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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Model names

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Category: Nissan Vehicles

Nissan Model Names

Wondering what a Navara or Frontier is? Here is just enough information to make you knowledgeble in the Datsun community. For more details, see Wikipedia's Nissan model list.

NOTE: Years listed are not model year, but manufacturing/sales years for agregate countries.



Model Sizes

* SUPERMINI (class A minicompact) 
  #March Family 1982-
  #Sunny Family RWD 1966-
  #Cherry Family FWD 1970-1977
  #Pulsar Family FWD 1977-
* COMPACT (Class C)
  #Bluebird Family
  #Violet Family
* FULL-SIZE (E-class)
  #Skyline Family luxury
  Gloria Family (Prince) non-luxury
  #Cedric Family (Nissan) luxury
  #Fairlady Family
  #Silvia Family 1966-
* LIGHT TRUCK (lorry)
  #Datsun Truck
  Prince Homer truck/Homy van
  Prince Clipper
  Nissan Caball
  Nissan Atlas
  #Vanette Family Sunny Cab, Cherry Cab, Largo
  El Gran

Datsun Homer T641 (1968-1971)
5358.jpgAlbum 5358

Nissan and Datsun brand names

Datsuns have always been manufactured by Nissan with love since 1932 (see History), and in many years were the top selling vehicles in Japan. Nissan-branded cars started with the larger models (and especially luxury cars) like the 1936 Nissan 70, the large trucks, and later the 1960 Nissan Cedric, while everything derived from the original Datsun "light car" (including the light trucks) were marketed and sold as Datsuns within Japan. However, in spite of this success the corporation decided to retire the Datsun brand name circa 1982. Datsun models were generally badged as both "Nissan" and "Datsun" for 1983 (earlier in some countries) and "Nissan" only by 1984. The Datsun name continues to be used for the Datsun Truck in the Japan domestic market.

1931 - Datson (see main article: History)

JDM Datsun 1200 ID plate
19810.jpgAlbum 19810

Dealer Organizations

In Japan during the 1970s there were separate dealer organizations:

  • Datsun Bluebird Shop dealers, after the ultra-successful Bluebird family from which the original Datsun line grew, by the 1970s had access to a full line including not just the compact Bluebirds, but also the sub-compact Sunny family, the small trucks and other models.
  • Sunny Shop (サティオ店, Satio Shop)
    See Main Article: Sunny Shop
  • Nissan's Cherry Shop (日産チェリー店) was created for 1970 out of the Cony sales organization. Cony was not a Nissan product, but was a jeep-like van from Aichi Machine, a supplier to Nissan and others. Cony merged into Nissan in 1965. Aichi manufactured the A-series engine and produced the B20 ute. As Cony product was ending in 1970, the dealerships were converted to Cherry Shops for 1970. Later they added other "companion" models such as Violet, Cherry Cab and Cherry Vanette, the latter two being badge-engineered versions of Sunny Cab and Sunny Vanette. During the 1980s most Cherry Shops merged with Prince dealerships.

Instead of the Datsun Sunny, they had the Nissan Cherry. In the 1970s badge engineering came into full swing so they offered the Nissan Violet 710 instead of the Datsun Bluebird 610, which were nearly the same but differed by trim levels, engineering features and engine ranges (the top models of 610 and 710 had nearly identical features including IRS). In 1977 the Datsun dealers got the B310 Datsun Sunny, while Nissan offered the similar A10 Nissan Violet. These cars were based on the same platform and suspension but offered different engines are different trim (for example, four headlights for the Violet, but only two for the Sunny). In another example, the Vanette was produced in three versions: Datsun Vanette for the Bluebird dealers, Sunny Vanette for Sunny dealers and Cherry Vanette for Cherry dealers.

Later these sales organizations went through various mergers and in 1999 became Nissan Blue Stage and Nissan Red Stage. However a few Cherry Shops remain, for example Nissan Cherry Sales Iwate.

Some of the model names were brands in themselves. Sunny was very strong as "inventing" the "my car" phenomenom (own your own car) and was sometimes advertised in Japan without the Datsun name appearing.

JDM Datsun Truck

210 vs 310

210 and 310 model names were re-used by Datsun leading to much confusion.

  • Datsun 210 of 1957
  • Datsun 210 of 1978: Nissan Motor Company in North America used "210" as the local market name for the Datsun B310 Sunny.

1958 Datsun 210
400px-Datsun_1000.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

  • Datsun 310 of 1959
  • Datsun 310 of 1978: NMC-USA used "310" as the local market name for the Datsun N10 Pulsar

Since 1979 model series B310 was a RWD car and the 1979 "310" was a FWD car they are very different. The similar names have lead to much confusion.

