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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

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From Datsun 1200 Club

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1/4 mile time log1000 Sports green sedan
1000 Sports white sedan1000s For Sale10STU
1200 Coupe Factory Fiberglass Parts1200 Couple
1200 Disc Brake Swap1200 and 120Y Strut and Brake Upgrades1200s For Sale
1200s of John Wayland120Y120Y Bakkie
120Y Front Suspension120Y SSS
120Y bakkie120y Swaybar upgrade
140Y140Y and 160Y
140Z15 Cars To Own In A Gas Crisis1600
1968 October tri-fold1970 Sunny 1200 GX1971 PB110 2-page brochure
1971 PB110 tri-fold brochure1971 Sunny 1200 GX1972 Blue GL
1972 Blue sedan1972 Van Girl
1973 Grand Prix1973 USA Service Manual
1974 B120 Parts Catalog1974 B120 Parts Catalog 2
1976 Datsun B-210 Honey Bee1977-1979 Australian Rectangle Reservoir Brake Master
1978 Nissan EGI1979 Dec Sunny Truck1979 Sunny Truck 1200 sales manual
1979 aircon1981 Engine
1984 Nissan Competition Catalog2-inch Strut Inserts
2008 Bakkie200SX EFI
258mm Brake Upgrade
280ZX Strut Swap3-link
3D Datsun4-door sedan
5-Door Sports Sedan5-Speeds
5-speed Identification5-speed Overview
510 Headlight Wiring510 Parts Donor520
56-Series Transmission
56-Series Transmission Parts6-speed
60-Series Transmission60-Series Transmission Parts
610620620 Headlight Wiring
620 Mirrors620 Parts Donor
63-Series Transmission63-Series Transmission Part Numbers
71-Series Transmission
71071 Swap
72072 Nissan Sport7up
810 Brakes84
90-Series Transmission
910 Brakes
A-series Cylinder HeadsA-series Distributor Comparison
A-series Engine ChangesA-series Engine Swaps
A10A10 Engine
A12GX Carburetor Part Numbers
A12GX EngineA12GX Engine Photo IndexA12GX Part Numbers
A12RTTA12T Air Cleaner
A12T Carburetor Part NumbersA12T Engine Photo Index
A12 EngineA13
A14E Service ManualA14E Service Manual Part 2
A14T Engine Photo IndexA14T Part Numbers
A14 Engine
A15ETTA15 Engine
AUS brochuresAUS range
AY12 engine
AZ12 engineA DATSUN for all seasonsA Engine Redesign
A Gallery of Datsun OriginalsA club introduction
Accelerator LinkageAccelerator Pedal
Adapter Plate
Advan 1200
Advance ComparisonAdvertisements
AerodynamicsAftermarketAftermarket floor mats
Aftermarket intake manifoldAftermarket steering wheelsAftermarket tachometers
Aichi MachineAir CleanerAir Cleaner Part Numbers
Air Intake Systems
Air conditioningAir dam
Alloy rocker coverAlternative seatsAlternator
Alternator Maintenance
Alternator Part Numbers
Alternator UpgradesAlternator Wiring
Alternator diagnosesAlternator mounting
Altitude CompensatorAmcoAmericas
AmpersandAnd Another Datsun: The 1200 CoupeAnnouncing the Big Little Car
Anti-diesel valve
Anti-sway barAoba Auto
Applied Model CodesApplied Model Codes 2
Applied Model Codes 3Archive: 1200s for Sale
Ash Tray
Australian-assembledAustralian Race Tracks
Auto TechnicAuto wrecking
Automatic ShifterAutomatic Transmission
Automatic Transmission Case Part NumbersAutomatic Transmission Control Part NumbersAutomatic Transmission Gear Part Numbers
Automatic Transmission Hardware Part NumbersAutomatic Transmission Valve Part NumbersAutomatic removal and installation
Automatic transmission conversionAxle Shaft
B-210 Electronic Distributor SwapB-256
