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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body

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   B110  4-door sedan
   B110R (2-door sedan)
  KB110  (2-door coupe fastback)
  VB110  (van/wagon)
   B120  (truck/pickup aka ute or bakkie)

The 1200 Coupe is the one with fastback styling.

2855.jpgAlbum 2855



Datsun 1200 coupe is implemented as a fastback body. It is not a hatchback, but has a small trunk (boot) lid, which opens directly into the passenger compartment.

174_61e9a559f06f6.jpgPost 496461

Aggressive fastback styling, Italian influenced interior.
1200 Sports Coupe
  The 1200 Sports Coupe sneaks through city traffic, then streaks along the highway — all at up to 30 miles per gallon.
  Engineering basics include a high-cam engine and 4-speed stick shift. There's a fold-down back seat for storage. Safety front disc brakes, reclining front buckets, whitewall and deluxe wheel covers round out the package.

from: A Gallery of Datsun Originals brochure

Coupe was never available in STD trim, so it has the upper scale fitments such as round gauges.

Fastback has a small trunk (it is not a hatchback/liftback)
16330.jpgbrochure 738.jpgAlbum 738

Coupes take especially well to custom touches
312.gifAlbum 312 148.jpgAlbum 148

In USA, coupe outsold 2-dr Sedan by more than two to one

  • 2-dr Coupe: 89,541
  • 2-dr Sedan: 43,761

130.jpgAlbum 130

8029.gifAlbum 8029


So what's the difference between a 2-dr 'sedan' and a 2-dr 'coupe'?'

2-doors Explained

2-dr Coupe | 2-dr Sedan
754.jpgAlbum 754 748.jpgAlbum 748

Material Differences
Coupe is same as all other 1200s from the cowl forward — the same hood, fender and bumpers are used by the Coupe, sedan, wagon and early 1200 trucks. The grille is unique to the coupe, although it fits on a sedan so the grille is only a cosmetic difference.

8308.jpgAlbum 8308

Aft of the firewall, all is different:

  • Windshield is lower
  • Doors are longer (matching the 2-door sedan), and folding seats are standard
  • Rear Seat folds down in order to lengthen cargo area
  • Fuel tank is under the trunk (sedan tank is behind seat)
  • Rear shocks are staggered for superior control (same as truck/van)
  • Taillights are long rectangle, somehow looking more timeless than the sedan versions
  • Rear bumper is unique (number plate fits under bumper)

In USA, coupes invariably came with GL-type hubcaps, though DX-type were optional.
11244.jpgAlbum 11244 174_589bfeb755558.jpgPost click for topic


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A few sneak peeks:

2-page pamphlet

Australia Datsun 1200 range brochure

Compared to Sedan

Aside from the fastback body style, the Coupe is different from the 2-door Sedan in many subtle ways, including these:

  • Shocks mounted at angle
    3772.jpgAlbum 3772
  • Sporty plastic Grille instead of formal stainless grille
  • Folding rear seat
  • Blackout side window trim
    1505.jpgAlbum 1505
  • B-pillar trim (Sedan has no trim)
    3259.jpgAlbum 3259 20095.jpgAlbum 20095
    Trim was painted black on all coupe along with black door window frames.
  • Coupes were not available in STD trim. Therefore, all coupes came with round gauge dash. STD sedans came with rectangular gauge dash
  • Coupe Seats: sporty. Sedan seats: plush
  • Doors have lower height in a coupe, windshield angle different. Uses a different windshield
  • Coupes came with GL Hubcaps, 2-dr sedans DX caps
  • Unique taillights
  • Rear license plate is below bumper, necessitating a unique bumper
  • Full interior Door Cards
    553.gifAlbum 553


POST kiwi orange 1971 Coupe
174_61e9a4e309478.jpgPost 496461

Sporty Grille
174_61e9a51e75342.jpgPost 496461

Racy Rear
174_61e9a5496e311.jpgPost 496461

Sporting cockpit
174_61e9a56956425.jpgPost 496461

Coupe has unique fresh-air ventilation grilles
174_61e9a4f0e4c9b.jpgPost 496461

Rear View

225.jpgAlbum 225 452.jpgAlbum 452 3850.jpgAlbum 3850 4018.jpgAlbum 4018 4188.jpgAlbum 4188 4202.jpgAlbum 4202 4391.jpgAlbum 4391 4466.jpgAlbum 4466 4814.jpgAlbum 4814 5051.jpgAlbum 5051 5052.jpgAlbum 5052 5053.jpgAlbum click to view 5287.jpgAlbum 5287 6874.jpgAlbum 6874 6908.jpgAlbum 6908 7034.jpgAlbum 7034 10331.jpgAlbum 10331 10480.jpgAlbum 10480 10834.jpgAlbum 10834 12828.jpgAlbum 12828 13229.jpgAlbum 13229 13455.jpgAlbum 13455 13456.jpgAlbum 13456 13782.jpgAlbum 13782 13977.jpgAlbum 13977 14004.jpgAlbum 14004 14005.jpgAlbum 14005

Rear 3/4 View

8.jpgAlbum 8 18.jpgadvert 362.jpgAlbum 362 458.jpgAlbum 458 756.jpgAlbum 756 900.jpgAlbum 900 1390.jpgAlbum 1390 1508.jpgAlbum 1508 1749.jpgAlbum 1749 1873.jpgAlbum 1873 2008.jpgAlbum 2008 2855.jpgAlbum 2855 3849.jpgAlbum 3849 3970.jpgAlbum 3970 3971.jpgAlbum 3971 3973.jpgAlbum 3973 3980.jpgAlbum 3980 3982.jpgAlbum 3982 4120.jpgAlbum 4120 4121.jpgAlbum 4121 4200.jpgAlbum 4200 4299.jpgAlbum 4299 4324.jpgAlbum 4324 4325.jpgAlbum 4325 4387.jpgAlbum 4387 4420.jpgAlbum 4420 4463.jpgAlbum 4463 4512.jpgAlbum 4512 4513.jpgAlbum 4513 4569.jpgAlbum 4569 4745.jpgAlbum 4745 4746.jpgAlbum 4746 6603.jpgAlbum 6603 6804.jpgAlbum 6804 6858.jpgAlbum 6858 6873.jpgAlbum 6873 7006.jpgAlbum 7006 9638.jpgAlbum 9638 9642.jpgAlbum 9642 9763.jpgAlbum 9763 9824.jpgAlbum 9824 9849.jpgAlbum 9849 10268.jpgAlbum 10268 11323.jpgAlbum 11323 13047.jpgAlbum 13047 13054.jpgAlbum 13054 13075.jpgAlbum 13075 13097.jpgAlbum 13097 13215.jpgAlbum 13215 13303.jpgAlbum 13303 13374.jpgAlbum 13374 13413.jpgAlbum 13413 13468.jpgAlbum 13468 13716.jpgAlbum 13716 14015.jpgAlbum 14015 14016.jpgAlbum 14016 14046.jpgAlbum 14046 14156.jpgAlbum 14156 14307.jpgAlbum 14307 14484.jpgAlbum 14484 14545.jpgAlbum 14545 15276.jpgAlbum 15276

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