  • Datsun 310 (model series N10, FWD)
  • Datsun B310 model series, RWD

Model Series B310 1977-1982
21586.jpgAlbum 21586

Model Series N10 1977-1981
21585.jpgAlbum 21585

Sunny Family

Sunny is Nissan's B-class (subcompact) car family, and includes the legendary Datsun 1200.

See Main Article: Sunny

FWD Sunny

FWD Sunny models came after the B310 Sunny, and were marketed/badges as Nissan Sentra in North America, South Africa and other countries, but the Sunny name continued to be used in Japan. It was Nissan second FWD sub-compact model line as the #Pulsar already existed. The brands "Sunny" and "Pulsar" would be applied to either model series in various years and markets (brand marketing).


B11 Sunny/Sentra 1983-1986
4901.jpgAlbum 4901 4902.jpgAlbum 4902


B12 Sunny/Sentra
22915.jpgAlbum 22915 13217.jpgAlbum 13217


B13 Sunny/Sentra 1990-1993
8123.jpgAlbum 8123 8124.jpgAlbum 8124 8948.jpgAlbum 8948


B14 Sunny 1993-1999 Sentra/200SX/Lucino with SR20DE or GA16DE engine
400px-1999_Nissan_Sentra_GXE_--_03-21-2012.JPGWIKI go to Wikipedia

B14 Coupe was marketed as "Lucino" in Japan and "200SX" in other countries.

B14 200SX coupe with SR20DET power
15665.jpgAlbum 15665 15666.jpgAlbum 15666

Sentra 160STi South Africa
13007.jpgAlbum click to view

Sentra 200STi South Africa
16128.jpgAlbum 16128 14494.jpgAlbum 14494

Cherry Family

チェリー (cherry) was Nissan's first FF (Front-drive, Front Engine) model line. Like the Sunny, it is also a B-class (subcompact) car. The Cherry line was succeeded by the #Pulsar line. Some Pulsars were badged "Cherry" in certain markets.

See Main Article: Cherry
  • 1970-1974 E10 Nissan Cherry/Datsun Cherry/Cherry FF/100A,120A
  • 1974-1978 F10 Nissan Cherry/Datsun Cherry/F10/100A F-II,120A F-II

F10 Cherry
12104.jpg 7455.jpg

Pulsar Family

Pulsar was Nissan's replacement for the Cherry family (FWD B-class).

See Main Article: Pulsar
6859.jpgAlbum 6859 4523.jpgAlbum 4523

Laurel Family

The Nissan Laurel is a RWD car marketed by Nissan from 1969 to 2002. The Laurel offered the luxury of the Nissan Cedric in a smaller size.

C30  1968-1972 G18/G20T, IRS
C130 1972-1977 G18/G20/G20T/L18 4-cyl
               L20AT/L26/L28 inline-6
               IRS only on Coupes
C230 1977-1980
C31  1980-1984
C32  1984-1989
C33  1989-1993
C34  1993-1997
C35  1997-2002

C30 sedan with Datsun 510-like styling | 2000GX Coupe
400px-Nissan_Laurel_C30.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia 400px-1972_Nissan_Laurel_Hardtop.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

C130 with Butaketsu ("pig's butt") styling
400px-1974_Nissan_Laurel_Hadtop_2000SGX.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia 400px-1974_Nissan_Laurel_Hadtop_2000SGX_rear.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

Cedric Family

Cedric was Nissan's full-size luxury car (Gloria was the non-luxury version). Datsun 2000/2300/2400 and 200C, 220C, 240C, 260C, 280C, 300C were export names for the Nissan Cedric.

 31 1962-1965
130 1965-1971
230 1971-1975
330 1975-1979
430 1979-1983
Y30 1983-1987

Nissan 130 - 1968 2300 discussion: 2300 Supersix
9054.jpgAlbum 9054 9053.jpgAlbum 9053 9055.jpgAlbum 9055 9472.jpgAlbum 9472 9473.jpgAlbum 9473 9474.jpgAlbum 9474 9475.jpgAlbum 9475 9476.jpgAlbum 9476

Cedric towing a car
12392.jpgAlbum 12392 12390.jpgAlbum 12390

March Family

March (マーチ) family is a late-model (from 1982) A-class (supermini) model line, sold as "Micra" in most export markets. For detailed information, see Nissan March.