B10B10 2-door
B10 4-doorB10 AlternatorB10 Badges
B10 DashB10 Engine BayB10 Grille
B10 LightsB10 PartsB10 Photo Index
B10 Photo Index Page 2B10 Photo Index Page 3B10 Photo Index Page 4
B10 Photo Index Page 5B10 Photo UploadsB10 Steering Wheel
B10 brochuresB10 clock
B10 mirrors
B10 models
B120B120 Bike CarrierB120 style
B120s in USA
B140 ColoursB140 Model ChangesB140 Photo Cache
B140 Photo Cache 2B140 Photo Cache 3B140 Photo Cache 4
B140 Photo Cache 5B140 Photo IndexB140 Review
B140 Spotter's GuideB140 modelsB140 style
B20B20 StyleB20 brochures
B210B210RB210 1200/1400 blue sedan
B210 4-door SedanB210 AdvertisementsB210 Badges
B210 Brake BoosterB210 BrochuresB210 Bumpers
B210 Carburetor 1978B210 ColorsB210 Engine Swaps
B210 Fog LampsB210 Fuel Economy
B210 GaugesB210 GrilleB210 Honey Bee
B210 HubcapsB210 Japan BrochuresB210 Magazine Articles
B210 Option PartsB210 PartsB210 Parts Donor
B210 StripesB210 Sway Bar Upgrade
B210 TachometerB210 Tail GateB210 Year Changes
B210 consoleB210 mirrorsB210 radio
B210 seatsB210 steering wheelB211
B310B310RB310 Badges
B310 BrochuresB310 BumpersB310 Dash
B310 Electronic Distributor SwapB310 GrilleB310 Grille Conversion
B310 HubcapsB310 Model ChangesB310 Options
B310 Parts DonorB310 SpecificationsB310 Steering Column
B310 Strut SwapB310 TachometerB310 Tail Lights
B310 TrimB310 alternatorB310 fiberglass bumpers
B310 number plate lampsB310 rear axleB310 rear bumper
B310 sedanB310 vs A10 ComparisonBACKFIRE
BW78 Rear Axle SwapBack DoorBack Door Part Numbers
Badge Part NumbersBadges
Ball Joint Comparison
Ballast resistorBalljoint
BanzaiBar Cluster Gauge
BarbieBasic Alternator Wiring
BatteryBattery Maintenance
Battery Part NumbersBattery Relocation
Bed Of RosesBellhousing
Better Brakes for Z/ZX StrutsBezmanBig Valves
Bike CarbsBlackBlack Sunny Coupe
Blat's Oregon FlyerBlinds
BlockBlock & Pan Part NumbersBlock Comparison
Block HeaterBlownB310
Blown 1200sBlown FuseBlown Head Gasket
BlueBlue 2-doorBlue 4-door
Blue LakeBlue Lake 2006Blue Lake 2006-2002
Blue MeanieBluebirdBluebird EI
BoatsBob Cooper - New Zealand Rally Car DriverBob Sharp Racing
BodyBody Codes
Body Modifications Overview
Body Side PanelsBody Side Part NumbersBody Side Trim Part Numbers
Body StylesBody panelsBolt kit
BonesBonnet Brace Repair
Bonneville Record HolderBooster
Bored And Stroked
Borg Warner DifferentialBosch 021Bosch alternator
BprojectsBprojects AustraliaBprojects photo index
Brake AdjustmentBrake Bleeding
Brake BoosterBrake Booster SwapsBrake Drum Removal
Brake HosesBrake Lines
Brake PadsBrake Pedal Part Numbers
Brake Piping Part NumbersBrake Proportioning
Brake SizingBrake SwapsBrake Upgrades
Brake WiringBrake master cylinderBrakes
Breather TubesBrewskie Ute
BridgestoneBring a TrailerBrochure folding
BrochuresBrown PB210
BrynnBudget EFI
Bullpen CarsBump Stops
BumperBumper Parts
CA-Series Engine SwapsCA18 Photo IndexCA18 Photo Index 2
CA engine fittingCCing
CG engineCHW Electric 1200COP
CR Engine SwapCYA18T
CalendarCalifornia Option PartsCalipers
Cam FollowersCamber
Camshaft ComparisonCamshaft Timing
Camshaft replacementCanadaCanby
Canby 2005
Carbon CanisterCarburetor
Carburetor AdjustmentCarburetor Changes
Carburetor DashpotCarburetor Inspection
Carburetor OverviewCarburetor Part NumbersCarburetor Parts
Carburetor RepairCarburetor Sizing
