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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Datsun B210

Datsun model series B210 was the third-generation Sunny. They were sold during Model years 1974-1978 and marketed in various countries as the Datsun B210 or Datsun Sunny. In some countries it was designated Datsun 120Y, Datsun 140Y or Datsun 160Y depending on the engine fitted. The B210 was designed to be more luxurious than the spartan B110, so it has a 40mm longer Wheelbase with some models considerably heavier than the original Datsun 1200. It has coke-bottle styling instead of the squarish look of the B110.

3943.jpgAlbum 3943



B210 succeeded the B110 Datsun 1200 in 1973 (1974 model year for USA). The base version was much mechanically like the B110 including 12" wheels. But for USA it came with the heavier-duty PB210 running gear and 13" wheels. These models were over 2000 lbs.

B210 "1200" with 12" wheels
27772.jpgAlbum 27772

It is common to confuse the "Datsun B-210" (B210) with the "Datsun 210" (B310), but they are different generations altogether, sold during different years. For more details and how the Sunny family developed, see History of Datsun 1200.

1973-1978 B210/Sunny/120Y
1977-1982 B310/Sunny/120Y/210


B210 4-door Sedan
12877.jpg 6062.jpg

B210R 2-dr sedan
4715.jpg 8466.jpg

KB210 Coupe hatchback (unlike KB110 fastback which had no hatch)
6345.jpg 6346.jpg

VB210 2-dr Wagon (van)
17005.jpgAlbum 17005 12787.jpgAlbum 12787

VB210 4-dr Wagon (van)
4808.jpg 10929.jpg

Truck: the 120Y Truck is actually a 1200 Truck, not a B210-based model

VB210 Panel Wagon (some countries, not offered in Japan)


Model Prefix
  B210 base engine (A12)
 HB211 High engine (A14) JDM, light-duty suspension (12" wheels)
HLB210 High engine (A14) USA, heavy-duty suspension (13" wheels)
       1974 (A13) 1975-1978 (A14)
 PB210 Power engine (L14), heavy-duty suspension (13" wheels)
       Excellent 1400, 1974-1975 with L14 engine
 GB211 Power engine (L16), heavy-duty suspension (13" wheels)
       Excellent 1600, from 1976 February

Prefix & Suffix Codes
7513.jpgAlbum 7513

ID Plates

In the engine compartment is an ID plate.



B210 could be divided into two series.

EARLY (1973-1975 models)
* small suspension & brakes
* non-chrome (black or gray) bumpers (USA)
LATE (1976-1978 models)
* larger suspension & brakes
* blackout tail panel
* New Grille with a clearly rectangular center section

Early Sedan Grille:
12837.jpg 3851.jpg

Early Coupe Grille (also used by USA Sedans):
7032.jpg 11916_4a3c6139ee283.jpg

Late Sedan grille (also used by export coupes)
1968.jpg 3872.jpg

Late Coupe Grille
15432.jpg 10994_4aefbc82e6507.jpg


* Standard - least expensive model
* Semi-Deluxe - for Vans
* Deluxe - upgraded model
* Super-Deluxe - for Vans
* GL (Grand Luxe) - luxury model
* GX (Grand Luxe special), available as 4-dr or Coupe
  * JDM: Highest trim level
    * Some GX models had the A12T or A14T twin-carb engine
    * Other GX models had the A12S or A14S single-carb engine
  * USA: GX models had a standard A14S (single-carb engine)

Common rectangular-gauge dash (GL Sedan pictured):
10874.jpgAlbum 10874

High-line round-gauge dash (JDM Coupes DX/GL/GX and GX Sedan):
11371.jpgAlbum 11371


GX (Grand Luxe special), available as 4-dr or Coupe (only as Coupe for North America).

JDM: Highest trim level
* Some GX models had the A12T or A14T twin-carb engine
* Other GX models had the A12S or A14S single-carb engine
* 120Y GX coupe
North America
* Many 1976-1978 coupes were GX with single-carb A14S engine
* GX was not offered 1973-1975

Japan GX | badges | blackout rear panel | side lamps | hubcaps | blackout grille

badges, blackout rear panel
3655.jpgAlbum 3655

side lamps, blackout grille
3657.jpgAlbum 3657

3658.jpgAlbum 3658

Malaysia 120Y GX
26326.jpgAlbum 26326


Early 5-speed coupes were DX models. For 1978 both a DX and a GX coupe was sold both badged "B210GX" in USA.

GX was the highest trim level which included more gauges and carpet.

STD Standard rubber mat 2drs 1975.5 up
* includes Honeybee
DX Deluxe most USA B210s
GL Grand Luxe - not sold in USA
GX some coupes from Dec 1976

22127.jpgAlbum 22127


The B210 was the third-generation Sunny, replacing the B110. The theme for the B210 re-design included:

  • improvement "to be more likeable and satisfactory to a greater number of people".
  • Exterior design: style of "Streamline and a Cut" with "Young and Dynamic" image -- instead of the "rational" styling of the B110. "Sharp and Soft" atmosphere, "Long-nosed proportion" (long wheelbase?), and "Streamed and Dynamic" style.
  • Interior design: "Oval Scoop Cockpit"
    • Increased driver roominess. Front compartment larger, rear compartment smaller
  • Quieter operation (reduced NVH)

The side panel is finished by plum faces and sharp folds all over, and the stream of the fold and roof drip like an ebbing wave keeps sharpness in the free and easy touch.
reference: Service Bulletin Vol. 188 "Introduction of New Datsun B210 Series", Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, 1973.