* 1982-1992 K10 March/Micra
* 1992-1997 K11 March/Micra 
* 1997-2002 K11C March/Micra 
* 2002-2007 K12 March/Micra (1982-current)
* 20072010 K12C Micra
* 2010- K13 Micra

216px-Nissan_Micra_front_20071212.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia 178px-Nissan_Micra_%28K11%29_front.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia 193px-Nissan_Micra_1st_edition_%28K12%29_%E2%80%93_Frontansicht%2C_9._Juni_2011%2C_W%C3%BClfrath.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

Bluebird Family

Bluebird is Nissan's C-class (compact) model family, which grew out of the original Datson (DAT Light Car) model, the Datson Type 10 of 1931. For additional details, see History. The first Datsun to be called Bluebird was perhaps the 210 of 1957. Bluebird family includes the 210/310/410/510/610/810 model series (but not the 710 which was #Violet).

See main article: Bluebird

20364.jpg 9071.jpg 1200.jpg 4964.jpeg 3361.jpg 158px-Datsun_Bluebird_1979_Castle_Hedingham_2008.JPG 200px-910BluebirdSSS.jpg

Violet Family

Nissan Violet was the C-classᵂ (compact) model family for the Nissan sales organization. It was a badge-engineered version of the compact Datsun car, with different body panels and interior but same running gear & chassis/suspension.

1973-1977 710

Main: 710

1973-1977 710 Nissan Violet, Datsun 710/140J/160J/Sedan/Guayin, Yue Loong Violet. It was a badge-engineered version of the Datsun Bluebird, with different body panels and interior but same running gear & chassis/suspension. 710 did not use IRS in most of its models, making it handy for export markets to slot below the cost of the 610 with IRS.

* Sold by Nissan Cherry Store as a larger companion model
* L-engine powered
* Same size as Datsun 610 Bluebird
* SSS models came with IRS

4504.jpg DSC01401small.jpg

1977-1981 A10

Main: A10

A10 Nissan Violet, Datsun 510/Auster/Stanza, Yue Loong 709/711/712. When Bluebird moved upscale into the luxury sedan market (with availability of six-cylinder models), the new Violet A10 continued as a basic compact sedan, similar to Bluebird 4-cylinder models.

th_datsun_510_2door_brown_1978_a.jpg th_80HL510.jpg 162px-Datsun510wagon.jpg th_Burg510-1.jpg

FWD models

1981-1986 T11 Datsun/Nissan Prairie/Stanza/Auster/Liberto Violet/Liberta Villa/Yulon Feeling
400px-Nissan_Stanza_cropped_version.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

1986-2000 T12 Nissan Auster/Violet/Bluebird
400px-STANZA_T12.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

1989-1992 U12 (rebadged Nissan Bluebird)

Skyline Family

* Prince Skyline/Nissan Skyline/Datsun 160K,180K,240K
* Prince Skyway/Nissan Skyway (wagon versions)
See main article: Skyline

170px-Prince_Skyline_ALSI-1_001.jpg 160px-S54_Nissan_Skyline_2000GT.JPG 192px-Nissan_Skyline_C10_001.jpg 3564.jpg 143px-1981_skyline_rear_side.JPG 160px-LD4C4250.jpg 192px-Nissan_Skyline_R32_GT-R_001.jpg

Fairlady Family

This is Nissan's sports car family, sold as Datsuns in the Japan market until the 1980s, and then badged Nissan.

See main article: Fairlady

Fairlady Roadsters (Datsun Sports) 1200/1500/1600/2000
24069.jpg 2643.jpg 13569_4c29150abecc0.jpg

Fairlady Coupes (Z-cars)
13085_4c20b8f375388.jpg 4956.jpeg 12831.jpg

Silvia Family

The Silvia family is Nissan's RWD personal luxury coupe series.

See main article: Silvia
  • 1965-1968 CSP311 Nissan Silvia
  • 1977-1979 S10 Nissan Silvia/Datsun 200SX
  • 1979-1982 S110 Nissan Silvia/Gazelle, Datsun 200SX/180SX/240RS
  • 1983-1988 S12 Nissan Silvia/Gazelle/200SX
  • 1989-1994 S13 Nissan Silvia/Gazelle/200SX/180SX/240SX
  • 1995-1999 S14 Silvia/180SX/240SX
  • 1999-2002 S15 Silvia

S13 has a special relationship to the Datsun 1200. It is the most common donor car for the turbocharged CA18DET engine, and for large S13 Brakes

224px-Nissan_Silvia_S110.jpg 3255.jpg 230px-Nissan_240RS_003.JPG 9355.jpg 9356.jpg 140px-Nissan_13_silvia.jpg 140px-S13_SILVIA_CONVERTIBLE.JPG 110px-Nissan_Silvia.jpg

Datsun Truck

Datsun Light Truck in Japan is known as "Truck", in the USA known as "pickup" and "half-ton ute" in other countries. Marketing names included "Navara", "Harbody" and "'Lil Hustler".

See Main Article: Datsun truck


Nissan Shatai produced the Nissan Patrol jeep-type vehicle, the competitor to the Land Cruiser. They used straight-six (I6/L6) engines until in 2010 they switched to V8 engines.

