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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Wiring Harness

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Category: Body Electrical System

There are four main wiring harnesses in a Datsun 1200.



The four main harnesses:

  • 24012 Engine Room Harness (includes front light wires)
  • 24013 Instrument Harness (dashboard)
  • 24014 Body Harness: goes from firewall to rear of car, under floor mat
  • 24015 Tail Harness (rear lights)

19684.jpgAlbum click to view

Generally speaking, the main difference between LHD and RHD harnesses is in the Instrument Harness, with the dash gauges and switches being on opposite sides of the car.

Changes over time include:

* 1972: USA changed to electric choke with relay
* 1974: alternator moved to opposite side of engine
* 1978: Australia changed some connectors to tab-lock
* 1978: Japan changed some connectors to Pin type
* 1989: Feedback Carburetor with ECU
Also see: Wiring Diagrams

Engine Room Harness

Many, many different cables. See Wiring Part Numbers. This harness includes the front lights and transmission wiring.

* Automatic Transmission harness include wires for:
  * Kick Down solenoid
  * Inhibit Switch
  * AT wiring connector on firewall
* 1974: alternator moved to the opposite side of the engine
* 1976: two-piece harness using a "sub-harness" extension
24012-H1002 up to '71-3
24012-H1004 up to '71-3 (op.)
24012-H1206 from '72-5 to '72-4
24012-H1205 from '72-5 to '73-2
24012-G1401 from '73-3 > 24012-G1400
24012-G1604 7510-8012 {Anti-diesel valve}
24012-G1605 8101-8109
24012-G1900 8110-8503 {Internally-regulated alternator}
24012-G1901 8504-8608
24012-G1902 8608-8910
24012-95W00 8910-     {Feedback Carburetor, electronic Distributor}
* H2118 1971.4 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION introduction
* H2108 1971.4 MANUAL
* H2111 1971.6 AUTOMATIC {Automatic Choke}
* H2101 1971.6 MANUAL    {Auto choke + TCVAS}
* H2102 1972.1 MANUAL    {Throttle Opener}
* H2112 1972.1 AUTOMATIC {Throttle Opener}
* H7001 1972.3 MANUAL
* H7000 1972.7 MANUAL    {Anti-diesel valve}
* H7005 1972.7 AUTOMATIC {Anti-diesel valve}


The engine room harness comes into the cabin a few inches. There is a grommet at the firewall.

24250-89927 -8012
06510-00093 8101-8503
01551-00093 8504-8910
25763.jpgAlbum click to view 25762.jpgAlbum click to view

Engine Sub-Harness

On newer 1200s, ENGINE ROOM SUB-HARNESS ASSY is the branch that goes down to the transmission. Starting October 1975.

The sub-harness is a small harness that connects to the starter motor, reverse light switch, etc. Connects to Engine Room Harness (engine compartment) via a circular pin connector.

8710_54e2da7d67592.jpgPost click for topic 8710_54e2da727cc14.jpgPost click for topic

24077-G1600 7510-8910
24077-95W00 8910-

Instrument Harness

The dash harness is the same Part Number for Coupe or Sedan. However, rectangle dash differs from round dash (Coupe is always round dash. Sedan may be either). It also varies by year.

Hazards (emergency) Flasher system
* JDM: Hazard system with single Flasher 
* USA: Hazard system with separate Hazard Flasher and T/S Flasher 
* Export non-USA: No Hazard System (OPTION for later Australia utes)
Variations include:
* Automatic Transmission Kick Down switch on gas pedal
* ACC circuit added to Ignition Switch (radio and heat glass) 
* rear Heated Glass wiring


24013-G1270 1980 Australia (reported)



GL and GX have round-gauge dash. All Coupes including DX Coupe have round gauge dash. STD and DX sedan have rectangle-gauge dash.

Deluxe Sedan rectangle gauge dash

Deluxe Coupe round gauge dash
22546.jpgAlbum click to view

After 71-4

After the April 1971 rationalization, only four harnesses were used:

* STD/DX    [rectangle gauge]
* GL/GX     [round gauge]
* Automatic [round gauge, with kickdown switch plug]
NOT COMPATIBLE with earlier versions
From '71 April
* 24013-H1206 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness 3-speed, VDT  [rectangle]
* 24013-H1216 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness 2DA, 4DA      [AUTO rectangle (Sedan Deluxe)]
* 24013-H2206 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness 2GL, 4GL, GX  [round]
* 24013-H2016 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness 2GA, 4GA, CGA [AUTO round (Sedan/Coupe GL)]
* Coupe Deluxe Auto?
* Coupe GL?
* Sedan 4-speed?
* 3-speed only available on Std and S-Dx/V-Dx (not available on Coupe)
* GX Automatic - not available

Before April 1971 many harnesses were used: (3,4 or Auto) and (DX/STD vs GL/GX) and "cold option" versions of every one of those.

