

buy at

CALIPER Z32 USA 1990-1996 (all 4-piston)
280 x 26mm rotor 
* 41001-30P00 alloy 1990 VG30D <> 41001-30P01
* 41001-04P00 alloy 1991 VG30DTT <> 41001-45P00
280 x 30mm rotor
* 41001-37P00 alloy 1992-1993 <> 41001-37P01
* 41001-37P01 iron  1994-1996 non-ribbed
Centric 141.42072 FL, 141.42071 RH, to June 1990
Centric 141.42074 FL, 141.42073 RH, from July 1990
Centric 141.42078 FL, 14.1420177 FR IRON RockAuto
40206-04U00 280x30
Height: 53.6 mm
Diameter: 280.2 mm
Centering Diameter: 68.1 mm
Pitch Circle Diameter: 114.3 mm
Brake Disc Thickness: 30 mm

Nissan Alloy Twin-Piston Caliper

Lightweight twin spot calipers from R32/R34 Skyline rear caliper

rear brakes

R32 brakes on rear of 1200


front brakes

Rear caliper for either 1000 or 1200 race front brake conversion. The rotors it uses are perhaps the lightest 297mm rotor around as its only 16mm thick or 3mm thicker than solid Sigma GE rotors.

Rotor/disc DBA part no: 908
Diameter: 297mm 
Height: 63mm
Thickness: 18mm (16 min)
Centre hole: 68 (2mm machined for 70mm hubs)
The 5 stud rotor can easily be re-drilled for 4 stud

R34 rear caliper
737_4c3a846133eda.jpgPost click for topic

R32 GTS rear caliper
737_4fcf6a5390392.jpgPost click for topic

* Z32 USA
* R32 RB20DET
* R33 RB25DE,RB25DET
(CA18 uses rear drum brakes, as does early RB20)
Single piston
* 44011-44F00 RB20E, RB20DE
Twin piston
* 44011-43P00 GT-R, RB20DET 44011-05U00
  also Z32 USA
* 44011-73L00 RB20DET GTS-T, RB25DE
Twin piston large
* 44011-12U00 GT-R.17 44011-24U00

R33 two spot rear calipers on 200B/240K strut & rotor
12253.jpgAlbum click to view


R32 front brakes require 15" rims

* R32 GTS-T 280x30mm discs (DBA4909SL)
* R32 GT-R calipers (same as Z32 300ZX)
* Custom caliper adapter bracket
* A10 Stanza struts (2.0")

Hubs require machining: Machined down, center hole enlarged and 4 new holes drilled in rotor to bolt to rear of hub and 3mm spacer made for caliper spacing off strut.

ca18detman's build
3017.jpgAlbum click to view 3290.jpgAlbum click to view 3015.jpgAlbum click to view 3290.jpgAlbum click to view 3016.jpgAlbum click to view 3289.jpgAlbum click to view 3288.jpgAlbum click to view 3026.jpgAlbum click to view 3024.jpgAlbum click to view 3005.jpgAlbum click to view

Caliper adapter bracket spaces out the caliper
3025.jpgAlbum click to view 3023.jpgAlbum click to view


13528.jpgAlbum click to view 13664.jpgAlbum click to view

296mm disc rotor
13519.jpgAlbum click to view 13528.jpgAlbum click to view finishedbracketop7.jpg finishedbracket2pj8.jpg finishedbracket4at8.jpg

GTST/Z32 calipers on 296 x 30 rotors on 810 struts
13553.jpgAlbum click to view 

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