Others have simply called it "coke-bottle" styling — dynamic with a pinched waist.

One oddity about the B210 is that the bonnet latch release was moved from inside the car to outside. In this feature it was inferior to the B110. By 1976 it was moved back inside.


65100-H5000 1973-1975 [power bulge]
65100-H7200 1976-1978 [slightly scalloped around headlights?]
65100-H5800 Excellent [center crease, scalloped around headlights]

4715.jpgAlbum 4715

6483.jpgAlbum 6483

Excellent (early and late)
8166.jpgAlbum 8166



12659_4b01296ba506c.jpg 11916_4a3c6139ee283.jpg 7711_4b241ff4254a5.jpg 7431.jpg


See Main Article: B210 mirrors


2929.jpg 6953.jpg



B210 DX
174_5869c06f40208.jpgPost 483040 174_5c54bbf45f973.jpgPost 490476


Most B210 models used a "modern" square-gauge dash (GL Sedan pictured):
3953.jpgAlbum 3953 10874.jpgAlbum 10874

High-line round-gauge dash (JDM Coupes. GX Sedan also):
11371.jpgAlbum 11371



Some B210 sedans were Australian-assembled
22381.jpgAlbum 22381


In the Japan market, B210 was marketed as Sunny.

B210 - the original design
* from 1973 to late 1975 
B211 - the redesign (minor facelift)
* Sedan, Coupe from December 1975
* Van continues as B210, but upgraded in October 1975

North America

In North America, the B210 was marketed 1974-1978 as the "B-210" (with a hyphen). NOTE: It was not the 210, that is a newer Datsun.

South Africa

B210 was sold 1977-1980 in South Africa with market names 120Y, 140Y and 160Y.



Most B210s outside of North American were fitted with the redesigned A12 engine, hence the 120 in "120Y". North American models were fitted *only* with the high-line engines, namely the A13 for 1974, and the A14 for 1975-1978.

USA GX models use the single-carb engine (A14S). Some JDM GX models used the A12S or A14S single carb engine, and some used twin-carb engines (A12T or A14T).


A12 and A13 models were fitted with the 56-Series Transmission, a four speed. A14 models, having extra torque, required a heavier-duty transmission so the the 60-Series Transmission 4-speed was fitted.

A12T Five-speed models (GFK, 1973-1974) used the 56-series 5-speed.

A14 Five-speed models (GFK, 1976-1978) used the large 63-Series Transmission.


1974-1975 models with A12 and A13 models used the Hitachi H145 differential.

A14 models used the H150 differential, which was rated to cope with the extra torque.

1976-1978 models all used the H150, including A12 models.

Brakes and Suspension

All North American B210s used the large disk brakes from the PB210 series, along with heavy-duty steering linkage from the Datsun 610.

Early A12 models used front drum brakes and lightweight steering linkage. 76-78 A12 models used a lightweight disc brake with heavy duty steering linkage.

Spring rates are nearly identical to Datsun 1200, even though the B210 was 20-25% heavier. This resulted in a noticeably smoother ride.

Special Versions


The 120Y was not another name for B210, but was a marketing name indicating this was the A12-powered version of the B210. In many countries it was the only B210 offered. In some countries the 120Y was offered alongside the 140Y (A14-powered) and 160Y (L16-powered).

North America

North American (Canada/USA) B210s have 610 based front suspension and steering, including wheels and tires. It also has 610 engine crossmember modified for A-series mounts and a 610 style mid-sump oil pan on its A13/A14 engine. Thes changes are similar to the PB210.

By contrast the 120Y (A12-powered B210) does not have any 610 parts.

L-series Powered

PB210 (L14 engine) and GB210 (L16 engine) were marketed in Japan as "Sunny Excellent" and South Africa as 140Z/160Z.

Main: PB210

B210 SSS

Datsun-Nissan New Zealand sold a special model, the SSS.

Main: 120Y SSS


Honey Bee

The Datsun B-210 Honey Bee was a special low-cost model offered in the United States. It was the low-spec Standard model with no carpeting, but could be had with a special stripe and Bee decal. Its goal was to sell to a young, first time buyer who could not afford a regular B210. Honey Bee was only offered as a 2-door sedan.


Fuel Economy Champions

B210 was consistently at or near the top of the fuel ecomony leaders. It was #1 in USA.

Donor Parts

Many 510 and 610 steering, suspension and brake parts fit B210

* For a list of parts that fit the B210, see B210 Parts
* For a list of B110 parts that be taken from B210, see B210 Parts Donor.

Sales Literature


7111.jpgAlbum 7111 8013.jpgAlbum 8013 8014.jpgAlbum 8014 8015.jpgAlbum 8015


120Y-badged sedan with 'Sunny' Coupe grille and PB210 GX sedan rear lights
21041.jpgAlbum 21041 21042.jpgAlbum 21042 21043.jpgAlbum 21043

Design Study
5840.jpgAlbum 5840

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