  • Cold Region (寒冷地向) may have wiring for heater?
  • STD is square gauge, GL/GX is round gauge, DX-Sedan/DX-Van is rectangle, DX-Coupe is round

Full Listing

3-speed, VDT (Van Super-Deluxe 4-speed) [3-speed available only on STD & S-Dx,V-Dx]
24013-H1206 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness (from '71-Apr.) 3-speed, VDT
24013-H1002 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness 3-speed, VDT
24013-H1022 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness (寒冷地向) (op.) 3-speed, VDT
24013-H2206 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness (from '71-Apr.) 2GL, 4GL, GX
through '71-March
 * 4-speed (exc. VDT, GL, GX)
   24013-H1200 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness
   24013-H1220 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness (寒冷地向) (op.)
 * 2GT, 4GT, CG
   24013-H2000 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness
   24013-H2020 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness (寒冷地向) (op.)
 * GX
   24013-H2020 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness GX
Automatic Deluxe Sedan [rectangle gauge]
24013-H1216 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness (from '71-Apr.) 2DA, 4DA
24013-H1105 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness 2DA, 4DA
24013-H1125 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness (寒冷地向) (op.) 2DA, 4DA
Automatic Deluxe Coupe
24013-H1305 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness CA
24013-H1325 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness (寒冷地向) (op.) CA

Automatic GL [round gauge]
24013-H2016 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness (from '71-Apr.) 2GA, 4GA, CGA
24013-H2005 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness 2GA, 4GA, CGA
24013-H2025 COMP.-CABLE, instrument harness (寒冷地向) (op.) 2GA, 4GA, CGA


1972 moved to all-round gauge, even for STD

Even Van had round gauge for 1972
22526.jpgAlbum click to view


See main article: Sunny Truck Wiring
HARNESS ASSY-INSTRUMENT/Instrument Harness Cable 24013
24013-H1002 (up to '73-3)
24013-H1022 (up to '71-3) (op.)
24013-H1206 (up to '71-4)
24013-G1602 -7803
24013-G1661 7804-8109
24013-G1900 8110-8608
24013-G1901 8608-8910
24013-95W00 8910-


LHD with round-gauge dash.

15019.jpgAlbum click to view

H1905 1970   MANUAL
H2118 1971.4
H2112 1971.7 AUTOMATIC
H7000 1972.7 AUTOMATIC
1972.1 Parts for Seat Belt Warning System

Body Harness

The Body Harness goes from the firewall, under the floor mats to the rear of the car.

Also see Wiring Part Numbers

 24014-G1601 7510-8109
 24014-G1900 8110-8608
 24014-G1901 8608-8910
 24014-95W00 8910-

15018.jpgAlbum click to view

1979 Ute - Yellow arrow points to Body Harness Connector
174_57031a58a8aa3.jpgPost click for topic

Sedan Trunk - body harness
26410.jpgAlbum click to view

Late Sunny Truck

UTE: Hand Brake Switch wire goes up back wall, then over to the upper grommet
26409.jpgAlbum click to view

Late Sunny Truck flat wire over to Oxygen Sensor

Late Sunny Truck flat wire Connector

Tail Harness

Connects to:

#Body Harness
Tail Lights
License Lamp (sedan, coupe)
License Lamp harness, van
Fuel Sender sedan
Fuel Sender harness (coupe, van)
5 COMP.-CABLE, tail harness
24015-H1000 Sedan
24015-H1900 Sedan USA 1971-1972
24015-H7000 Sedan USA 1973
24015-H1400 Van
24015-H1800 Coupe
24015-H1910 Coupe USA
6 24147-H1400 ASS'Y-CABLE, licence lamp
7 ASS'Y-CABLE, tank unit
24029-H1400 Coupe
24016-H1400 Van

Branch Cables

* 24029 Fuel Tank Unit Cable
* 24039 Hand Brake Switch Cable
* 24150 Automatic Transmission Indicator Lamp Cable
* 25442 Fusible Link (Type C)
* 24110 Battery Cable (+)
* 24080 Battery Cable (-)
* 24160 Room Lamp Cable (dome light)
* 24100 Fog Lamp Cable (option)
* 24163 Heated Glass Cable D (option) dash switch wiring
  * 24161 Cable A 
  * 24162 Cable B 
  * 24163 Cable C 

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