Carburetor SpecificationsCarburetor Suppliers
Carburetor Top RemovalCarburetor TuningCarburettor Diagnosis
CarpetCarpet Cleaning Machine
CelicaCenturion GX Coup
Change brake fluidChangesChanging Crossmember
Changing Head GasketChanging the clutchChanging tire
Chassis LubeChassis numbersCherry
CheviotChevrolet V8 Engine Swap
Choke AdjustmentChoke Cable
Choke Operation and Adjustment
Choosing A Carburetor
Chrome Trim
Cigarette LighterClarionClassic Datsun Racing
ClassifiedsClockClub History
Club ProjectClubmans
Cluster Gauge
Cluster lid Removal and ReplacementClutch
Clutch CableClutch Cylinder Part Numbers
Clutch DiagnosesClutch Part Numbers
Clutch Pedal Part NumbersCoat Hooks
Coil Wiring
Colin wheelsCollapsible Steering Column
Color DocumentationColor GalleryColors
Come To Sunny Side
Comfort and Convenience Features
Competition DistributorCompetition Oil PumpCompetition Tune-Up Manual
Compression Ratio
Compressor bracketsConnecting RodsConsole
Consumer Reports 1971 September Road TestConvertibleCoolant
Coolant Part NumbersCooling System Pressure Test
Core Support and Apron
Coupe BadgesCoupe D' Etat
Coupe Fuel Tank Part NumbersCoupe Grille
Coupe Rear Combination Lamp Part NumbersCoupe Tonneau Cover
CowboyCowboy Coupe
CowlCowl Part NumbersCowl Top Grille
CraigslistCrane Ignition
Crank TriggerCrankshaftCrankshaft Pulley
Crankshaft SealCreate New Page
CroatiaCrossmemberCurrent events
CuscoCustom Caster RodsCustom Dash
Custom Dash Faces
Cylinder FittingCylinder Head Identification
Cylinder Head IndexCylinder Head ModificationsCylinder Head Part Numbers
Cylinder Head Part Numbers 2Cylinder HeadsCylinder Heads Overview
DASDATSUN '79DATSUN 1000 give you the Joy of Living!
DATSUN 1200 Pickup (Greece)DATSUN 72DATSUN 73
DATSUN Sunny 1200DATSUN Sunny 1200 (white coupe)DATSUN Sunny 1400-1200
DATSUN Sunny Coupe 1600/1400 1200DATSUN Sunny Excellent 1600DATSUN Sunny Truck 1200
DCH306DCH Carburetor Part Numbers
DD B120 Photo IndexDE rangeDFC306
DFP306DGV connections and adjustments
DOHC Heads
Daily CareDan Hall 5-Speed
Dash Changes for Sedan, Ute and Station Wagon
Dash Part NumbersDash Trim Part Numbers
DashboardDashboard removal
Dat383Dat Nats 2015Dats green
DatsunDatsun's Dashing Coupe
Datsun's Escort AnswerDatsun 1000 Road Test
Datsun 1000 disc brakesDatsun 1200SSS Road Test
Datsun 1200 Club HistoryDatsun 1200 Competition Suspension ManualDatsun 1200 Road Test
Datsun 1200 S1Datsun 1200 SSSDatsun 1200 Series
Datsun 1200 brochureDatsun 1200 encyclopedia
Datsun 210Datsun 310Datsun A10 Engine
Datsun A12A EngineDatsun A12 Engine
Datsun B10
Datsun CompetitionDatsun DealersDatsun Dealerships
Datsun HistoryDatsun History - AustraliaDatsun Saves
Datsun SoulDatsun Sunny 1000Datsun Sunny 1000 sunset
Datsun Sunny 1200Datsun Sunny 1969Datsun Sunny Truck
Datsun automobiles in 112 countries of the world!Datsun in DeutschlandDatsun truck
Datsunb120DatsunlandDatsuns at Bathurst
Davo's Datsun 1200Ddgonzal's 1200 Sedan
Ddgonzal's Sunny TruckDe DionDe Grote Kleine Stationwagen
DemojobDeni Ute MusterDesmond
Diff Baffles
Diff GasketDiff IDDiff Swaps
Diff WidthsDifferential Oil Cooler Assy
Differential Part NumbersDifferential Service
Disc Brake Part NumbersDisc Over DrumDistributor
Distributor Part NumbersDistributor Repair
Distributor TypesDocumentationDogleg