Nissan Patrol
* 1950-1960 Nissan Carrier 4W70
* 1951-1960 4W60 Patrol jeep/pickup
* 1959-1980 60 jeep/wagon/pickup
* 1980-1989 160 (Datsun Patrol/MQ/MK, Nissan Safari)
* 1986-2002 260 EUR (square headlight)
  * four/six/V8 engines
* 1987-1997 Y60
* 1997-2010 Y61
* 2010-     Y62 Nissan Patrol/Infiniti QX56/QX80
  * wagon only, V8 only
  * Armada 2106 uses different glass/exterior panels

400px-NissanPatrol4W61.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

Nissan Patrol 60 model series
400px-NissanPatrol.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

Datsun Patrol MQ (160 model series)
11803.jpgAlbum 11803

Nissan Patrol (Y60 model series, Safari Granroad Highroof Van)
4815.jpgAlbum 4815

Nissan Safari (Y61 model series)
400px-Nissan_Safari_Spirit_001.JPGWIKI go to Wikipedia

Infiniti QX80 (Y62 model series)
400px-2014_Infiniti_QX80_rear_right.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

Truck Wagon

Pathfinder/Terrano/Xterra was Nissan's name for wagons based on the light truck. For example the WD21 was the wagon version of the D21 Datsun/Navara/Hard Body.

* WD21 1985-1995
* WD22 Xterra 1999-, based on D22 Truck
* R51 2004-2012, based on D40/Frontier truck

The Pathfinder name was transferred in 1996 to the R50 (Terrano/QX4), a non-truck-based model which used unibody suspension. It is slightly larger than the D22/WD22 truck & wagon. The R51 returned to the truck base with full-frame construction.

Other Trucks

* 260/Patrol/Patrol Pickup
* Y61/Safari/Patrol GR/Patrol
*  R50/Terrano/Pathfinder 1996-2005
* JR50/Terrano Regulus/Infiniti QX4
* R20/Terrano/Terrano II
* 140 Junior
* P23 Atlas/Cabstar
* TLO Cabstar-E
* TKO Atleon
* T30/X-Trail (SUV)

A60 2004-2015 Nissan Titan (North America full-size pickup) with 5.6 liter V8
2637.jpgAlbum 2637 400px-Nissan_Titan_5.6_V8_LE_Heck.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia


For details see wikipedia:Nissan.

  • F50 Nissan Cima/Infiniti Q45 fullsize luxury sedan
  • A33 Nissan Cefiro/Infiniti I35/Maxima QX/Maxima FWD midsize luxury sedan
  • P11 Infiniti G20/Nissan Primera RWD midsize luxury sedan
  • WP11 Nissan Primera Wagon
  • G10 Nissan Bluebird Sylphy (sometimes marketed as Nissan Sunny)
  • Y10 Nissan Wingroad/AD Wagon/Tsubame
  • Y11 Nissan Wingroad/Pulsar Wagon
  • M12 Nissan Liberty/Prairie
  • V10 Nissan Tino/Almera Tino


Sunny Cab & Cherry Cab (different names used for same vehicles) was Nissan's first modern mini-van models. Cabover truck versions (with an integral cargo bed) were also produced.

See main article: Vanette
* 1970-1978 C20 Datsun Sunny Cab, Nissan Cherry Cab. 
  These are A-series engine powered
* 1979-1986 Sunny Vanette/Vanette/Largo
* 1985-1994 C22 Vanette/Nissan Van
* C24 Serena

Other minivans:

  • V41 Nissan Quest minivan
  • E25 Nissan Caravan/Urvan
  • E50/Elgrand
  • W41 Civilian


Stanza is a model name, at various times and places applied to #Violet Family or #Bluebird Family models.

Letter Series Names

Datsun export model names often featured a letter combined with the size of the engine, like 120Y for 1.2 liter Y-car.

A Models

Datsun 100A & 120A were export names for the Nissan #Cherry Family.

B Models

Datsun 180B & 200B were export names for the Datsun #Bluebird Family.

C Models

Datsun 200C, 220C, 240C, 260C, 280C, 300C were export names for the Nissan #Cedric Family.

J Models

Datsun 140J & 160J were export names for the Nissan #Violet Family.

K Models

Datsun 160K/180K/240K were export names for the Nissan #Skyline Family.

Y Models

120Y, 130Y, 140Y and 150Y -- "Y" was a #Sunny Family market name.

"120Y" is simply the marketing name for a B210 or B310 with A12 engine -- see 120Y.

Z Models

240Z, 260Z, 280Z and 280ZX models were export names for the Datsun #Fairlady coupes. 300ZX and 350Z were export names for the Nissan Fairlady coupes. 

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